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Philip Seymour Hoffman R.I.P Dies at 46

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Lilly Santiago OMFG! Just found out Philip Seymour Hoffman A.K.A to Catching Fire fans Plutarch has died today! Would like to know everyone's thoughts. What will happen to the franchise now as a huge character has passed? Will they replace him? write him out? Your thoughts?

Elaine Calloway I was so sad to hear this. Even was inspired to blog about it -

It's truly sad when a great artist dies.

Elaine Calloway

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Nikita I can't believe it. It's a major shock and very sad. He was a great actor.

I don't know what they're going to do with the movie. Maybe they'll re-write what scenes he had left where he is not needed or find a really good shunt double to finish them.

AgCl oh dear that's a really young age to die, and due to possible drug overdose...classic hollywood death...

Lilly Santiago No I agree its just a shame to see such talent gone to waste. Then again drugs...typical. No one can die a worthy death nowadays can they?

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AgCl Mrs. LiannaHerondale;) wrote: "No I agree its just a shame to see such talent gone to waste. Then again drugs...typical. No one can die a worthy death nowadays can they?"

yep, the whole fastlife bandwagon.

HimaJen PSH was an extremely talented actor and will be greatly missed. It seemed he, like so many other actors, struggled with substance abuse. It shows how hard it is to be in the spotlight 24/7.

I have no idea what they will do for Mockingjay. I'm assuming that they are already filming it, it would be great if they were done though. If not then I don't see how there is any other way then to recast Plutarch. UNLESS they deviate from the books. Who knows, they might decide to focus more on Coin.

HP HAD to recast Dumbledore because he was such a huuuuuuge part of the series. They might be able to work around Plutarch as he isn't a core character like Katniss, Peeta, Gale, obviously, or Prim, Finnick, and Haymitch. It's a shame though, because Philip Seymour Hoffman was such a high caliber actor, I felt that he put Catching Fire up on another level.

Karina I read he filmed most of his scenes already.

Lilly Santiago Karina wrote: "I read he filmed most of his scenes already."

Thank God! I hope they can make due the best they can with what they have

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Linda It's so sad, tragic really. I think it would be degrading to be found in the bathroom like that.
I will miss seeing him act. him.

Lynne Stringer Yes, it's very tragic. He was a brilliant actor. Apparently he had a week's worth of shooting left to do. I think that would equate to about 15 minutes of screen time. Hopefully the scenes they had left to shoot weren't major ones and they will be able to do a quick rewrite and give them to another character.

Ronjaws Very sad, dude was a great actor, had kids, millions of dollars but felt the need to inject deadly drugs into his body.

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Maddie C. It's terrible

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Olivia Maddie wrote: "It's terrible"

yea that usually happens, with lots of diff actors, that out there from time to time.

Nirali That is quite sad. He was a good actor.

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