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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. A science-fiction, young-adult novel [s]

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Selene (selenedragomir) | 2 comments The young-adult, science fiction novel is about a girl whose sister is supposed to be married to a king of a distant land but this King doesn't have the best reputation. There's something concerning colors and the girl's family doesn't like them much. They consider colors dangerous. Somehow, it's this girl who ends up going to the King instead of her sister. I don't remember how or why. The King is really large, muscular and lives in a place where all other people similar to him live in a closed-off area. There's something about the King becoming powerful by taking people's colors. There's a plot where the advisor? who is friendly to the girl turns out to be the bad guy instead of the King. And the girl finds out at the end that the reason why the King never talks is because his tongue in cut...The cover of the book has a girl sitting down with short white hair and a blue dress. There are streams of colors coming from her mouth...

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Selene (selenedragomir) | 2 comments yes! this is it! Thanks soo much Julia!

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