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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) | 912 comments Mod
I know all of you ARC people want to rant. So go ahead.

Joanna | 609 comments OMG!!!!!! Sean.....my man......what the hell is wrong with u???? Have you been involved with black the entire time?? What have you done???

Mel...I swear to God....you have to make some time for me...this has to happen!!!!

Chanteal Justice | 14 comments I totally agree. Another fiancé ?

Joanna | 609 comments Seriously!!!! WTF????? I'm so lost and confused now!!!! Mari came in and that was really surprising!!! Maybe that's to kick off the release of the Trystan Scott novel!! But yeah....totally messed up. I never thought this would be a possibility!

Teri Okay, Sean has to have something up his sleeve!!! The other fiancé just doesn't make sense.. But then, with the box incident and what he was going to tell her... Who the hell knows!!! I said, the WTF moments are back!!!!!!!!

Tobi (tob413) | 42 comments OK....Spoiler alert...PEOPLE......Hush.............Ranting In One thing But.......OMG.........Im Just Speechless............The BLK thing Yes Wow....Mari Shocker...Lead into Trystan Awesome.....The Extra B!!!!!...Yeah....WOW....so Yes...Holy Is AWESOME.....worth the WAIT....

Teri Have you guys read Trystan's books?? I feel like I wouldn't be able to enjoy them after reading about him in the Ferro books... Thoughts???

Joanna | 609 comments I think that we're never going to know where the story is going!! It's one crazy crazy ride that's for sure! I'm in the process of rereading it now. I. At the part where she just woke up and they're in her dorm room. I feel like this is planned by the way Sean is reacting to her. I'll be back once I finish!

Tobi (tob413) | 42 comments Yeah Trystan and Jonathan they all Mesh....

Joanna | 609 comments I just reread the whole Trystan series! They are great! Not on the same level as The Arrangement because they are young adult and it's a high school setting, but they are really good. I love them. If you want to get the background on Trystan (who is also in Stripped) and Mari then you should read them. Just get the omnibus collection tho. It's cheaper than buying each one separately.

Debbie Ballard | 10 comments Loved it, loved it, loved it, can't wait for the next one. I do not believe that Sean is involved with Black; he was just playing along for Avery's sake. I do not know what Black is up to or why Sean acted like he did......wow!

message 12: by Sue (new)

Sue Dayoub | 11 comments This one was an OMG moment from the beginning though I do have faith in Sean. Mari surprised me becoming what she became, f you read that book it wasn't what she wanted to do. Let's pray H.M. Ward stays healthy 14 can't come soon enough.

Joanna | 609 comments Yeah, I reread it and I still have no words.....I need to ponder this for a few days to try and make sense of it all!

Brandy | 1 comments what the hell is Sean doing??? ugh

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Tobi (tob413) | 42 comments Sue wrote: "This one was an OMG moment from the beginning though I do have faith in Sean. Mari surprised me becoming what she became, f you read that book it wasn't what she wanted to do. Let's pray H.M. Ward ..."

I agree...Glad to see you comply with the NO OUT Rule,......

Joanna | 609 comments Hey Mel, no I haven't. I did on email, which only shows me the first line. I'll go read it, my son was here and I was trying to help get him out the door with everything he came with!

Sheri | 40 comments I am not buying it! There is no way
(view spoiler)

Joanna | 609 comments I still think he knew what was going to happen, but what was he trying to tell her, and flat out WHY? That's my biggest question right now.

Joanna | 609 comments My why refers to him actually allowing it to happen. Does Black still have dirt? And the photo means more I feel, and I feel like some of what he aside fore "the box" were clues. He probably did something while she was in the shower so she wouldn't be suspicious. 14 can't come soon enough!!!

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Tobi (tob413) | 42 comments @Joanne...There Is Sooooooo Much We Havent Figured out Sean Is Hiding Shit...MARTY?Black?Sean...WTH?Im just still Speechless.....

Joanna | 609 comments I know......I know.......I've now read it twice and can't figure it out. He is my man, so I must have faith. I'm with Mel, there has to be a bigger picture we can't see yet. It's got to be torture for him......if it's not, he's a psychotic bastard.

I started thinking that maybe there's a family illness. Without meds these boys are nuts! Look at Bryan! Maybe there's a bipolar connection. Probably not, but I can't stop analyzing! This happens a couple of books back and it's never good...I don't know how to stop! Hahaha!

Joanna | 609 comments Meant to say I started with the over analyzing a couple of books back...when we thought Mel might be dead. I did call the Henry Thomas and Amanda connection though, along with a couple of other people. However, I don't remember previous books saying that Amanda had actually given birth. I thought she was still pregnant when she was killed/ committed suicide (I think not-as in I don't think she killed herself).

message 23: by Sue (new)

Sue Dayoub | 11 comments That baby thing confused me too

Joanna | 609 comments I know...glad I'm not the only one.

Sheri | 40 comments Me too!

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Virginia Jawor mccully | 39 comments Omg! what just happened! That can't be true about Sean

Misty Mitchell | 8 comments I mean it can't be right, RIGHT! There has to be a simple answer to all this. It isn't what I'm thinking right. Come on someone tell me I didn't just read that. I must be dreaming! Hahaha I don't know what to think.

Misty Mitchell | 8 comments Bahaha I need it I'm still in shock.

Colette (cricket27) | 1 comments Sue wrote: "This one was an OMG moment from the beginning though I do have faith in Sean. Mari surprised me becoming what she became, f you read that book it wasn't what she wanted to do. Let's pray H.M. Ward ..."

I swear this just hit me. I knew she sounded familiar & BAM! There it is! Ah, I'm in the sh*t now!

Joanna | 609 comments Hahahaha!! Welcome to club cray cray!!

Misty Mitchell | 8 comments (view spoiler) Omg I'm so confused. Hahaha

Kelly Conrad | 4 comments I don't understand why would he let her go and I don't think he's bothered about the fiancée in California otherwise he would have gone back to her and how come nobody in is family know!!! Aargh my head hurts

message 33: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Paschal | 1 comments I really think the fiance in California things is b/s. I really think and I have to believe Sean has a plan plan and loves Avery and in order to protect her and put a plan in action he needed her to listen to him and do as he said. The only way Avery EVER does anything without putting up a fight had been when she was best to her lowest. He has something up his sleeve she and us just have to trust Sean will do the right thing and Holly won't kill the image we all have of him :) on a side note I hated Bryan tonight because he kept calling Avery a hooker...what was up with that?

message 34: by Sue (new)

Sue Dayoub | 11 comments Courtney I have to agree he does always seem to have a plan and I thnk the California thing was just to give Avery doubt so Black would have more control over her. Have much faith in Sean also n Gabe

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Kyla Mcclinchey | 9 comments Just finished reading it. OMG. I can't believe he did that to Avery. I think Sean set the whole thing up. He is a sick sick man. He paid Black for the whole experience. But I don't think he thought he would really fall in love with Avery. That was a twist to the story I was not exspecting.

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Wow!! Can't wait for 14!! Wish it was a little longer!! ;) but loved the POV from Sean!!!

Misty Mitchell | 8 comments Melania I think your right, I still have faith in Sean. He has something up his sleeve. (view spoiler)

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MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) | 912 comments Mod

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Cara | 1 comments I just feel disappointed with Sean :(

Luisa Andrade | 25 comments Looks like Tristan and Mari the are not together to bad ... I like them as a couple ,,,Sean I don't know what to think ..why is he doing this ...I need nbr 14 soon .. This is going to drive me nuts know

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Wow!!!! I need 14!!! There has to be more going on....didn't see this one coming!!! Loved it!!

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Rosa Tavares | 25 comments Sean Sean WTF another @@@@ in California I can't believe it. Why doesn't Black leave Avery alone, where is Mel. I also thought that Amanda was pregnant when she killed herself...I'm confused, I believe Black has something to do with Amanda's killing or even had a relationship with Sean in the past. I need AR NOW!!!

Nicki Caldwell | 51 comments Total WTF! I think Amanda was pregnant and that she gave birth early at home alone. That may be why she called him to come home. I also believe that the baby was Henry's and that is why she killed herself. For some reason I think Black has some connection to his family (maybe his mother's side of the family). But for right now I am just pissed off!

Jennifer Duncan | 2 comments completely frustrated right now......so need 14 right now and am becoming totally mind blown as Ward keeps drawing other characters in from other's past.

Joanne Martinez (joannelynchmartinez) | 12 comments Ms. Ward is great at spinning her web. She really has caught us all up in it. We just don't know which way to feel. What to think. Amazing at what she does. We are all confused....lol lol. She is a master of illusion!

Joanne Martinez (joannelynchmartinez) | 12 comments Hugs, thanks I needed that.....lol

Rosanna Grullon | 2 comments I agree with you Nicki...Henry must have something to do with Amanda's....but Ward surprised me again....SHE'S THE BEST...LOVE ALL HER BOOKS. can't wait for 14.

Paola | 176 comments Ok, I've read a couple of comments and I've made up my mind... I'm not reading this until 14 comes along.
I can't deal with all the wtf's lol

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SLH | 8 comments Omg! What is going on?! I can't believe how holly can take the story in so many directions! Just when I think I have an idea about what is going on, another twist. You are brilliant holly!! I haven't found another author that keeps me so desperate for their next book!! Can't wait for #14!!!

Tracy Perry | 195 comments Holy Hell!!! I'm in a state of shock & in tears!! WTF SEAN??? UGH... Don't know what to think!! AR 14 better not take too long b/c I can't handle this!! I'm in total book hangover mode & need hugs for sure.

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