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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) This is where the darkest parts of the forest are found.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) The carriage arrives and Roy steps out, a blank expression on his face as he stares into the darking.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Johnson follows his sire out of the carriage.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy looks into the darkness of the cave and sighs, throwing up a ball of light to follow them as he walked in.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "That's handy." He smirks as he looks at the ball of light.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) "Indeed" he whispers before gasping as he heard a scream. He ran through the cave, not caring if he followed. He met the end of it just in time to see a knife go through Selsa's heart as she laid on a table covered in candles. He furrowed his eyebrows as he ran to her, kicking the guys knife out of his hand.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Johnson follows him easily and sees the whole thing. I don't think this will bod well with my sire.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) There were several men surrounding him as he looked up, tears in his eyes. He closed his eyes and when he opened them they were completely white as he threw a knife through the main man's head. He began fighting furiously, throwing knives and using his martial arts as streaks of light trailed behind him. He threw a knife into a man who was trying to escapes leg and jumped on top of him, "Where is she?!" he yelled.

"I-I don't know who your talking about" he stuttered and grunted in pain as he pulled it out and stabbed it through his arm, "She went away! She wont return for another nine months! Please spare me" he cried.

Roy chuckled as he took out the knife and stabbed it through his chest, tears mixing with the man's blood as he panted.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Johnson set a hand gentle on the boy's back. "Sire."

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy furrowed his eyebrows as a tear fell down his cheek, he made his face blank as he stood up, his pale white cheeks stained with blood as the tear made its way further down his cheek. He looked up at Johnson, not even glancing at Selsa, his eyes still shining bright white.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Come." He says to the boy

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy approaches him, the tear still making its way down his cheek as he looks into his eyes. His face still blank as he blinked.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) He wiped his sire's cheek with his thumb. "You can show some emotion." He says looking down into his eyes.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) He looks at Selsa, "She doesn't have a soul anymore. I couldn't sense it..." he trails in a whisper, still not showing any sign of emotion.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Before you killed the man, he said that she would return in nine months." He says looking to the girl on the table.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) "Yes... I didn't exactly listen..." he wiped some of the blood on his cheek.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "And by the looks to the table, if we move her, she would never return." He says looking back at the boy.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) "I don't want her to return. Once dead she can never really return..." he sighed as another tear went down his cheek.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) He nods his head.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) He sighed, "Come back and bury her body later, I-I can't look at her... not like this..." he whispered.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Yes sire." He bows his head. "Shall we go?"

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) "Y-Yes..." he nodded with a sigh as he held back his threatening tears.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) He follows him out of the cave and to the carriage.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy gets into the carriage, his face still covered in blood as he sat down, his eyes wide as he held back tears.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) He gets in and pulls out a hanky. He wiped the boys face lightly. "Cry."

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy closes his eyes and lets the tears fall, even though his face remained blank the tight feeling in his chest only grew. Must remain strong...

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Johnson sighs and felt a bit hurt at his sadness. He shook his head once and wiped his tears. The contract still isn't fullfilled even with his sister found.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) "I know that your eager to feed, and I acknowledge that the contract is half over. But this doesn't change anything... Whether Selsa is alive or dead the angel will die..." he whispers.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "I know this." He says before tapping the mark on his neck. "This is the proof of that I will always remember."

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) He nods, a few more tears coming out of his eyes as he stared down, "Despite the matter I will remain strong, there is no need to wallow in my own self pity when I can be doing something about it" he whispers almost to himself.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Johnson smiles. "Of course and there is always time for pleasure too."

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) He furrows his eyebrows, "Can't you do anything but flirt?!" he yelled as he stared into his eyes with a cold expression.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) He winces slightly. "You wound me sire." He says

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy's eyes glowed as he remembered the knife going through her chest. He closed his eyes as he sat back, "Your a demon, it's rare for you to feel wounded, how have I wounded you?" he whispered.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "You miss judge my tactics." He says and sits next to him

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) "I am only human, it is my job to assume" he whispers as he is oblivious to his swift movement.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "I helped get your mind off of curtain things." He says in his ears.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy gasped as he opened his eyes and looked into Johnsons, startled by the breath down his neck.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "I mean you can't really deny that I did that." He smiles seductively.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy nodded his head in agreement, a red blush appearing on his pale white cheeks.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) He kisses his mark and pats his head.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy shakes his head slightly, He is a demon, he only wants your soul...

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) He kisses his cheek and then his forehead, letting his lips linger there.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy keeps his expression blank, unaffected by the kiss. He knew that the demon was only after his soul.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "You still are no fun." He mutters before leaning back.

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Roy glances up at him, "I don't see the point in fun. I am on a mission, I don't need to have fun. I don't deserve it either. I could've made it on time" he whispered.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) So not cute. He stares out the window

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) The carriage reaches the manor with a sharp jolt. "I desire to bathe once we get inside." he whispered.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Mind if I join you?" He teases.

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