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message 1: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments Discuss your favorite books here

message 2: by Ilias (new)

Ilias Sci/FI: Lost Fleet Series, Star Carrier series
Fantasy: Dragonlance Chronicles
Other: Red Storm Rising

message 3: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments Ilias wrote: "Sci/FI: Lost Fleet Series, Star Carrier series
Fantasy: Dragonlance Chronicles
Other: Red Storm Rising"

I've never heard of those books before. I looked them up on this site and the Lost Fleet Series and Star Carrier series look pretty good. The Red Storm Rising book looks decent too.

message 4: by Ilias (new)

Ilias They are all of the "more action, less wordsmithing" type of writing that I favor.

message 5: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy R | 8 comments If you like books with action, you might like an author named Brent Weeks. All of his books are action filled, but if you want PURE action, read his "night angel trilogy."

message 6: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments Yes! The Black Prism can get a bit boring at times with politics, but it's worth it during the action parts. I can't really second the night angel trilogy yet because I am only 4% through the first one.

message 7: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy R | 8 comments Yeah, the Lightbringer trilogy is great. I thought that after the beginning of the Way of Shadows (maybe the first 75 pages), it got VERY good, and I ended up giving it five stars. Also, of you like Sci fi, "Ender's Game" is great.

message 8: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments Definitely read Enders game. It is such a good book throughout, no slow spots at all.

message 9: by Ilias (new)

Ilias Thanks for the suggestions!

I have several things that are instant negatives for me that include teenage or child protagonists, so Ender's game would not be a good choice of book for me. My tastes are pretty particular which explains why my favorite books are books very few people know.

Also I have seen the movie and once I know how it all ends I lose all interest. I will check out the other suggestions. I had stopped reading for a long time so I have a pretty big 'to read' list.

message 10: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments When you are reading Ender's game though it doesn't seem like a teenager even though he is. He is so smart that it seems like he is at least in his twenties. I understand though that now you know the ending you will not enjoy the book as much, I am the same way.

message 11: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy R | 8 comments Yeah, besides a very rough first 75 or so pages, Ender's Game is a very good book, filled with action. In my opinion, although the movie was good, it could not even near the greatness of the book. The entire "Battle School" thing is MUCH bigger in the book, filling up nearly two thirds of the pages. I enjoyed it very much... but I will not forcibly make anyone read it (that would be very hard to do via internet communication), even though I do suggest it.

Also, "Dune" and "Blood Song," are very good books (I personally enjoyed Blood Song more). Many people think that Dune is the best Sci Fi book ever (I enjoyed it, but thought it was kind of a want-to-be epic fantasy), where Blood Song is unique and very enjoyable. Blood Song constantly improves, getting better every page, and by about halfway it starts to really pick up. I would recommend that book strongly to anyone.

message 12: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments I haven't read either of those books yet, but they are both on my to-reads shelf.

message 13: by Ilias (new)

Ilias I have already seen Dune (and in my world that eliminates it as a potential read) but I will look into Blood Song.

message 14: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy R | 8 comments Yeah, I've never actually seen Dune, but I hear its as bad as it can get.

message 15: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments Wow, I didn't even know it was a movie

message 16: by Ilias (new)

Ilias There is a movie and a mini-TV series. Both made decades ago.

message 17: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments Maybe that is why it is as bad as it can get.

message 18: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy R | 8 comments Heh

message 19: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments One of my favorite books of all time is Amped by Daniel H. Wilson. It is such a good book that when I finished it couldn't read any other books for about a month without absolutely hating them. Another book that was really good, but not as good as Amped, is Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. It is a book about some people who turned into epics and have taken over the world. The epics are very hard to kill, but they haves these things called "weaknesses" (sorry, inside joke between some of my friends). The epics are evil and there is a group of people called the Reckoners who try and kill them. It's a fast book that is very enjoyable. Another one of my favorite books is the Black Prism, which has been talked about in this group before so I won't talk about it. My last favorite book is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It is a book about a child who has lost his father in 9/11 attack. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is not a science fiction book, but all the others are.

message 20: by Ilias (new)

Ilias I have seen the movie for "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"

message 21: by Ben (new)

Ben (auly2893) | 22 comments I read the book and watched the movie a while ago, and from what i remember, the movie is pretty true to the book. Although there is a side story that is not mentioned at all in the movie. But that is okay, because if they would have put the side story in it probably would have been rated R.

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