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Jayline Dunkley: 46
Robbie Dunkley: 47
Hudson Phillips: 17
Sayor Dunkley: 16

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Sayor sighed as they pulled up to her house. Yelling could be heard from inside the car, and Sayor knew her dad had probably gotten so drunk, he uh brought a girl home....and uh....yeah. While her mom was gone. And then when she was world war six. Six because this was happened four times. Honestly, Sayor wanted them to split already. Then she wouldn't have to deal with them at the same time. "Home sweet home.." she whispered softly, giving Nathan's hand a small squeeze. She needed to draw as much strength as she could from his presence. Because she was lacking it after her parents last visit. Sayor didst want to go inside. At all. She wanted her knight in shining armour to offer to come with her or something so she wouldn't have to face them alone. Hudson motorcycle wasn't in the driveway, and Sayor knew he left when things got hot. A loud crash came from the house and Saypr knew her mother had broken yet another vase in her fit of rage. "Well....this is me."

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E M M A Nathaniel cringed, his dad and him sharing a wide eyes glance. "You can't go in there...!" He whispered, terrified. "You can come somewhere, with me. They'll hurt you!" His tone was frantic, urgent. He wanted to cut off her presence from her parents. Or that's what they called themselves, anyway. "Sayor..." He trailed off pleadingly, squeezing her hands. He was never one to feel so strongly about something, so angry.

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Sayor shook her head. She had already taken up so much of their time....she didnt want to be a burden. "Nathan Its-" She was cut off by another loud crash, swearing and a young lady who looked like twenty one came running out of the house, tears flowing down her face. "Ew. Ok. Yeah. Lets go." she agreed. Apparently this one didn't get out as fast as the others did. "That's disgusting." She muttered. Her dad was forty seven. This lady didn't look a day over twenty one. Her dad was sick. And her mom was a dragon lady who only cared about herself. Sayor scooted closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. "Why are my parents so awful?" She asked softly, playing with his fingers.

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E M M A Nathaniel's dad gave a slight disapproving gasp, whisking the two out of the Dunkley driveway to turn back. "I don't know, sayor," he said honestly, wiggling his fingers in Sayors. He leaned into her, wanting I comfort her about her insane family. Nobody deserved it, and nathanielfelt even worse because of the way his family was compared to hers. It should be flipped. "Where to?" He asked gently, in an attempt to get her mind off things.
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((Haha I know the feeling. just sign out of GR until its done. It might make it go faster.))

Sayor sighed, wondering how her parents ever fell in love, and why they had her? Why didn't she get put up for adoption? Like Dez? Why didn't Hudsons parents step in when they had the chance? Sayor measured his large hand with hers, seeing who's was biggest. Obviously it was Nathans. Sayors small, delicate hand was almost over powered by his...but she didn't mind. She liked it. She continued messing with his fingers, smiling lightly to herself. "Anywhere but home." she said softly. She hated her house, family (except Hudson) and everything in it. At least she hadn't been physically abused. Just...mentally and emotionally. That's where all the walls and hidden feelings came from. She hid it all. She hid it all so it wouldn't be used against her.

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E M M A ((I know :/ most of its done, just need To find quotes!!! I did laundry for a while, because in dreading this essay!))

Nathaniel looked up toward his dad, who had stoppe at the end of the street I wait for instructions. He was surprised that his father had been so kind so far, as he normally wouldn't give Nathan rides anywhere he wanted. Was it pity for sayor? Or a sense of protectiveness over his only blood child? Was he afraid of losing his son to a girl? Of his baby growin up? Nathaniel measured his hand against Sayors petite an slender hand. The fingers moved, interlocking perfectly with Sayors. They were built for each other, obviously. He kissed her forehead understandingly, his father averting his eyes in the rear view mirror. Nathaniel suggested a place he had in mind, looking to sayor for approval.
((Where to?))

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((I had to write two small essays but like could not focus. So I put my phone and stuff away, and just focused on that. Got it done in an hour!! ;D))

Sayor couldn't believe how despicable her parents were. Like her dad....getting drunk and taking advantage of girls 20 years younger than him? Her mother, calling her daughter a slut and telling her that she should just go die. how can people live with themselves. Sayor smiled up at him, loving how good their hands fit together. "Your hand is like humungo compared to mine." She said, giggling. "But they fit perfectly." She closed her eyes when he kissed her forehead, drinking in everything that was Nathan. She didn't notice the look her dad had given them, to wrapped up in her love life. "Uh...I don't know. You choose this time. I picked Lunch." She didn't want to choose everything. She wanted to do some stuff that Nathan wanted to do too.

((Uh..we could do the movies...maybe they could go to like a beach? or the lake? OR BOWLING! they should go bowling.))

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E M M A ((I'm not a big fan of bowling:/ can we do ice skating!!!! OMG I went last night with my youth group and I was the only one who couldn't skate xD there were some pretty attractive guys there...! One skated by himself and offered to help me up <3 after an embarassing fall-.-

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((Yesssss lets do Ice skating! I am so bad at it. Like not kidding. I almost always twist my ankle!!))

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E M M A ((Okay!!! ))

"Humongo? More like you're hands are tiny!" He retorted, enveloping both of his hands between his. "I hope you like ice skating," he murmured, smiling at the fond memories he had of his childhood in Michigan. The small lake by his house always froze over, and they could skate all winter. "Or is skating too much for you?" He frowned, squeezing her hands. His dad turned in the direction of the ice rink, driving slowly in case the two changed their mind. They had only lived here a year or two, but Nath was already a regular they knew. As winter drew closer, he ached for the Michigan winters versus the warm LA ones.

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Sayor giggled, scooting closer to him, grinning. "Ok. I'll give you that. My hands are unnaturally small." She liked this. This whole cuddling and hand holding. She didn't know how his dad felt about it though. And judging by the looks he sent through the rear view mirror, he didn't like it. At all. "Yeah. As long as you catch me before I fall and die." She said with a small smile, squeezing his hand back. Being in he hospital for so long, made it really had for her to get out and ice skate...she had probably been like twice, and roller skating once. She knew she was not going to walk out of here unharmed. She got excited as they pulled up to the skating rink, practically bouncing up and down in her seat. "Thankyou Mr. H." She said with a grin, patting his shoulder. "Don't worry about picking us up. I'll have my cousin bring us my car." She said as she climbed out of the car. Almost skipping into the building.

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E M M A ((Posted on ice rink!))

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E M M A Upon hearing her daughter's frustrating, whiny voice downstairs, Mrs. Dunkley slammed her laptop shut. "Sayor Dunkley-!" She screeched from upstairs, crossing her arms across her chest. "What is my rule regarding boys, Sayor?" She raised her eyebrows, looking down menacingly from the bridge of her nose. Sayor had been out with the pathetic scrawny boy, with those hideous braces on his teeth. Why would anyone want to kiss that anyway? By the looks of it, it didnt seem like he was wealthy, or well known. He was out.

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Sayor sighed, running her fingers through her light brown hair. She had no clue what the rule was! Crap! She was going to make her mom even more mad if she was wrong. "Wealthy or nothing." She said softly, completely guessing. With a start she remember she hadn't given Nathan his sweatshirt back. Aw shoot. Now her mom was going to use that against her as well. "Mom. Riches don't matter to me. I-I love him." She said softly, her voice barley audible. She was done for. A gonner. Totally. Sayor felt small, weak, helpless under her mothers hard gaze. Her mom was the only person who could make her feel so.....worthless. Even her dad wwsnt that bad. Sayor couldn't remember a time when he wasn't drunk. She proffered him over her very sober mother. Which is depressing.

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E M M A "WEALTHY, OR NOTHING...!" She repeated, her voice booming around the house, echoing off the walls. She began to descend, eyeing with disgust the oversized Michigan High School XC sweatshirt. Of course. "And what on earth is this? Take it off, give it to me. Now." Jay line ordered, her hand outstretched. The filthy scum. She felt like she had been slapped at the next words that had been spouted out of Sayors big mouth. "Ex-cuse me, young lady?" She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She was in for it now. "Don't talk back to me! You have no right to tell me what matters and what doesn't! Rules are rules! You've already wasted enough of my precious money, and you can't pay it back! The least you could do is date someone of high status, not disgrace this family even more!" She screeched, her fists ruled tightly.

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Sayor flinched when her mother yelled, her head had begun to ache. This was exactly the kind of stress the doctor told her to avoid. Sayor shook her head. "No." she was sick and tired of being pushed around, yelled at, treated like dirt. it was time to take charge of her own life. "No. Excuse you. This is my life. I am sick and tired of being pushed around by you! I can date who I want! You can't tell me how to live. Its my choice! i am sorry for being sick all the time! You think I like it? Because I don't!" She shouted back, her face turning little pale. If she died, it would be all her mothers fault. Just saying. sayor braced herself for what was coming next. She was in trouble. In fact, she wouldn't be surprise if her mother slapped her. But Sayor was so sick and tired of taking beating after beating. It was time to stand.

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E M M A Jayline could feel her head exploding, swear words ready to fly left and right. "Go to your room! Go! I don't want to see you again! Go to your room, you're not allowed to see that twerp!" She screeched, yanking at Sayors new sweatshirt with angry tears welling in her eyes. Why did she have to be so unfortunate to have such a child? Why couldn't sayor be like Hudson? "I am your MOTHER, you listen to me! I kept you alive, taking you to appointment after appointment, paying bill after bill! You think We can afford that?!" She howled, a long slender finger pointing up at the stairs. "Go. And give me your phone," she hissed, her voice low and menacing.

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Sayor moved out of her mothers grasp. "You can't make me. Its my choice. Not yours." She insisted, staring into those cold, heartless blue eyes that were her mothers. She wasn't giving in anymore. This was her life. She wanted to live it the way she wanted. Sayor felt tears spring into her eyes as she handed over her phone. "You are not my mother." She said coldly, before walking up the stairs, feeling tears run down her cheeks. She walked up two flights of stairs to her small attic bedroom, holding in the tears the best she could. She couldn't handle this anymore. She was done with it. With everything. She walked over to the small wall phone Hudson had fixed for her, the hidden one her mom didn't know about. She dialed Nathan number, tears flowing freely down her face. She let out soft sobs, her body shaking with each one. She needed him more than ever right now. She couldnt do this on her own. She needed him.

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E M M A Sayors mother went as far to snatch the phone and storm into the other room, throwing it against the wall and letting it bounce and clatter to the floors, not checking for damage. She left the house in a hurry, desperate to get her mind off of her daughter.

Nathan was halfway home, when his phone rang loudly in his pocket. "Hello?" He answered, still thinking about ice skating with sayor as he walked, the street lights and car lights the only guidance for his way home as the city came less dense.

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Sayor let out a soft sob, holding the phone tightly to her ear. "N-nathan?" She whispered, her voice shaky. She had to tell him, but she didn't know how he would react. He probably would agree with her mother and leave. Saying he wasn't good enough, not knowing it was the other way around. She held the phone close as she slid down the wall, hugging her knees to her chest as she softly cried. She hated this. Hated feeling so useless, so....stupid. Like a baby. She heard aloud crash, and a loud slam of the door as her mom left. She needed him badly, but had no way to get to him. She just wanted to hear him talk for a while. Hear him try to comfort her. She knew that she wasn't done facing her mom. That was round one in the many that it would take to gain her freedom.

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E M M A Nathan was alarmed by hiccuping breaths on the other end, Sayors voice filling the speakers. He stoppe in his tracks, a sinking feelin in his stomach. "Sayor! Are you okay? What's wrong? Are you safe?" He asked quickly, turning back in the other direction and walking swiftly while he clutched the phone with terror. Sayors cries made his heart wrench, feeling awful he hadnt stayed with her. What could possibly be wrong?

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Sayor shook her head, knowing he had turned around to come and rescue her. "No Nathan. Don't come. I'm safe....I just...I need you. I just need to hear you tell me that everytime gonna be Ok. That we'll be Ok." she said softly, her voice cracking in the middle of her sentence. He couldn't come. That would be dangerous for him. Her mom would probably call the cops and accuse Nathan of assaulting Sayor. And than he would get thrown in jail because her mom always gets what she wants. Even if she has to play dirty. Her shoulders shook lightly with each new sob. She needed him so was insane. But she needed her mom out of her life even more.

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E M M A ((Should he or no?))

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((Idk. That is a good question. If he did, that would add more drama! It's up to you! ;) ))

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E M M A Nathan broke off into a sprit, determined to reach his girlfriend. "Baby, what happened! What's going on, what's the matter? Everything will be okay, sayor, I'm coming, I'll take care of you, I'll get you out if there!" Nathan shouted through the phone, looking like a mad man running on the streets while trying to talk on the phone. It didnt take him long to find Sayors neighborhood, which he had luckily been only a few minutes away from. Her crying made him be even more concerned, having never dealt with a crying friend before.

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Sayor heard his breath get heavier on the phone, and knew exactly what he was doing. "Nathan. Please. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from me." She whispered, the tears coming down harder. She trembled as she clung to the phone, just like she clung to his arm at that skate rink. She was scared. Scared of losing him because of her mother. Scared of losing him for bringing him into her messed up life. Scared of losing him because she was too..clingy. "Nathan. Please." She begged softly, willing him not to come. But it probably just made it worse. Finally, when she knew he wasn't going to turn around, she hung up, burying herself into his sweatshirt, tears streaming down her face. Finally, after what seemed like years of anxious waiting, there was a pounding at the door. Sayor stood, walking down the two flights of stairs shakily, her body visibly trembling. She pulled open the door, the tears still pouring down her face.

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E M M A Nathan arrived panting at Sayors doorstep, and swung the girl up in his arms as soon as she opened the door. "Sayor, I'm here, sh..." He whispered, his arms gripping her tightly. He shut the door behind him, leaning back against it to hug sayor to his chest. Her tears wet his shoulder, soaking through to his tshirt as she cried. It broke his heart to see her in such a state, and Nathan wondered what he could do to help her feel better. "Sayor, it's okay, I promise," he murmured, rubbing Sayors back firmly to stop her shaking. What could the dragon lady possibly have said?

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Sayor buried.her face.into his chest, letting it all out. She trembled in his arms, her body shaking, almost as if she was shivering. That was the problem. He was there. She was going to loose him if her mother found out. They couldn't be out in the open like this. Sayor shook her head as soon as he said it was Ok. Because it wasn't Ok. And it won't be Ok. She backed out of his arms, tears streaming down her face. No. He couldn't be with her. She would just end up hurting him. "No. No it's not Ok. She's going to hurt you Nathan. I-I can't let that happen. You have to go." She said, trembling. It was obvious that that was the opposite of what she wanted him to do. She was just so wasn't Ok. Sayor let out a soft sob, hiding her face in her hands. She had never, ever cried this much before. That's how much he ment to her. She couldn't loose him.

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E M M A Nathan gaped as sayor wriggled away from him, her eyes red and puffy from crying. "Sayor..." He breathed, tears pricking in his own eyes. She was letting her mother get between them? Dragon lady wouldn't win this one, not on Nathan's watch. "Sayor, why are you letting her do this? I can take care of myself, I promise," he whispered, taking slow steps towards sayor. He didnt give two cents what her mother thought of him, what shed do. He was only a kid, and his parents would take good care of Sayors mom if she so much as laid a hand on him. "I'm not going anywhere," Nathan said stubbornly, crossing his arms. Sayor meant the world to him. He wasn't going away without a fight.

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Sayor took a shaky breath, looking up at him, tears flowing down her face. She looked so...broken. Torn in half. She could just give in and go running into his arms, but he would get hurt. Or she could stay away....but she would get hurt. Her mom gets everything she wants. No matter what it takes. In fact, Sayor is almost positive that her mother hired someone to kill Hudsons parents, just so she could be his 'mom' "I-I can't load you. She will stop at nothing to take you away. I promise that your parents don't stand a chance." She said, watching as he stepped closer to her. She wanted to move, get away from him so he wouldn't get hurt. But her body didn't listen. It didn't move at all. "I can't loose you." Her tears came down a little faster, if that was possible. She dropped down onto the stairs, feeling useless, worthless. Any nice guy wasn't right for her according to her mom. She had do date absolute trash in order for her to be happy. Sayor wanted Nathan.....but didn't want him to get hurt. which felt like an impossible wish.

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E M M A "I don't care, sayor-!" He began to let his tears fall, his voice breaking every time he tried to talk. He couldn't believe something like this was happening. He sunk to the stairs with sayor, his arms wrapped protectively around her body, his chest heaving with sobs. "I love you, I can't let you go," he shuddered, his eyes burning from crying. It hurt him to think that he'd never be able to be with sayor, because her mother was unhappy. He didnt understand why, he had tried to make a good impression for sayor, so that he'd be acceoted. "There's gotta be some way," he whispered, his lips against her cheek.

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Sayor felt her heart breaking at the sight of his tears. She was causing those. It was all her fault he was hurting...and she couldn't do anything to fix it. "But I care. I can't let you or your parents end up in jail or something. My parents were reported once and it went to court. But the innocent lady went to jail for child abuse because my mom bribed, and threatened the judge." She said softly, her voice was shaky, heartbroken. She ran her fingers up his arm slightly, tears welling up in her eyes once again. She hugged him close, wrapping her arms around him. She felt miserable, knowing she made this happen. She shook her head lightly, the tears spilling over again. "I don't know. I have tried and tried. secret? Just from my parents? Let's go into my room in case she gets back." She said softly, standing up. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy from all the tears. She felt....horrid.

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E M M A Nathaniel clung to sayor desperately, unwilling to let her go- ever. "She can't- she can't do that!" He exclaimed, horrified. Now that sayor explained it, it seemed like Mrs Dunkley really was the powerful almighty. His head was buried in Sayors shoulder as he hugged her tightly, rocking their bodies gently to soothe his tears. "Secretly...?" Nathan repeated, slightly hesitant to be sneaking around. Espeacially if this woman could make sayor that miserable if she found out. "Secretly. I'll come to you, every night, at school, we'll keep it quiet," he sniffled, sitting up straight on the steps. He pulled Sayors hands upwards to help her get up from the steps, his heart pounding.

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Sayor stood up, still trembling as she led him up the stairs. As they reached the second floor, their was a small door on the ceiling with a pullything on it. She pulled it down, and put came some stairs. It was her room. She began climbing up the ladder, and looked at Nathan. "Come on." The room was small, a little cramped. And the ceiling was low, but at least it didn't leak. It had a medium sized window, where a big oak tree stood next to it, the branch so close to the window, she could step out. She turned to Nathan, and wrapped him up in her arms, needing him. "I'm scared. I can't loose you." She said softly, as a few more tears fell out. This was awful.

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E M M A Nathaniel was slightly appalled by the loving conditions sayor had been submitted to. The attic? That wasn't nice. The Dunkley household had several rooms by the looks of it, and sayor was given this small attic? Nathan curled up in the corner with sayor, sittin her closely in his lap. His lanky figure could barely fit into the low ceiling. "You won't, I promise," he swore, squeezing her stomach for emphasis. "I'll come every night, this window, like at ten each night, so that your mom won't suspect anything!" He suggested, wiping up the tears that remained staining his cheeks.

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Sayor nodded, reaching up and wiping a tear he had missed off of his face. "I'm sorry. For pushing you away. I just- don't want to see you get hurt." She said softly, apologetically. She was still a little worried about his well being. She could take the hits. As long as she had him to help her stand. If he was gone, she wouldn't be able to handle it. If something happened to him, she would feel so awful, so guilty. She wouldn't be able to forgive herself. She would feel like it should be her in his place. "I love you Nathan." She said softly, planting a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth. He had to know she loved him. Just in case. She loved his adorable awkwardness, his laugh, the way he cared about people, his sweet affection.

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E M M A Nathaniel leaned his face into Sayors hand, staring into her blue eyes that were so similar to his. "It's okay, I know that you're worried, but I can take it, sayor, I can," he said with determination, hiding the distraught gasps of air he was tempted to take from crying so hard. "I love you, sayor," he returned gently, kissing her tenderly. He never wanted to leave, he felt like he had to protect his precious sayor from the viscous beast. Nathan knew that if he lost sayor, if she moved away, he'd be lost, hopeless. Sayor had opened him up, loved him for who he was.

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Sayor smiled slightly. she wanted to believe him, but she felt like he didn't understand what she was trying to tell him. Her mom was capable of anything. Even murdering her own twin sister. She knew her mother had no problem with doing anything to Nathan. She didn't care about anyone...except Hudson. "I know you can." She said softly, feeling a weight being lifted off of her shoulders. He forgave her. That's good. She relaxed onto his lap, messing with his hair a but. She wanted to stay in his arms for a long time. Though she knew it wasn't possible. His parents would die of a heart attack. She knew she wouldn't be able to fall asleep that night though. Fears and worries would be swimming around her head. She was scared of the nightmares that would hit her. Because she knew they would. She kissed him back gently, her fingers resting on his chest. She felt loved, safe in his arms. A feeling she didn't feel often.

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((Maybe how she thinks her mom hired someone to kill Hudsons parents? Or maybe he could like ask her to run away with him or something. Deep conversations are hard to think of!!!))

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E M M A ((I like the second one! It could be like an argument but they're not mad at each other... Brb??))

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((Yeah!! Like a disagreement or something. And then her mom could come home and scream at her, and he'd be all like: You should have come. Enjoy your dinner!))

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E M M A ((Should he say it angrily, or protectively? Or upset?))

Nathan kissed his true love back, the cozy atmosphere of the attic and Sayors scent rooting him to the spot he was in. He wished they were in his bedroom instead, safe from the crazy woman sayor called her mother. "Sayor," he whispered pleadingly, his tears finally dry. "You shouldn't stay here, there's no telling what she'll do," he murmured, panicking internally. They hadnt even been dating a week, and already her mom was going bezerk. He was a bit skeptical that her mother would be able to put him or his parents in jail or likewise, but it didnt matter o him. He'd keep trying, keep trying for that happy smiling fce, keep trying for those soft lips, keep trying for the one that loved him back.

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((I have no idea. Maybe angrily because he knows she'll say no? Or upset?))

Sayor let out a soft, content sigh as he pulled away, resting her head on his chest. She was emotionally tired. Like, physically, she felt great for once! But emotionally, she was done. Done with her parents, the arguing...the tears. Just done. " know I can't go either for that very reason." She said softy, tracing light patterns onto his arm. Sayor had thought about running away, multiple times, but was always stopped by reality. If she left, and the cancer came back, how would she get to the hospital? By the bills? Afford the health care she needed. Nathans family.couldn't afford that. They already had Dez to worry about. They didn't need her too.

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E M M A Nathan scooted up in his posture, with his back pressed against the wall and sayor closer in his lap. "Run away, to us, please," he begged, squeezing her hands as her sob filled phone call filled his memory. He couldn't handle that again. "Well you've gotta do something about this, tell the police, child protection services!" He exclaimed, getting overworked with the panic of never seeing her again.

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Sayor pressed her fingers to her temple, rubbing it slightly. "I can't. I can't leave Hudson alone with them. health care cost is a lot of money. A lot of money that not a lot of people have. I'm barley insured, like they are this close to refusing to insure me because of my cancer. If it came back, no one could afford treatment but my parents. And, my mom would go like......insane trying to find me. Things would be worse for me if I got caught than they are now." She said softly, leaning her head against his chest. Her head ached from all the different emotions and stress she had been exposed to. Her first day back. Sayor knew it was a matter of time before she got physically abused. Her mom was hanging together by thread. Any little thing cupcake her completely lose it. "Can they even arrest her? All she does is degrade me. That's it. I don't think they can arrest her for that." She said softly, knowing that her phone call that evening had sent him into panic mode. Well...she wouldn't call him until she was fine. There. Problem solved. "Nathan, I'm not going anywhere. Ok? I'll always be here. At school, at work. Home. Your house. You won't loose me." She said softly,knowing he was scared about that. She rolled up her sweatshirt sleeves, her skinny arms and wrists showing. Why was she so sticking small? Weak? Why couldn't she be strong?

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E M M A Nathaniel squeezed Sayors arm, furious. "Sayor, are you serious? Get your priorities straight! These people are abusing you, sayor! Come on, you can stay with me. We have good insurance, it's okay! Sayor, baby please, you can't stay here..!" He began to become agitated, terrified. What would happen if Sayors mother hit her? He wouldn't be able to forgive himself if she did. "Sayor, come on, say I kidnapped you, anything!" He begged, squeezing her hands. It wasn't fair.

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E M M A ((Sorry my posts are so short! Was distracted.))

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Sayor raised an eyebrow. "I'm pretty sure my priorities are straight. Your family doesn't need another person to worry about. I can take it." She insisted, feeling like he felt she was weak. She wasn't! She could handle her mother. She could let her bash on everything, except Nathan. That was what set her over the edge. "I want more than anything than to be able to pack up and leave. Ok? the first place she would look is your house. Don't you understand? I would be putting you guys in danger." She said with a small shake of her head. No. She couldn't do that. It wasn't Ok. "No! Why would I say that? That's awful! I can't say that you kidnapped me? That will put you in jail or something." Sayor said, horrified. He did not just suggest that. No way. That was not Ok. She couldn't believe he would be Ok with her lying like that? no. Not Ok.

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