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Here you can keep yourselves updated about Posy Roberts's North Star Series.

Please note, there may be some *spoilers* in this thread!

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Hi everyone! DSP was kind enough to set up a thread to discuss North Star. I'm Posy Roberts, and I'm here to answer questions if you have them, or to simply chat about Spark, Fusion, and Flare.

For those of you new to North Star, all three books revolve around the lives of Hugo Thorson and Kevin Magnus. Here's a little series blurb:

Hugo and Kevin knew they should be together all the way back in high school, but life took them in very different directions. When they have a chance to continue their relationship, life’s circumstances have other plans for them. But they know they are meant to be, so they fight for each other, and they will fight for the family they want to nurture together, even if the world around them doesn’t quite understand their “alternative” family and tries their best to keep them apart.

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Right now there are a few giveaways/contests going on for North Star books.

First, Mrs. Condit and Friends is giving away a copy of Flare. The deadline to enter is Feb 8th at 11pm CST. You can also read a review of Flare and an interview with Hugo, so click to comment and get entered.

Second, Prism Book Alliance has a contest ending February 6th. I shared an outtake I wrote of Hugo and Kevin in high school that will never make it in to any of my books. If you click and comment, you can have a chance to win either Spark, Fusion, Flare, or the YA adaptation of Spark, Private Display of Affection by Winter Sandberg.

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The giveaways are closed. Congratulations to Peaches and Jen!

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