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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Hi (:

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Soooo what do you want to do?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I don't know, what do you like?

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Fantasy..... I was thinking like a Neverland rp?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Define Neverland? haha ^^

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I'm thinking like two kids (any mix of gender) run away and meet 2 other kids and they take them to never land. They fight Captain Hook and make a new life in Neverland? :)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I'm really bad at playing kids and I like romance more... so it would be nice if we could involve that? If you don't mind :/

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Yeah no problem! They could be teenagers. :)

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Okay! (: Should we like make two girls and two boys than or...?

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We can sure! So the girls will be the ones that run away?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yeah sure! And are they best friends?

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They can be if you want!

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Maybe that makes it fun :)

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Ok cool! Want to start making characters?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yeah sure! Could you post first? c:

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No problem. Girls first?

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NAME: Valentine Juliet Jackson
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
DOB: May 26
POB: Cambridge England
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
Has been at Sunrise Beach for around a year

APPEARANCE description

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Val has natural bright red hair that she usually keeps down, or in a braid. Her hair is slightly wavy and falls to her mid back. She is 5’ 10 and has small feet. She has tan skin for a ginger, though still paler than a beach bunny. She has freckles on her nose and cheeks, and few on her arms. Her eyes are a light green and have light gold flecks sprinkled in. She keeps her nails long, but not too long. Just long enough that French tips look natural.


PERSONALITY: Val loves to be active and have fun. You won’t catch her inside on the computer much, you’ll find her outside- either climbing trees, swimming or playing some sport. She loves to go out with her friends to the movies, shopping, or to the gym. She likes to laugh, and be silly. She can bring a smile to almost anyone’s face, and she never likes to leave anyone out. Sure she has her group of friends, but its open for everyone. Val is not shy, but outgoing and energetic. She also loves to sing, she sings everywhere. It’s her inspiration and musicis what she turns to when she is sad or upset. She loves to show her singing skills and go to classes to learn new techniques to improve herself. Valentine also plays the piano and guitar, which she has also been taking classes for since she moved to America.

HISTORY: Valentine’s parents moved their family here from Europe when she turned 2. They wanted to come and have a new life, a scene change. Their family quickly became known in their area, and Val found her best friend __________ at that time as well. They were next door neighbors and inseparable. They have been through think and thin, and have many more ups and downs to come.

Mother: Grace
Father: Jared

RELATIONSHIPS: none at the moment.


PET PEEVE(S): (see dislikes) Scratching of silverware on plates.

-Being active
-Falling in Love
-Hanging out with _______
-swimming and other water activities
-playing the piano and guitar

-Being alone
-Huge open spaces
-When her dad has to leave home for business
-Being bored

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Sure!

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) [{Full Name} Savera Mary Jones
~Nickname/s~ Sav

{Gender} Female
~Sexuality~ Heterosexual

{Age} 17


(view spoiler)


(view spoiler)

Savera is fierce. It isn't only her courage that drives her. She is determined. She is determined to achieve her goals and she isn't a quiter. She wants to reach her dreams, her goals. She doesn't like people who give up to easily or people who don't face challanges because they're too scared. It's just stupid to her. She likes to take risks and she encourages others to do that too. She isn't exactly a good influence to children. She's kinda more like a bad-ass. Someone who easily gets in trouble. Though some people can say that that isn't a good thing, Savera doesn't care about other people's opinions. They can't deny that she has a good heart and she will do anything for her loved ones. She's the one who would offer first if there was a life at stake. She would switch places. It's the way her mind works.

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NAME: Nate Fredrick
AGE: 17
GENDER: male



PERSONALITY: Carson is awa sarcastic, fun-loving, jokester. He plays pranks all the time, with his brother. Carson and _______ are close. Reeeaaally close- like they hardly do anything without each other. They have been in neverland since they were teens. They sometimes finish each others sentences, its almost like they can read each others minds.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I will post my guy tomorrow!

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Since we have the irks do you want to to them? Or wait till tomorrow?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I'm sorry I forgot! I'll post tomorrow!

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Haha it's ok! Would you want to rp with the goals or just wait?

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Haha it's ok! Would you want to rp with the goals or just wait?

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Jooooooy? Lol. What times are you on?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I'm on now! I'll post him now? Alright?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Full Name: Jaidon Genavee
Nickname(s): Jai

Birthday: May 25
Age: 18

General Appearance:

* Height: 5'11"
* Weight: 160 lbs
* Hair Color: Blonde
* Eye Color: Blue

(view spoiler)

Distinguished Markings:

He has all the tattoos on his right arm and hand.

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I aproooooooove! :DDDDD

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Yay! I like yours too!

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Awww tanks!

So, want to start with the girls?

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((Sorry to interrupt guys but Jess can you please stop marking yours as important? It's a bit annoying to see it at the top every time I click on the folder. If I had marked all mine as important it would have probably taken up the whole page.. Sorry. Just my view on it.))

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((Oh, sorry! Didn't mean to be annoying! :D not sure if you'll see this comment though haha. :) ))

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((It's okay. Just thought I'd say something. ))

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(( :D ))

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So, back to killjoy hahahaha. :D

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) I'm really sorry but I rely on notifications and somehow I don't get any for this one? :/ So, where do you wanna start?

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Ummm.... Not sure haha. Where do you want to start?

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Maybe the two girls meet?

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Ok cool.

Val shuffled along the street, setting out to meet Savera. The cool air whispers through her bright red hair, tossing it about. Tonight was the night. The night their lives would change- and Val was setting out to finish some of the details.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savera saw Val in the distance and smiled, waving to get her attention. "Val?" She exclaimed softly as she neared her. She needed to know what their plans would be, exactly. That was why she was meeting her.

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Val jogged quickly over to Savera. "Alrighty, let's go inside the coffee shop." Valentine said opening the door. She waved to the manager, who nodde his head. She turned and maneuvered through the small crowd I the upstairs balcony.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) Savera nodded her head and followed Val into the coffee shop. As they walked inside, she smiled at the owner before following Val to the upstairs balcony. When they arrived there, she turned to Val. "So, what's the plan?"

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"I already convinced my parents to go out to dinner tonight, have you?" Valentine asked as she sat down in a wicker chair. She felt the cool breeze blow through her hair as they plotted their escape.

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Ladybooksalott (silverstake) "I did. But luckily, I even convinced them to go away for a whole weekend and take a vacation," she chuckled, looking at Val. She sat down opposite to her. "So that's even better."

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"That's perfect." Valentine smiled. Now we need to pack, I've been packing most of the day- but still have more to do. What about yourself?" She asked crossing her legs.

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