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Charrie time!

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Yay!!! Okay, we have to make really awesome characters.

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Okay, so, your the girl, im the guy?

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Yep. Here's my girl:

"I like to eat. Eating is my life, especially marshmallows. Those are the" ~Blake Winters

[ First Name ] Blake
[ Middle Name ] Marie
[ Last Name ] Winters
[ Alias ] Marshmallow girl, Chubby Bunny Champion

[ Age ] Eighteen [18]
[ POB ] Sydney, Australia
[ DOB ] April 11th

[ Gender ] Female
[ Nationality ] Australian
[ Sexuality ] Heterosexual

[ Appearance ]

Height 5'10"
Weight 130
Eye color Blake has bright blue eyes.
Hair color Blake has brown hair, which is usually curled or straightened.

[ Personality ] Blake is a big dork. She is goofball. As Blake would say, "I like eat marshmallows and watch High School Musical!!!!!!" Blake has had some tough times. Such as the time that her boyfriend dumped her. Yeah, she didn't handle it very well. Eh, she got over it and now she's a dork again. She is EXTREMELY sassy. "I'm not A dork, I'm THE dork!"

[ Issues ] Blake doesn't really have some issues. Well, okay, yes she does. She eats WAY too much food.

[ Habits/quirks ]
-Dancing like an idiot
-Watching High School Musical at any time possible
-Oh, and did I mention, eating?

[ Strengths ]
-Being sassy
[ Weaknesses ]
-Knowing when to shut up

[ History ] When she was 7, she moved to America after her parents died.

[ Occupation ] Blake is a model for Victoria's Secret. She loves her job and hopes to become one of the Victoria's Secret Angels.

[ Family ] Blake's parents died when she was little. She lives in a penthouse apartment by herself.

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{Name} August Xavier Green
{Nickname} Augi (He hates his nickname)

{Age} 20
{POB} LA, California
{DOB} July 7th

{Gender} Male
{Nationality} American
{Sexuality} Heterosexual


[Eyes] A bright hazel green that ever girl falls in love with.
[Hair] Light brown, wavy thick hair.
[Weight] 160 Lb
[Height] 6'3"

{Personality} August is a vary kind, shy guy. He tends to stay away from girls and keep to himself. He is vary sweet and loves all of his friends and family. He is vary protective, but in a different way. He liked to make people think he is big and tough, and since he does do that, he looks a little like a bad boy. He is vary loyal and likes to stick around people. He doesn't like much change.

{Issues} He has a small problem with driving, he likes to drive EVERYWHERE! He never walks, even to the gym, he drives.

o He likes driving
o He is a big nut about school work
o Sleeping
o Singing in the shower...and while he drives....and cooks....and cleans...

+ Smiling
+ Being quiet
+ Listening
+ Laughing

- Driving
- He cant stand anything dirty

{History} August was born into a pretty small family, at least it started that way. He had his mom, dad, and two older sisters. He loved being the little boy, he was spoiled and everyone loved him. He liked in a nice house with his parents. When he was 12, his parents had another kid, a little boy. August got vary jealous of the baby, he loved being the baby, but now he wasn't. He got used to his brother and grew to love him. One night, about two years later, his parents came home form a club all drunk. His parents started yelling at him and his siblings, he took his little brother to his room and told him to stay then went to help. That night his parents killed themselves, in front of him and his sisters. He started going to counseling along with his sisters. His oldest sister started taking care of everyone, with a little help from their aunt. Now, he still lives with his sisters and brother, in a small apartment. He is going to school to become a doctor.

{Occupation} August works at a few stores and a night club just to help with money, he is also working on being a doctor.

~Sister~Sierra Green~28~
~Sister~Lucy Green~22~
~Brother~Vincent Green~8~

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I love him!

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lol yay!

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Hehe I love Jack and Finn. Let's start!

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lol me too, Finn is my favorite :). yeah, you first?

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Same and sure!

Blake walked around the mall, deciding to go shopping before her photo shoot.

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August was leaning on the counted at Sears, his shift was almost over, then he had to run over ot Hot topic and start work there. he sighed heavily.

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She walked into Hot Topic, searching for something that was either Panic! At The Disco, Sherlock or Supernatural.

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August finely got off, he grabbed his stuff and ran out of the store into the mall, he ran over to hot topic and then ran into the back to change.

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She grabbed a Panic! sweatshirt and went to the changing room to try it on.

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August changed then came out, he walked over to the check out counter and started to help people, he looked flustered, he had to get home in an hour to make dinner.

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She walked out and went to the counter to pay.

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August smiled at her "hi, is that all?" He looked at what she had and smiled at her again.

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"Yeah." Blake nodded, smiling at him. "You look familiar! Do I know you? Hmm...maybe? I don't know. Do you know me? How would I know, I'm not you." She babbled.

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August smiled and chuckled lightly, he nodded "we were in school together, right?" He smiled and rung her up.

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"I believe so." She giggled.

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He smiled and nodded "yeah, how are you?" He smiled at her and told her her total.

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"I'm great. I have a career in modeling, I've got an apartment..." Blake handed him her credit card.

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He smiled and nodded "cool!" He swiped her card then handed it to her "I still live with my sisters and brother, and I'm working four jobs" he nodded.

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"I'm a model." She put the card in her wallet.

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he smiled and nodded "thats awesome" he handed her the bag "we should hangout sometime" he smiled

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Blake nodded, holding the bag. "Definitely. Here's my number." She handed him her number.

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August smiled "thanks" he in his pocket "I'll text you later" he nodded.

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She nodded and left to go to her photo shoot.

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((want to ff to that night?))

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August sat down after a long days work, he sighed and sat next to his little brother. He texted Blake Hi, want to come over? It's August

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She glanced at her phone, changing into jeans and a hoodie. yep

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August smiled and got up, he walked to his room to change okay, here is the address: ((the address))

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I'll be over in a few. And you better have marshmallows ;) She let her hair stay curled from the photo shoot and she got in the car.

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He changed into some skinny jeans with a Batman shirt and hightop converse.

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She drove to his house.

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He smiled and got ready for her, taking out all the marshmallows.

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She arrived and knocked on the door n

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August raced his brother to the door, he got there and opened it, he smiled at her "hey"

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"Hey!" Blake beamed happily.

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August smiled and opened the door the rest of the way "come in"

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She grinned and walked inside. "Nice place."

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He smiled "thanks" he closed the door.
A little version of August walked up "hi"

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"Hello!" She grinned widely.

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August sighed and looked at Vincent "this is my brother, Vincent" he ruffled his hair.

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"Nice to meet you, Vincent!" She smiled brightly.

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Vincent smiled and waved then ran off.
August smiled at her "sorry about him"

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"It's fine." She giggled n

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