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Ken (kensamcampo) Name:
Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect):
Likes (optional):
Dislikes (optional):
Occupation (optional):
Theme Song (optional):

can use original format or your own ,as long as all the important information is there

❍◦●○❍Brooklyn ❍○●◦❍ First Name: Keiu (Key-You)

Last Name: Whickia (Wick-ee-uh)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

DOB: January 1

Species: 75% Angel 25% Werewolf

Personality: Keiu is very outgoing. She enjoys socializing and making friends. She is friendly and cheerful unless you mess with someone of something she cares about. Keiu loves to play the guitar and is very musical. She has a passion for animals. She loves to be free, as you can tell by her dress and appearance. Keiu is always happy (well, almost always). She gets attached to things easily without trying to. Keiu is not flirtatious, however friendly she may seem.

Appearance: Keiu has light skin. Her face is circular with a clear complexion. Her eyes are round and bright blue. Her nose is small, with a rounded tip and round nostrils. Keiu is of average height and is rather on the thin side. Her legs are long in comparison to her short torso. Her knee-length dirty-blond hair is usually in a braid down her back. Keiu is usually found wearing a loose silk dress with long, wrapped sleeves or form-fitting pant and shirt. Her wings are medium, two-winged pieces. They consist of crème-colored feather-like bits. Also she has small wolf ears and a tail.

Hair: Long, dirty blonde
Eyes: Bright blue
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5'4"
Body Type: Thin and tall
Blood Type: AB+
Distinguished Markings (If any): Faint scar streaking from her hairline diagonally to her nose from the right. Halo-shaped birthmark on her left leg near her knee. Small mole at her right shoulder.

Backstory: Keiu grew up in the Outerlands, about a days journey out of Novum Imperium, in a family of four. She had a fair childhood. She had a good relationship with her sister, feeling as though it was her duty to protect her. Later their relationship faded as they grew apart, Faith felt that Keiu was treating her as a small child and begun to dislike her very much for this. Causing their close bond to fall apart. Though she was rich she had few possessions, because her family was not greedy but caring for people who had little or nun at all. The few items she had were some gowns and accessories, her favorite guitar, Her fathers best sword "Twister" (Twister has a pearl blade and golden handle) ,which turns in to a necklace with a sword medallion,(Keiu never takes it of, except for fighting of course), some books, and a spell book with hidden power that not even Keiu knows of yet. Growing up, she attended the rare luxury of school that only the wealthy could afford in the higher more fancy parts of the Outerlands. She took six years of schooling before she ran off to the Kingdom Novum Superium. She ran away because her father wanted her to become a lawyer like himself, but Keiu had always dreamed of becoming a singer or an animal trainer/care taker. In Novum Superium she hoped her dream could come true. There, she stayed at the inn for a month. That was before moving into the House of Angelo in the town. She worked well with animals and sometimes volunteered at the royal stables. Otherwise, she roamed free and socialized with beings of every kind from humans to mermaids.

Weakness She always feels a need to protect the ones she cares about, which sometimes makes things difficult. If Keiu can't get into the air she has a harder time fighting whether for practice or for protecting her life.

Strengths She does well in the air. Is amazing in sword combat. She also specializes in Magic.

Mother, Rosie Pina
Father, Chris Whickia
Young sister, Faith Whickia

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: Status Single

Other: She has a white fox named Hailio (Hail--oh). Keiu ran across Hailio when she was five, she was playing in a field when she found a tiny fox crying in some brushes. Keiu later found Hailio's parents dead after a wolf had attacked them, from then on Keiu and Hailio have been the best of friends.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Elsa Blackwood

Age: 19


Personality: Elsa is shy, she has a hard time making friends. She is kind and caring. She is afraid people will not like her because of her powers.

Little Sisters, Anna and Tina Blackwood [Anna and Tina are twins]

Father, Donald Blackwood

Mother, Eva Blackwood

Friends: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, and Faith Whickia

Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): Witch

Occupation (optional): Witch

Theme Song (optional): Goodbye My Lover

Other: Has ice powers, like Elsa in Frozen. Elsa Blackwood is a good Supernatural being, she fights off the bad supernatural beings.


Name: Faith Whickia

Age: 16


Personality: Faith is kind and caring. She is shy to make any friends. She keeps hidden due to the fact that she does not like people making fun of her. Faith is level-headed most of the time. She is easily angered. She will leave a place if someone has a fight with her. She hates her sister. Faith spends most of her time in the library doing research. She loves reading books. She is smart.

Mother, Rosie Pina

Father, Chris Whickia

Older Sister, Kieu Whickia

Friends: Elsa Blackwood

Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): 75% Angel and 25% Werewolf

Occupation (optional): High School Student

Theme Song (optional): Let It Go

Other: Hides from people. Faith is a good supernatural being. Goes by Fai all of the time because it is really confusing when she is around Faith Lehane so to keep them separated Faith Whickia has to go by a nickname.

They got sick with something that hurts supernatural beings a lot and didn't get the anticdote in time

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Natalie Name: Puck

Age: unknown

Species: Trickster

Previous Occupation: Child/Follower of Oberon

Current Occupation: Trickster

Appearance: (yes, I did get the idea from Gargoyles in case you were wondering)

human appearance

elfish appearance

Personality: Puck is very playful and a very sarcastic individual. He doesn’t like following orders and has some affection for the human race, seeing as how he left Avalon and was banished from Avalon by Oberon. Puck is capable of making connections in all the right places and always has friends in places that might be a convenience for him later.

Puck is unbiased towards anyone & everyone, with the exception of Gabriel and those that Gabriel has fondness over. He is impartial to Dean, Bobby and Castiel but is exceptionally tolerant of Sam. He hates hunters because of his friendship to most monsters and magical creatures out there and sees all hunters as prejudice asses that kill anything that isn’t purely human.

Puck has magic that will allow him to cast spells at ease and move objects and make them appear such as other tricksters have done. He mostly uses his magic to help others grant their wish (of course, not without something for his benefit in exchange) and provide him with something useful in the future.

Likes: Gabriel, parties, fun, sweets, bargaining, loyal friends

Dislikes: Oberon, hunters, Archangels

• Oberon (Father) (figuratively)
• Titania (Mother) (figuratively)
• Banshee (sister)
• Other Tricksters & inhabitants of Avalon (siblings/race)

Friends: Gabriel, fellow tricksters & other magical beings

History: (view spoiler)

Other: Being a trickster and a child of Oberon, Puck has no true form and occasionally changes his appearance (one being his human disguise and the other being his elf-like disguise (which he uses around his non-human friends)). But he’ll change into other appearances when he needs to.

Puck's Allies: Here is a list of Puck's allies that work for him.


Jessica Potts-Cook-Psychic

Curtis-Dragon-Head of Security


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Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 3 comments Mod
Name: Ruby Darkthorn

Age: 7,898


Personality: Ruby is aggressive, manipulative, and deceptive. She has a rather black sense of humor; for example, when Sam told her of how Azazel slaughtered eight nuns at St. Mary's Convent in 1972, she quipped, "What's black and white and red all over?" and smirked when Sam chastised her. Ruby had strong religious faith in Lucifer, to the point that she spent two years on an undercover mission dedicated to freeing him which she eventually died on; because of this, she considered herself the best and most loyal of all his followers. She believed that he would "save" all demons. Once she freed him, she was visibly awed and ecstatic. Ruby insisted that she was different from other demons in the sense that she remembered being human although she wished she didn't, and that these feelings compelled her to want to defend humanity; "Lucifer Rising" revealed that at least part of this was a lie but whether or not she did remember some part of her life as a human is unknown. Notably, she did not tell the Winchesters that she had once been human right away. Astaroth implied that Ruby did not want the brothers to know because she was "embarrassed," and Ruby did seem upset afterwards, though she quickly recovered. Once her origins were exposed, she began using her former humanity in her favor to paint herself as a demon who remembered and embraced her past. Although Ruby sought to earn the Winchesters' trust by helping them and saving their lives if necessary, she did not always present herself as an accommodating ally. She frequently insulted or belittled the brothers, particularly Dean (requiring Sam to mediate between them). This came to a head in "No Rest for the Wicked": when Dean tricked her into a devil's trap and stole her knife, she finally lost her temper and screamed that she wished she could see him being tortured in Hell. Ruby confessed that she lived when the plague was 'big' and that Hell was not being able to remember who you used to be. She was also impatient and ill-tempered when her suggestions were not used, as seen when she simply left the brothers to fend for themselves against an onslaught of demons when they refused her plan. After returning from Hell in Season 4, Ruby's personality seemed to soften as a result of her mentorship and romantic involvement with Sam. She appeared to grow genuinely fond of Sam, having sex with him to help him with the grief he felt for Dean's first death and tried to comfort and reassure him with promises that he had done the right thing when she noticed how distressed he was by her betrayal in "Lucifer Rising", even though she no longer needed to pretend she was on his side. She was also shown to be shocked and hurt when he held her in place so Dean could kill her. Ruby feared angels because she believed that they would smite her in an instant; upon learning that an angel had saved Dean from Hell, she spent less time around Sam because she didn't want to risk encountering Castiel. She was also unsettled by Castiel and Uriel's presence in "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and the revelation that Anna was an angel. Although, she was terrified of angels, she helped Anna Milton. Ruby saved her and was shown tending to Anna's wounds, also tending to stare at the angel a lot throughout their episodes together. Ruby, even though knowing Anna was afraid of her and she didn't speak of Anna, kept close to the girl, in a protective way. This shows Ruby can have a sweet side. This may be a personality trait or this may be just a way she acted towards Anna, who also was intrigued by Ruby.

Family: All Deceased

Friends: Sam, Dean

Supernatural Species: Black-Eyed Demon Leader (The Strongest of them)

Likes (optional):

Dislikes (optional):

Occupation (optional):

Theme Song (optional):

Other: Ignore all the Past Tense in her Personality, She's not dead yet.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Natalie "Tina" Blackwood
Age: 17
Personality: Kind, Caring, Smart, Outgoing
Elsa (Sister)
Anna (Twin Sister)
Donald Blackwood (Father)
Eva Blackwood (Mother)
Friends: Dean and Sam
Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): Witch
Likes (optional): Sam, Dean, making friends
Dislikes (optional): Jerks, bullies, Anna
Occupation (optional): Witch
Theme Song (optional): I will remember you by McLachlan
Other: Can control Plants, like Poison Ivy. good supernatural being, while her twin sister, Anna, is an evil supernatural being.

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 3 comments Mod
Name: Faith Elizabeth Lehane

Age: 17



Personality: Unlike her predecessor Kendra, who was Buffy's polar opposite, Faith was, in essence, a mirror image of Buffy, a representation of what Buffy would have been like had her life circumstances been different; whereas Buffy grew up in a loving home surrounded by caring friends and family, Faith was raised by abusive and neglectful parents and suffered from various issues. Faith often suggested that killing gave her a drug-like euphoria, and even suffered from addictive withdrawal symptoms when she was not able to inflict pain. Quitting violence was equated with quitting alcohol. She smoked and displayed signs of promiscuity and an inability to share trust and intimacy with men, being baffled when they attempted to share it with her, and describing herself as "a loser magnet" who attracted kleptomaniacs and slackers. She was later responsible for Xander losing his virginity, and slept with Buffy's boyfriend Riley, after switching bodies with Buffy herself. However, Angel was eventually able to help her move past this partially, and she was able to share a friend-level of intimacy and trust with him without introducing a sexual element. In the last stages of her time on the side of evil, Faith displayed hidden degrees of abandoment and unappreciation. Despite all the cruel acts she had done to the Scooby Gang and others, she originally saw herself as the victim. Everyone ignored her and never acknowledged her like Buffy was, prompting jealousy issues and pent-up anger inside her. Her way of acting out was to either try to kill Buffy's loved ones or take it away from her for herself. Eventually, Faith grew out of her habit of "stealing" from Buffy and instead tried her absolute utmost to have her acknowledge her as a friend despite their troubled history. Faith often had a prominent wild streak to her and enjoyed partying, drinking, and having sex. Faith's shown a frequent preference to flirtatiously dance with men at clubs when she wanted to relax and have fun. She could also be careless and irresponsible, which was shown when Faith gave the Potential Slayers alcohol despite most of them being underaged. In contrast to Buffy's more serious and tense disposition, Faith treated matters more lightly. She was generally carefree and laid-back, causing her to view Buffy as being "wound too tight. Faith revealed she didn't really like being leader, but can be one given the chance. Faith often called some people by the first letter of their first name, like "B" for Buffy. Faith largely popularized the term "five by five" to mean everything is well. Tara once asked what "five by five" even meant, and Willow replied, "See?! That's the thing! No one knows." In voice procedure - the technique used to facilitate spoken communication over two-way radios - the term refers to strength and clarity of a signal on a scale of 1 to 5. "Five by five" is synonymous with "loud and clear" in both outward bound signals and inward bound signals. She had her own personal, unique slang and it was revealed that she had inherited her catchphrase of the word "wicked" from George Lehane. Faith frequently proved herself to be impulsive. For example, when she and Xander found Giles unconscious, Faith immediately assumed that Angel was responsible despite Xander's reservations. She was also known for her quick, easily irritated nature, something her father described as the "Lehane temper". Faith had deep issues with parental figures, due to being raised by neglectful, alcoholic parents while she was young. Nonetheless, she had a deep yearning for a family. This yearning had caused her to be used by so many people so readily because of her desperation for someone to be there for her, something Faith had bitterly mocked over in a fit of distress and pain. Consequently, she continued to have many trust issues throughout her life and it took her a while for her to truly open up and embrace someone, fearing that she would be betrayed or hurt if she did. Giles had taken note of this during his time with Faith, describing her as showing hostility to those she didn't trust or didn't know but on the one hand, she would display extreme loyalty to those who were close to her and those who cared for her.

Family: Unknown, She thinks of Bobbie Singer as her Father,

Friends: None

Crush: Derek Hale (Alpha Werewolf, open for creation, Face Claim Tyler Hoechlin)

Supernatural Species: Slayer

Likes: Training, Hanging with Bobby, Learning Hunting Techniques from Bobby, Auto Mechanics, Learning the Basics of being a Hunter.

Dislikes: Demons, Vampires, Leviathans,

Occupation: Slayer, Hunter in Training

Theme Song: Do it Like a Dude by Jessie J


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Natalie Name: Crowley (Fergus Roderick MacLeod)

Age: 3000+

Species: Demon

Occupation: King of Hell


- Rowena (mother)
- Gavin MacLeod (son)

Personality: Crowley is suave, but he loves to use insults, sass and banter. He uses smooth, gratuitous sexual innuendo in an effort to make people uncomfortable and therefore give himself an advantage. Crowley is an efficient business man and while he prides himself on integrity, he will use any loopholes given to him to turn the situation to his benefit, proving the saying 'be careful what you wish for' to be more than true. This was more than evident in his dealings with Bobby; although he gave the Winchesters, Bobby, and Castiel the location of the Horsemen Death, Crowley willingly gave Bobby the use of his legs back but kept a hold of his soul, knowing that he would need it as leverage later. Crowley is incredibly narcissistic, believing that few, if any, are his equals. Crowley is also skilled in deceiving unsuspecting victims by appearing charismatic and alluring, as he was able to quickly entice Jody Mills during their encounter and almost every member of a family he planned to deal with described him as "charming". Crowley has also called himself an altruist and a developer.

Crowley's main goal is self-preservation, and he is willing to sacrifice anything else for it. He is a survivor at heart, and will use any means to accomplish this goal. In fact, he tends to only lose his temper when his personal safety is threatened or when dealing with what he considers overwhelming stupidity. Crowley at times appears incredibly volatile under his smooth and charming personality, as when he has screamed at multiple people, including Dean and Castiel, when appearing calm only seconds before. As Dean described it, when dealing with Crowley, "he will always find a way to bone you". A good example would be when he orchestrated the death and/or imprisonment of most of those he held a grudge against. He is not above making deals or alliances with his enemies when he feels it is beneficial for him. He is extremely opportunistic and his goal seems to be to expand the grasp of his power as he's gone from "punk-ass crossroads demon" to King of Hell, and in Season 6 he was looking for Purgatory, as he called himself a developer, saying the monsters in Purgatory would help him.

Crowley is cunning, devious, and highly skilled at manipulating others. This is best demonstrated when he tricks Dean into impressing and getting the First Blade from Cain, successfully manipulating not just Dean but a large number of demons who he led to the slaughter. Despite his arrogance, he does not dismiss possible threats like the Winchesters as other demons do, but seeks to eliminate said threats, however at times he does let his arrogance get the better of him, especially if he feels certain he will win. He was also the only demon to realize that Lucifer must hate demons as much as he hates humans (which demons originally were). He leaves once he realizes that a situation is too dangerous for him to risk, but resolves himself when he knows that escape isn't an option (such as derailing the Apocalypse once his betrayal was revealed to Hell and "accepting" death in "Meet The New Boss"). He thought up new ideas for how Hell ought to be run and tried to implement new ideas when he became its king; when other demons resisted this, he called them "evil, lying prats" and "stupid", expressing the desire to kill them all at times. He is also seemingly sentimental as he is rather dismayed when Sam kills his pet hellhound. Crowley was also intelligent enough to work out where Castiel had hidden the Angel Tablet, even when Naomi and her garrison couldn't. As the former King of the Crossroads, he is also extremely skilled at drawing up contracts and creating hidden agendas to trick his enemies. He was also clever enough to make sure it was Sam, not Dean, who signed his deal in "Sacrifice".

Beneath Crowley's affable facade, he is cruel, sadistic, and merciless. He appears to be quite vengeful: he wants utter annihilation of the Leviathans when their leader insults him and also implies that he would like to see all demons destroyed; he kept secret the ramifications of using a Bone Of Righteous Mortal Washed In the Three Bloods of Fallen so that Dean and Castiel would be imprisoned in Purgatory; he killed Kevin's girlfriend in front of him; he threatened Linda Tran when she slapped him and later apparently tormented her so badly during her brief possession by him that she went catatonic. Crowley also has no problem killing children as he is willing to slaughter a nursery of infant shapeshifters to find Purgatory's location and later bakes baby uvula muffins simply to get on Dick Roman's good side. He was also willing to let a hunter, Tara, die in order to trick Dean and retrieve the First Blade, dismissing her as eggs that need to be cracked to make an omelet. Crowley has also shown to at times be extremely ruthless and wrathful to other demons. After both Lucifer and Abaddon were defeated, Crowley's first course of action was to round up and kill all the demons who had supported his enemy.

Crowley is shown to be a tough task master and inspires fear in many demons. A captured crossroads demon preferred death from the Winchesters than the alternative of facing Crowley. Even when Abaddon told demons of his "death", some still feared him and refused to join until they witnessed proof of his demise. Crowley is also masochistic as he laughed at the idea of Sam and Dean torturing him and seemed to eagerly provoke Kevin to "beat" him in order to manipulate him.

History: Fergus Roderick MacLeod was born in 1661 in the Kingdom of Scotland, the son of a powerful witch and Grand Coven member Rowena. Fergus never knew his father, as Rowena had conceived Fergus in a "winter solstice orgy" involving multiple potential fathers and she had not bothered to keep track of any of them afterwards. What is known is that he was not a practitioner of witchcraft, which got Rowena cast out. Although Fergus learned magic and spells from his mother, he was supposedly abused by her, with him recounting that she had once tried to sell him for three pigs. At the age of 8, Fergus was abandoned by Rowena when she got in trouble with the Coven and left on her own. He held a grudge against her for centuries, believing that she had always hated him.

Later in life, Fergus became a "two-bit tailor" and heavy drinker who sold his soul for three extra inches below the waist. He also had a son named Gavin, whom he abused. He beat and starved Gavin repeatedly during his childhood, worked him harder than their own horse, and refused to let him attend school out of loathing towards him and Gavin came to loath him too, believing Fergus thought of him as "less than nothing". Fergus eventually died, at which point Gavin buried him and set sail for America, only to perish in a shipwreck.

Per his deal, Fergus's soul went to Hell, where he was tortured in until becoming a demon. After becoming so, Fergus was renamed Crowley and became a successful crossroads demon, at some point rising to the King of the Crossroads.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 3 comments Mod
For Natalie

Name: Derek Hale
Age: 18 (Just Turned 18)
Personality: Very Protective of his Pack and the Few friends he has, He has a Personal Rule that he makes sure his pack Follows Never Attack a Human weather they be Hunter or Not, He Hates Hunters but his rule has been what has kept his Pack alive.
History: Derek was born into a family of werewolves. His mother, Talia, was much respected within the werewolf community meaning Derek came into contact with members of a number of other packs. He and his family lived in Hale House in Beacon Hills, California and he attended Beacon Hills High School. He later moved to a Home that until now had no Idea was so close to Hunters, and kept in contact with Faith.
Family: Cora Hale (Sister, Unknown), Peter Hale (Uncle, Deceased), Malia Tate (Cousin, Deceased), Talia Hale (Mother, Deceased), Benjamin Hale (Father, Deceased)
Friends: Faith Lehane
Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): Werewolf
Likes (optional): Faith Lehane, His Pack,
Dislikes (optional): Hunters
Occupation (optional):
Theme Song (optional):
Other: Commands a Pack of Eight Werewolves though he keeps them well under the Radar

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Rosella Ariella Winchester
Age: 19
Personality: Kind, Caring, Protective, Willing to help people, willing to follow rules
John - Father, Hunter
Mary - Mother, Killed by Azazael
Dean - Older Brother, Hunter
Winter - Older Sister, Hunter
Amy White-Winchester - Adoptive Younger Sister, Hunter
Sam - Younger Brother, Hunter
Carlos - Younger Brother, Werewolf
Friends: Cas, Faith W, and anyone she is fine with being friends with
Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): Werewolf
Likes (optional): Hunters, werewolves, and making friends
Dislikes (optional): Slayers, demons, bullies, and people hurting her family
Occupation (optional): Unknown
Theme Song (optional): I'm Just a Kid by The Offspring
Other: In a pack with 7 other werewolves including Derek. Has always kept under the radar. Goes by Rose. Drives a Truck that can fit 7 other people.

message 11: by Ken (last edited Jul 08, 2017 03:29PM) (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Carlos Daniel Winchester
Age: 17
Personality: Kind, Caring, Outgoing, Athletic, Smart, and Ready to Help
Sam Winchester - Older Brother, Hunter
Dean Winchester - Older Brother, Hunter
Winter Winchester - Older Sister, Hunter
Amy White-Winchester - Adoptive Twin Sister, Hunter
John Winchester - Father, Hunter
Mary Winchester - Mother, DECEASED
Rosella Winchester - Older Sister, Werewolf
Friends: Parts of the Harvelle/Singer Family, Certain other werewolves, and certain other hunters
Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): Werewolf
Likes (optional): Hunters, werewolves, getting rid of wendigos
Dislikes (optional): enemies, wendigos, bullies, people hurting his family
Occupation (optional): Alpha of the Second Werewolf Pack
Theme Song (optional): Goodbye Friend by Bowling for Soup
Other: Had 6 others in his pack, 3 of which are willing to help. 3 of which are not willing to help and have split off into their own little group to side with the Wendigos. Carlos is willing to help on the Wendigo hunt on the hunters side. He and his pack also do not eat humans. His middle name is Daniel. He personally hates wendigos because they killed his girlfriend. His predecessor Alfred Windhouse was not willing to help and because of that, Carlos ended up killing Alfred. Carlos drives an Impala, like Dean. The car can fit 4 other people.

3 werewolves in pack that are willing to help ( They are loyal to Carlos ) ;
Contanza Vitali, 16
Janice Whitestone, 12
Alexander Bruckhaus, 17
Graham WhiteStone, 14

2 Werewolves not willing to help ( Loyal to Alfred );
Leymare Liano, 13
Jayla Stanston, 12

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Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 3 comments Mod
Name: Jane Rizzoli
Age: 17
Personality: Stubborn, Hard on her Brother Tommy, Loves her Family, Very Loyal
Family: Tommy Rizzoli (Youngest Brother, Werewolf), Frankie Rizzoli (Younger Brother, Werewolf)
Friends: Derek and his Pack
Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): Werewolf (Born)
Likes (optional):
Dislikes (optional):
Occupation (optional):
Theme Song (optional):
Other: Part of Derek's Pack

Name: Frankie Rizzoli
Age: 16
Personality: Cunning, Hard on Himself and occasionally Tommy, Expects the best out of Himself,
Family: Tommy Rizzoli (Younger Brother, Werewolf), Jane Rizzoli (Older Sister, Werewolf)
Friends: Unknown
Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): Werewolf
Likes (optional):
Dislikes (optional):
Occupation (optional):
Theme Song (optional):
Other: Part of Derek's Pack

Name: Tommy Rizzoli
Age: 15
Personality: Wise Cracking, Fun Loving, Doesn't take very many things Seriously,
Family: Frankie Rizzoli (Older Brother, Werewolf), Jane Rizzoli (Older Sister, Werewolf),
Friends: Unknown
Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): Werewolf
Likes (optional):
Dislikes (optional):
Occupation (optional):
Theme Song (optional):
Other: Part of Derek's Pack

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Graham-Karlen Fredward WhiteStone
Nicknames: G, Freddie, Len, Karls, Karl
Age: 14
Personality: Jerk, Always thinks he is right, and bullies his sister. However, most of the time he actually kind and he is protective of those he likes. He hates his parents.
Janice ( Sister, Loyal to Carlos )
Layla (Older Sister, DECEASED)
Marthia-Riddle (Mother, DECEASED)
Yukiera (Father, DECEASED)
Friends: Unknown
Supernatural Species (demons, shape-shifters, ghosts, spirits, ect): Werewolf
Likes (optional): killing Wendigos, Amy, and music
Dislikes (optional): hunters, Carlos' pack well just Janice, and wendigos
Occupation (optional): None
Theme Song (optional): I would Die for You By Jann Arden
Former Theme Song: Not Your Friend by Vanilla Sky
Other: Part of the posse that was loyal to Alfred Windhouse, but has since went away from Alfie's evil ways . Broke away from the main pack with 2 other werewolves, Leymare and Jayla. Jayla and Leymare are still loyal to Alfie and will not kill Wendigos. Kinda Sided with the Wendigos, but will kill them and has done so in the past. Has a crush on Amy White-Winchester. loyal to Carlos. Lives with the others that are loyal to Carlos.

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Natalie Titles: Death
The Grim Reaper
Angel of Death
The Pale Rider
The Eater of Souls

Age: Ancient

Species: Heralds - Horsemen

Occupation: The Pale Horseman


- Pestilence (brother)
- Famine (brother)
- War (brother)

Personality: Due to his advanced age, Death is completely detached from the rest of the universe. He even compares Dean to a bacterium. He cares little for major events of the world like the Apocalypse, and despite his coerced involvement by Lucifer, he only pays the events vague interest, resulting in his tendency to wander off from his assigned targets.

Unlike the angels or Lucifer, Death considers the Winchesters and their involvement in the Apocalypse highly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, unlike his siblings, Death is shown to have a more civil and calm manner when dealing with the Winchesters; Death tells Dean that most people also talk to him with respect. Instead of attacking Dean during their encounter, he invites the Winchester to join him at the table to discuss the Apocalypse and even goes so far as to share his pizza with him. Death also claims to be an acquaintance of God Himself, claiming that the two both share a similar advanced age to one another and that neither of them can remember which is older anymore or even if they are the same age.

Despite being callous at times, Death has a respect for the natural order of the universe. He explains to Dean that there are times when it is difficult, but in the end, breaking the order in even the smallest way can cause untold chaos.

While he does not hate Dean and Sam, Death feels that the pair are an affront to the natural order due to their constant resurrections. Even though he is capable of it, as a rule, Death himself does not normally resurrect people (most likely because it disrupts the natural order), though he can and might make exceptions or even "an exception once, not twice." He also seems to genuinely like, to a certain degree, Dean as the two share an almost father-son bond; Death even went as far as (view spoiler) Unlike the other Horsemen, Death has a level of respect for humans, specifically the human soul. Death tells Dean that the soul is stronger than anyone knows, and that it can suffer much and be broken but can't be destroyed, not even by him.

Over time, Death expressed more respect for the Winchesters, and has even indicated that he was honored to be reaping Sam himself.

Despite claiming to be totally indifferent to the Winchesters and Earth, Death has helped on a number of occasions. (view spoiler) It is implied that he is not so much uncaring as he is above the petty struggles of the world, disliking being called on to fix things that he thinks should have been taken care of without bothering him.

Death also has an appreciation for human food, especially junk food. His liking for Chicago's pizza was so strong he noted it as the reason he spared the city. In the next season, after Dean lost Death's wager, Death showed up at Bobby's house, with bacon dogs, fries, and beer. Later, when (view spoiler), he brought him pickle chips in an attempt to appease him, which proved fruitless. Nonetheless, after he was unbound, Death ate the food anyways and expressed his enjoyment of them on his way out.

History: Because he is likely the same age, or older than God, Death probably came into existence within the Darkness. Death does not remember how old he is, and says that he could be as old, or even older than God. (view spoiler)

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Castiel can sometimes feel guilty for a lot of things he didnt do, yet he is protective of the ones close to him. He dosent get jokes and only tells the truth (unless forced like he was by Naomi). Castiel is a very good friend, a loyal and trustworthy one. Although he sometimes dosent do things right because he thinks its for the better.


Sam, Dean, Bobby, Ect. (And more)

Supernatural Species::

Friends, Carmness,

Death of anyone, fighting.


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Natalie Name: Sophia

Age: 4.5+ billion years old

Species: Angel - Seraph

Occupation: Guardian of the Weapons of Heaven


- God (father)
- all angels (siblings)

Personality: Sophia is very kind and patient. Sophia is loved by all angels. Being the youngest angel born Sophia was spoiled and pampered by God and the other angels.

She is able to calm any angels who are angry and when she asks for a favor, they cannot say no to her.
She loves children and has a soft spot for the animals of Earth. She is wise and innocent at heart. She is also curious about human technology and modern speak. She doesn't understand human humor or any modern references. She hardly ever gets angry, even if she is threatened or yelled at.

She only gets angry when someone threatens the life of one of her siblings, regardless if her sibling is in the wrong or not. Every time an angel dies, she mourns and cries for 1 human day.

History: Sophia was born around 2,000 years before the Earth was created. She was only a fledgling when Lucifer fell so she doesn't remember much of him. She spent most of her life in Heaven raised by her siblings. She has grown a love for the planet Earth and all its creatures living on it.

When the time for the Apocalypse began to approach, Michael had Sophia stay in Heaven for her safety and gave her the duty as one of the Guardians of the Weapons of Heaven.

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Natalie Name: Kelly Rogers

Age: 24

Species: Unicorn

Occupation: Vet


- Brian Rogers (father)
- Madeline Rogers (mother)
- Eleanor Rogers (sister)
- Evelyn Rogers (sister)

Personality: Kelly is very cautious. Because her kind is almost at extinction, she trusts no one. She is quite shy and not very talkative. She does have mood swings and she tends to get into arguments because she has a tendency to defend, whether its herself or others she cares about.

She is very organized and is very persistent about keeping things clean. She has an interest in books and different literature on mythology from cultures from around the world. She also has a love for fruit.

History: Coming from a family of unicorns, Sophia was raised to live in a constant state of fear. Unicorns were hunted and slaughtered for their horns and hair, which were believed to have healing properties. Since her species is on the brink of extinction, Kelly and her people try to find a solution that would save them and future generations.

Most unicorns fled to Avalon, where creatures of magic (such as fairies, elves, unicorns, griffins, etc) live. But some were insistent on living on Earth.

While she was in college, at age 21, she met the trickster Puck. He offered her and her people safety if they worked for him. At first, she refused because he was a trickster. Then he asked to meet the rest of her kind to prove his value. She and her people met with Puck and he showed them a safe haven where they could live in safety without any presence of humans. They all agreed. While majority of her people live in the haven. She and a few others work for Puck.

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Name: Erin
Age: Teenager
Personality: Very proud, loyal to those she considers friends, protective of her family
Family: Open
Friends: Open
Supernatural Species: Gryphon
Occupation: Unknown
Theme Song:
Other: drawn to Angels/Necromancers and feels protective of them

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