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message 1: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Discuss Chapter 10 only. Please make liberal use of spoiler tags when discussing other books/series-wide implications.

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David Sven (gorro) | 2042 comments Mod
A storm wipes out 500 Barghast. Whatever it is, it appears to be more than a storm because it has Tool worried and he sets out to check the damage with his sword drawn. Even the K’Chain keep their heads low until the storm passes them.

Setoc, Torrent and Cafal exit the strange warren they found themselves in to find themselves back in their normal world – plus a thousand wolf souls that Setoc has picked up. I’m liking her more and more for Shield Anvil to the Perish Grey Helms

For me. For the ghosts I have brought to this world. I am not yet quit of them. Their journey remains incomplete...’
... She was home to a thousand hearts, and that blood still ran sizzling like acid in her soul.

Back at Kalse Rooted, the ghost is temporarily separated from the other memories and observes an army of semi sentient microorganisms – or maybe nanotech machines? Whatever, the microorganisms, abandoned by their creators are doing their best to maintain some sort of upkeep on the K’Chain nest. Part of the micro’s job previously was to feed and take some part in fashioning new K’Chain soldiers – that was before a Shi’gal assassin took out the nest. But it appears the assassin missed one lowly drone – barely alive the micro’s or “excreters” (little shits?) begin a process of genetically altering the drone to transform it into something that can command? I’m wondering now if this is the stuff that the Shake had to guard against on the Shore – the water infested with little exciters transforming anything living in the water into K’Chain and even insinuating themselves into the food chain to infect anyone who ingested them leading to K’Chain babies that had to be put down at birth?
The other question in my mind is, how does the newly awakened drone hear Icarium’s memories rooting about the place? Maybe the drone is another construct of Icarium’s broken mind?

Breath (AKA Feather Witch) pulls out a new set of tiles for the new set of warrens. Nine doublesided tiles – all unaligned –

‘No Holds, you see? Each one is unaligned, all of them are unaligned. That’s the first difference.’

So we have
Chance with Fortune/Misfortune
Then we have a few that are new versions of the existing warrens
Light/Dark (Liosan/Galain)
Fire/Water (Tellan/Ruse)
Air/Stone (Serc/Tennes)

And some super tiles
Fury/Starwheel (utter destruction/time unravelled)
Root/Icehaunt (some variation of Burn/Omphtose Phellack?)
Blueiron/Oblivion (Blueiron is the sorcery that makes machines work – I’m thinking these two are some variation of Order/Chaos)

And on the path of Gallan the Shake and those in tow come to an abrupt halt as Twilight collapses – the two greedy witches have been so enamoured with her blood that they have all but drunk her dry. The blood has the side effect of restoring the witches youth. Except now they are stuck, unable to proceed – and what’s more they find the path has stopped somewhere in Kurald Liosan Territory.
The witches do have a backup plan – they can simply open up Yedan (The watch) and suck on his blood to get them out. But that plan goes awry when Yedan decides to head off the path to take out a Liosan scouting party. Yedan warms up by first killing a Forkrul Assail. Yedan is badass.

But the Shake have to get out of Dodge fast because they find themselves assaulted by 5 burning suns – which aren’t really suns but some type of attack.

But we now know the FA have Liosan in their sights as well

‘This land is consecrated for adjudication,’ the Forkrul Assail said.

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Rob (robzak) | 1054 comments Mod
Man. I'm not used to being caught up anymore. If not for David I might have to break the seal on this thread.

I don't have much to add other than I'm curious about what's in the storm. My random guess is dragons for some reason. This series has been entirely light on real life dragons. It's mostly been soultaken dragons.

And yes, Yedan is a badass. That was a bit of a surprise as I've mostly been bored by his character so far.

Sumant The kalse rooted story line is really making me tear my hair out, because more i try to make it out the more murky it becomes also a bit annoyed with SE because this is 9th book and still no slack from the author.

Also what is a FA doing in Liaosian ?.

Also shake people do seem to have Tiste andii blood as how easily Yedan killed an FA.

Duffy Pratt | 354 comments Since dragons are elemental, and so is the storm, I think dragons is about as good a guess as we can have. Unless the storm is being whipped up by some KChain machine. Or if its another God like the whirlwind goddess. Or some other bit of craziness we haven't encountered before? Ninth book, and he can still befuddle me.

Linette | 152 comments Oooh, I wouldn't have guessed it was dragons in the storm, I like that idea.

I was also surprised by Yedan, he's been kind of a non-character up until now for me. I'll be watching him a lot more closely. Hope he takes out those nasty witches...even though, for some reason I can't fathom as they are nasty selfish schemers, I like reading about them. :)

Sumant Since dragons are elemental, and so is the storm

I think we should rule out dragons because i think it was the last book in which we were given a story about how dragons liked working alone and not in groups it was basically due to too much chaos in their blood and that was also the case why silchas and rake did not get along.

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Silvio Curtis | 403 comments I like the theory that micro-scouts messed with the Shake! (The excretor is the drone - the scouts are the micro-thingies - right?) I'm enjoying finding out more about how K'Chain Che'Malle society works. All the chemical communication seems like it would have been inspired by social insects, like the caste structure. I wonder if anyone besides Erikson and McCaffrey has written about "hive reptiles."

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