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Tessy Onazi | 4 comments This book was published before 2007.

Its about a girl who was born into a tribe where women were regarded as more respected than men. They were the leaders of their tribe. It was in the time when Helen of Troy cheated on her husband and Achilles waged war on troy. Basically the girl was trained like the women of her tribe to become a warrior. She even had a good male friend who her mother advised her to mate with at the right time, I think his name was Tobi.

She had a black shiny stone that they called a special name which she found out later was the remains of a volcano. The women had the power to see their loved ones through their own mirrors. This was kept a secret till the girls become warriors. They always fought on horseback and people usually called them the amazon women. When this girl came of age, she had to give her mirror as well as a golden bracelet i think Tobi gave her before he went off to a foreign land. They used this and her stone to make her mirror. They lived on lands not far from Troy so they helped Troy fight Achilles. The tribe was led by her grandmother who gave leadership of the warriors to her right hand woman who was younger and more experienced in war and the best warrior they had. They went to war and in a one-to-one match…the leader fought Achilles (he never knew it was a woman until he killed her because they fought with helmet/masks on). They were more skilled with their swords on horseback but the leader made the mistake of fighting on foot and thats why she died...
I think the girl's name starts with an 'M', maya or something, she became the next leader warrior and her Tobi came back. They helped to rescue the hostages out of troy before achilles could finish the job and in doing so, a fight ensued and Tobi got killed. The girl was strong about it because she knew she was going to become a mother soon.

Its an epic novel with fight scenes and it showed how the girl became a strong warrior. There was even a chapter in the book, if i can remember well, called: The Firefly. They also had a tradition in the tribe where the warriors always danced around a fire under a full moon.

The cover of the book is black and brown with the moon or half-moon above, and in the bottom half, about 6 women dressed in leather armoury in different dance positions. The title has something to do with Epic: Moon Dancers or Moonlight Dancer or something like that.


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Michele | 280 comments The Moon Riders (Moon Riders, #1) by Theresa Tomlinson The Moon Riders by Theresa Tomlinson looks like it. There is a second book also.

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Tessy Onazi | 4 comments YAY!!!!!! OMG!!! you are a blessing. Thank you soo very much. wow. this is sooo amazing. You're blessed. Yes i would like the second novel too. I appreciate this.

Thanks!! xoxoxo

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