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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex Michael | 1 comments Hello One and All,
Besides John Gribbin’s “The Alice Encounter” which I had the pleasure of reading recently are there any other good Sci-fi novels and stories that deal with dark matter or dark energy?

Best regards,

Alex Michael Bonnici

PS Here is my customer review of "The Alice Encounter"

John Gribbin's novel "The Alice Encounter" is a first rate novel with many original ideas. It is the first novel I have ever had the pleasure to read that deals with the possibility of humanity making first contact with a totally alien species composed of Dark Matter (or Alice Matter).This novel only scratches the surface of a saga that I feel has much potential scope to be expanded into a possible trilogy. It is my deepest hope that Dr. John Gribbin takes up this challenge and creates for us an Alice Encounter Trilogy that opens for his loyal readers the other 96% of the Universe to our collective imaginations. Lets all explore the Dark Universe together. Over to you Dr. Gribbin.

message 2: by David (new)

David (davidbrandt) | 105 comments Thanks for telling about Gribbin's book.

I had wondered about dark matter / energy SF after reading Mike Brotherton's Spider Star. Much of that novel takes place in (normal matter) structures anchored to a spot in space supposedly by a clump of dark matter. Yet, the book merely uses "dark matter" to mean an invisible thing-a-ma-jig that lets you work in space without zero-G. It was disappointing in that it didn't go further into the science or speculation about dark mater.

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