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There are 10 districts of this country.
District 1- All types of genres, but only YA.
District 2- All types-- of genres, and YA and Adult.
District 3- Books like TMI and TID. Bestsellers mainly!
District 4- Picky genres of YA.
District 5- Picky genres of Adult.
District 6- Books about subjects only (horses, inspiration etc)
District 7- Children's Books.
District 8- Biographies/Inspriational Books.
District 9- Fiction/Fantasy/Dystopian Books (any one, two or all)
District 10- Only true-life stories.

I am a hybrid of District 1 and 3. What about you?

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Gemma | 11 comments I'm hybrid. I'm District 9,5,3.

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Well, District 4 is about people who can read all types of book, but with picky insights. Get it?

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