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A nice and quiet restaurant with 5-Star food, resting next to the Lobby of the resort. The lie music performances and well trained waiters and waitresses topped off with our amazing cooks truly makes this place come alive...

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta entered the place, her arms lightly crossed as she her eyes scanned the restaurant. "If there is a next time I'm paying, trust me, I can easily afford this" she insisted with a soft chuckle. Shaking shaking her head lightly. As she held her arms crossed, her hair falling past her shoulders a little messed up due to the fact that she hadn't been able to brush it for a whole, and some people gave her odd looks for it though she ignored it.

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Megan (nightrunner) "When there is a next time, we can split the check," he told her, thinking he would never let her pay for the whole thing. "Now, let's get a table and get some hot chocolate, they make it with cinnamon here and it's amazing," he told her, letting the hostess take them back to a booth, waiting until she sat to sit down, since he couldn't pull a chair out for her when there was no chair. He didn't care about the odd looks they were getting, sad part was that his is how he normally looked after coming off the slopes.

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somebody | 332 comments She stuck her hair to the side. "I've never been here before, seen it. But never been, though I like cinnamon enough" she shrugged. "And next time around I'll be using my own money and it'll taste much better" she insisted. Lifting up the menu's bottom with her finger as she flipped it open. She was a terribly picky eater and her eating anything entirely would be considered rare. She shifted in the seat slightly. Quieting down more as she sat up in the seat. She considered him lucky to be a boy- well have short hair. It was so much easier to keep.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden saw the way she was freaking over her hair and shook his head, knowing his sister often did the same thing. He dug in his pocked, pulling out a small flip comb and a ponytail, sliding them across the table to her. "Here," he told her, then turned to ask the waitress for two hot chocolates. Then looking over the menu, deciding on a chicken cordon blue sandwich. "What do you want to eat?"

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta hadn't meant to do what she did. However had done it all the same as she brushed out her hair- a little rough. And handed it bad clean. "Thanks" she mumbled lightly. Steak or salmon....with fries....Yes, she had the biggest range of eating. "Uh- Steak" she made up her mind, even if salmon had less calories and was extremely healthy, screw her kidney's they'd manage just fine without it. Her phone was wet and in her pocket. Meaning, she'd have to soak in in rice and hope for the best later. If not go buy and new one and try to get the stored data out of it. "You?"

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Megan (nightrunner) "No problem. My sister is constantly fretting over her hair, even when she brushed it five minutes ago, I make sure to keep some things on hand when I go out," he shrugged it off. "Steak? Oh, I'm just getting the chicken cordon blue sandwich and fries," he told her. He smiled as the stemming cups of hot chocolate were delivered to their table, with whipped cream melting into it on the top. He wrapped his hands around the mug to get them warm, smiling. "These look amazing."

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somebody | 332 comments "Well that and some fries" Lotta had mumbled lightly. Her fingers using a spoon to mix in some extra sugar. Her thoughts getting lost as she kept up a swirl in the drink. Her eyes openly staring down into it as she tried to think straight though wasn't fairing so well as she had to bit her lip to snap herself out of a trance. Her blue eyes getting a bit of a glaze over them as she felt herself crumble under her own thoughts. Faltering down to nothing but emptiness. She was entirely gone for a minute or so.

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Megan (nightrunner) Caden noticed the distance in her eyes, like she had suddenly traversed into another dimension. It made him think of the twilight zone a bit. That was a great story. He just sipped at his cocoa, waiting until it seemed she was back with him. "So, do you go to the local high school? Or do you like home school?" he asked trying to make small talk.

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somebody | 332 comments "Uh, I go to the Local School here." Lotta nodded her head with a slight smile. Well, she usually did if she could speak the language, and she does speak English...But she decided it was best not to bore him with that stuff, her eyes snapping apart from the drink as she tried to focus on something else. Her fingers still moving in circles. "Did you know that if the world ever abruptly stopped during we'd all die?" She sort of blurted out, blushing after that as she groaned, hitting her head on the cool table and keeping it there. She was a fail.

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Megan (nightrunner) "How long have you been going? I haven't seen you there?" he asked. He looked over, quite surprised that the food was already coming out. He laughed at her sudden information. "Yes, we would go flying into a wall, if the wall was even still there. No one ever realizes how fast the world actually has to turn to make a full revolution in twenty four hours," he said, treating it like it wasn't a weird thing to just randomly say at all. He figured that way at the very least she wouldn't stop talking to him.

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somebody | 332 comments "Well I start going when break ends" Lotta had shrugged lightly before having nodded her head. "Every single thing would be jolted forward, crushing into everything until friction stopped it- Almost everything would die, course there's a chance a couple might live but for them to live very long after wards wouldn't be very likely" She mumbled. Curious to if her parents noticed she was gone- with any luck yes but she wasn't entirely sure of that. "Wait does that mean you go to the high-school? Or....had?" She wasn't so sure what to make of the facts.

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Megan (nightrunner) "That explains why I haven't seen you there," he mused, just nodding at her mumbling, she was right even though it was less than a typical topic for people to be rambling on about on an almost date. "Yeah, I'm in my senior year there, should be graduating in the spring if all goes well," he told her with a smile, shrugging like it was nothing. He wondered what year she would be going into. He hoped she would be in at least some of his classes. That way she would have someone to show her around, and he would be able to try and pull her out of her shell some more.

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somebody | 332 comments "Fun, least the worst part of school ends in...3 ish months, right?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. "I'm a senior, turn 18 soon enough" She shrugged, Lotta giving him a faint smile. Her fingers playing with the straw as she finished the drink, sifting in her seat a bit before looking up to him. She was never all that good with people and tened to repel them as a general rule. Lotta sinking down in her chair a bit.

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Megan (nightrunner) The food finally arrived at their table, each of their dishes being set in front of them, along with a fresh coco for Caden who had already gotten his down. "Yeah, soon enoug it'll be out into the world, or off to college, haven't decided where I'm going yet, mom keeps houndinh on me about it," he shrugged, reality hadn't quite hit him yet. He didn't think that it was coming so quick, he didn't want to think that.

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta bit her lip. She hadn't the slightest clue what to be. Though she figured her parents would simply ship her off to a college and then pick out the job they wanted her to have. Probably a surgeon-Though that was the last thing she wanted to do. The idea of cutting someone open gave her the shivers. "Any idea what you'd like to be then?" She inquired quietly, Lotta eating at her food lightly, somewhat anyways.

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Megan (nightrunner) "What I'd like to be..." Caden trailed off, taking a bit of his food to allow himself time to think, chewing slowly, swallowing before responding. "I want to be a winter athlete, I love half pipe and freestyle boarding and skiing, if not then maybe just coaching, maybe a bit of both. If all else fails I will probably go out and get myself certified to teach gym class or something like that," he shrugged, that was vague, and had been changing ever day for the past year, right now that sounded great, tomorrow, who knows? "What about you, what do you want to be?"

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somebody | 332 comments "If I tried hard enough I'd love to be a professional in snowboarding- Problem with that is the fact that I'm probably not even as good as I like to think I am. Meaning it'd be the rudest awakening to suddenly have everyone admit I never had a chance." Lotta shrugged. "Though being a gym teacher....interesting. I don't exactly know what I'm going to be, then again even if I did my parents would short of- shatter that. And pick something better for me to be; something they think I could do" she admitted lightly, her arm moving a bit. Well her dad wouldn't but her mom would.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Don't say that, from what I saw, your amazing," Caden told her quite honestly, not trying to flirt or be a dick. She was good Maybe all she was lacking was confidence in her abilities. "Well, if your parents backed off and told you to make your own decision, what would you want to study? What would you want to do as a job? It's really all up to you, you don't have to listen to your parents. They got there chance in college, now it's time you get yours."

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somebody | 332 comments "If I don't want to end up homeless; It'd best I listen to them" Lotta stated kind of dully, their words. Almost like they knew she fail without proper guidance. She knew it was probably true as well, she'd pick something that has no money; nothing good. Something she'd have no chance in. Then again it wasn't like she was good at much, a couple things. Schooling and her future life was about the only restraints she ever had. And even if her parents never said the words she knew that they thought she stood no chance.

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Megan (nightrunner) "You wouldn't end up homeless, you could just chill her with me. I've got a room of my own coming my way next month, when I start teaching for the resort, or well, instructing. Skiing, actually. That seems to surprise everyone," he smiled at her, trying to not be embarrassed by the fact that she caused him to ramble on. "I at least plan on going to school in the area, so I can keep my job here if I don't hit it big."

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somebody | 332 comments Lotta had to stifle a laugh of sorts.
"When I said homeless I mean in the future. If I pick something that can't exactly provide enough pay for all the stuff that I need to pay for then I'm on the streets and I know for a fact at the rate my parents would only laugh- maybe they'd take me in but they'd definitely not let me rest soundlessly after that." She shrugged. And if it wasn't her parents it's be her brothers that got the best of her. Dare she remember how they love to decorate her birthday cake. But they were family and she loved them. Most the time anyways. Though the more she kept making excuses for herself on this whole college thing she knew it was to distract herself from the fact that she hadn't the slightest clue what to be if she could decide.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((I'm waiting for mittens on the cabin.))

"Well, if you're ever homeless, I'll probably be right here if you need a place to stay, and you could rack up cash teaching kids to snowboard," he told her, thinking that at the very least she should get to have some options on her path to the future. Caden took another bite of his food. "Or, you could enter the x-games in two weeks and show your parents how little you care about the way they think your future could be."

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somebody | 332 comments ((Ah, makes sense. Where've you been the past while?))

"But that'd be lying-I do care. Just....Don't like it, they support me in the present sort of things, just the bigger stuff they like to take control over. Sort of like an eye for an eye, though I suppose that'd make us all blind." Lotta shrugged softly, biting her lip. "It's nice though-To see your care in this whole situation. At least a little bit" She let out a faint chuckle of sorts.

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Megan (nightrunner) ((My play was last weekend, I had to catch up on homework all this week, then two college visits this weekend.))

"It's the bigger stuff that you should have the most control over, though. It's your life, you know," he was serious. He couldn't believe she would just give up. "What happened to the spit fire who was with me in the cabin? She wouldn't let anyone order her around, not even her parents." He wanted her to come back, and he hated to see her so...docile, so accepting that things would be decided for her. She had told him to shove it enough, he wanted to see her tell that to her parents too.

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somebody | 332 comments ((Ah, that sucks. Well mostly the homework part of it all, Plays are fun enough and visiting colledges is better than actual work))

"There's a difference of authority, where as you have absolutely none over me. They provide and roof. I also respect them and earlier-I had none for you. Now it's more of something I'm debating on." She stated. "To say I had no respect for you right now may just lose me dinner" She smirked faintly. It was as simple as the fact that she was 'trained' to know that her house was a monarchy and her parents the king and queen, while Lotta had a vote, it mattered so little.

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Megan (nightrunner) "I'm not that kind of guy. I don't care how you feel about me, if I offer to buy you dinner, I will buy you dinner," he told her seriously. "If you tried, you could easily provide your own roof." It was his last try, he wasn't going to fight her anymore, not when she was being so stubborn. "Are you at least enjoying your dinner?" he asked, trying to change the subject, but not sure what to talk about. He wanted badly to take his hand, but just preoccupied his with eating. He would get through his meal eventually, though he wasn't exactly eating so much now, he was worried about her and her future.

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somebody | 332 comments "Well enough, food is food. Restaurant a restaurant. Snow Storm a bitch" Lotta counted off finishing it with a quirky little smirk of sorts as she slowly pushed the rest the plate aside, she ate over half, which was pretty good. Her lips dropping back onto the straw as she sucked out more liquid, sometimes none. It became more of something she just felt the need to do, her body had to do something other than look around like an idiot.

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