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Resolution. A firm decision to do or not do something. Every year on New Years, people around the world make resolutions for the coming year. It can be something as simple as trying to compliment their self every day or as difficult as trying to stop smoking. Some are kept and some are broken, but they are always something that they want to change in their life. Some people refuse to make a New Years resolution, because they believe it will only be broken; but even these people have things in their life that they wish to stop or start doing.

Many things have changed in Storybrooke this year with the curse breaking. Old memories have returned and new ones have stayed in place. Certainly there must be many a resolution being made all throughout the town for the holiday. For this writing prompt you will be writing about your character’s resolution, whether it is for the new year or something else altogether. This prompt can be answered in any way you see fit. Drabble, self-para, script, inner dialogue, etc etc.

This prompt is optional for all members of The Distance RPG, and is not required for an activity check. You don’t have a certain time frame to finish. Think of it as a way to develop your character further! Have a little fun! Any questions, comments, etc.

Please make your own thread for your writing activity! Please say that this is a writing prompts along with the tittle. EX: Flynn Rider… Writing Prompt… This week; Resolution.

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Dream. A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. Nearly everyone in the world has experienced what it is like to dream, whether it is a pleasant encounter or a nightmare you can’t seem to shake. Some people believe that these events that take place in your mind during slumber are actually a recollection of past events, or your mind producing psychic images of the future. The latter happens to be one of the many explanations for Déjà vu, though not proven by anyone scientifically. Regardless, there has been a time where a dream has really spoken to all of us, and the people of the Enchanted Forest are not entirely exempt from this fact.
This week’s prompt is shaped around the word ‘Dream’. Surely your character has encountered many dreams in their lifetime, whether it be memories of their old life surfacing through Storybrooke, or perhaps they were placed under a sleeping curse in the Enchanted Forest? What were the details of this dream? Was it pleasant or a nightmare? How does your character feel about the events that took place? Are they more willing to believe in rumors of a Dark Curse, which was supposedly created to trap them in Storybrooke? Perhaps this served as more of a reason for them to shut down the idea and preserve whatever life they have left in the quiet town. This prompt can be answered in any way you see fir. Drabble, self-para, script, inner dialogue, etc etc.

This prompt is optionally for all members of Once Upon A Time… A Twisted Fairytail, and is not required for an activity check.

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