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message 1: by Marti (last edited Feb 02, 2014 02:26PM) (new)

Marti Martinson | 49 comments Having boudain for breakfast, or crying in my eggs

The years have been but twenty-six
Yet still I cannot find that place
Of wood, of mist, of crown and tricks,
Where you're the prince who hid his face.

The troubadours can sing of time
And every light-filled, portioned space,
For any room will be sublime
Where you're the prince who hides his face.

The warship's travels could not strike
Upon my love nor it disgrace:
My past and future -both alike-
Where you're the prince who'll hide his face.

The song “These Dreams” by Heart was the inspiration for the repeating end line of this kyrielle.

message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip Lee | 80 comments Mod
Good one. I see you're still pining for that spicy dish. Is there a vegetarian variety?

message 3: by Marti (new)

Marti Martinson | 49 comments I am none too sure if any self-respecting Cajun would ever eat or make veggie boudain. :)

I wanted the title to be pretty vague about the contents of the poem. I had not heard the song in, well, decades, and when I did it brought back a lot of memories.....the rhyme took a bit, but the inspiration was pretty quick.

Here is the song, from a 2002 concert. Still beautiful.




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