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DarknessIsUponUs Lucia walks into the gymnasium and starts warming up, she does a few cartwheels, round offs and hand springs before she feels satisfied with herself, she then does a run up and leaps into the air and does a flip

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Athena leans against the wall, watching as the girl warms up. Sighing, she figures she had better to the same, so she starts stretching.

DarknessIsUponUs *Lucia sees Athena standing in the corner and sees her watching her, she decides that she will show off a bit and does a running leap and flings herself into the air and flips, lans on her feet and handsprings to the other side of the gymnasium

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Athena smirks. Want to play, do we? Walking lazily over to a beam pushed up against the wall, she pulls it out easily. Standing away from it, she takes a deep breathe and runs at it. Flipping onto it, she cartwheels down its length and stops on her hands. Releasing one hand, she pushes up and flips back onto her feet.

DarknessIsUponUs *claps* *well done, she thinks, now lets pull out the big guns* *smirks* *walks over towards the rope, and pulls herself up a couple metres, she holds on with her legs and flips upside down, she does this again, and then when she gets o the bottom she holds on with one hand and runs in a circle, when she has come up with enough momentum, she flings herself towards the rings and catches then at the last minute, before flipping and doing a hand standy thing*

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Athena nods. "Impressive. Observe." Walking over to the bleachers, she climbs to the top. Standing, she takes a deep breathe before doing a number of flips, twists, handstands and cartwheels to the bottom. She touched each seat in her journey down. "You do gymnastics right?"

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H :) | 421 comments Alex smiled as he watched Athena flip down the bleachers, cheered her on as she touched down onto the seat next to him and kept going. It was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen.

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Athena blushed and walked over to sit next to Alex. "Well I think I'm warmed up."

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H :) | 421 comments Alex laughed in amazement. "Warmed up! You practically burned down the place. Athena...that was the most amazing stunt I've ever seen. Ever."

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She blushed furiously and looked at her feet. "It's nothing. Just evasive maneuvers used in karate. Like Jackie Chan and Jet Li do in the movies."

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H :) | 421 comments "They never do anything that amazing," he scoffed. "They just fight...which is cool, but that..."

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She put her head in her hands to hide her blush. "Maybe I added some gymnastics into it. It's really nothing special."

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H :) | 421 comments Alex shook his head, stunned. "Maybe? Nothing special?"

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She looked at him. "I practice a lot when I'm upset or bored ... or angry."

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H :) | 421 comments He laughed. "Athena, that was incredibly special. You are incredibly special. Where do you practice? How do you practice? I want to see you practice sometime."

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She smiled. "I work at the gym, so I practice there a bit. Sometime I practice at home in the backyard."

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H :) | 421 comments Alex smiled. "I want to watch you practice someday," he repeated. "See more amazing stuff like that."

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She laughed. "Well then I could teach you some of it as well."

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H :) | 421 comments "Me?" Alex snorted. "I'd kill myself."

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H :) | 421 comments "By landing on something the wrong way. Or by falling to my death," he added.

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"No you wouldn't. I only learnt how to do martial arts in the last two years you know." She said simply. "I could teach you some."

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H :) | 421 comments "Yeah, but you're a natural," he protested. "I can't do this type of thing."

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((Got to go lol See you.))

She smiled. "Anyone can do anything with practice."

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H :) | 421 comments ((Bye!!))

Alex laughed. "Trust me, I can't."

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DarknessIsUponUs Yes I do, do you do Gymnastics? coz you ar pretty good/ yourself

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Athena looked at her from her seat and smiled. "I do a little. Your great as well. Where'd you learn?"

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H :) | 421 comments Alex watched, smiling. "You were both amazing," he said, glancing and Athena, the corner of his mouth lifting in a small smile. "That was incredible."

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She blushed again. "You keep saying that."

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H :) | 421 comments Alex laughed. "I can't help myself. I'm in shock."

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Athena suddenly hugged him. "Your so nice."

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) Karis walked into the gym, stretching and getting ready to do a warm-up.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex was pleasantly surprised, and he pulled Athena closer. "Athena..." He smiled into her hair.

((Sorry I've been kinda ghosting. So much hw :\ lol))

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((No problem lol same here.))

Athena relaxed into his arms smiling.

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) Karis got onto a balance beam and did a series of vaults and flips and cartweels.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex smiled wider, his heart racing in his chest. He was sure that Athena could hear it. He tipped her head back a little with his fingertips so he was looking into his eyes.

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She smiled and looked up into his face. Her heart seemed to be racing twice the speed it usually did, but when she looked into his eyes it started to flutter.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex could feel Athena's heartbeat against his ribs, and his own pounding in his ears. He leant forward and kissed her gently, nervously. He waited for her response.

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She kissed him back a with a little more pressure, blushing but happy at the same time.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex smiled against her lips and wrapped his arms around her.

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Athena placed her arms around his neck and kissed him back smiling.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex didn't want to stop, ever, but they eventually drew apart. He smiled into her eyes. "Athena..." He whispered.

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She blushed, a small smile playing on her lips. "Wow."

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H :) | 421 comments "Wow," Alex agreed, smiling. "That was..."

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"...awesome." Athena finished his sentence smiling.

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H :) | 421 comments "Incredible," he added, laughing.

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She nodded. "Totally."

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H :) | 421 comments "Athena, I..." He wasn't sure how to finish, but he hoped she understood how he felt at that moment.

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Athena leaned her head against his shoulder. "I know." She felt the same way.

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H :) | 421 comments Alex rested his cheek on her head. "The tryouts," he reminded her reluctantly. "Are they starting?"

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She sighed. "No idea. I'll go last anyway." Athena said blushing. She didn't want to move.

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