Divergent (Divergent, #1) Divergent question

what would u choose??? dauntless, amity, erudite, abnegation or candor?
Srikari Srikari (last edited Feb 02, 2014 07:02AM ) Feb 02, 2014 06:30AM
i always wondered what i would choose in a situation like that.........
if i were tris and my family was in abnegation i think i wud pick that too staying away from my family is kinda painful for me...... :)

so wat wud u guys choose??

Um..probably Amity but I know my aptitude test would say Erudite, and I wouldn't be Divergent.

Dauntless hands down, but maybe that is because we read the most about them! Maybe if we learnt the very intricacies about other factions we would be better informed haha.
I have read Allegiant, but still find the topic intriguing!

The idea of hurting somebody else is repulsive to me but dauntless seems to get to do the most fun stuff so either candor or dauntless!

Amity for sure! Candors never know when to shut up and Erudites are know-it-alls!

I'd probably choose Erudite or Candor.



Candor Candor Candor.

Really, we're still doing "which faction" threads? How many do we need? Especially now that Allegiant exists. (If you didn't read it yet... Do. Then you'll not care about "which faction.")

I wish I could be Dauntless, but I'd probably choose Amity.

Dauntless because every other faction sounds stupid and I want to stand out and not be the same as everyone else. I'm an adrenaline junkie and I love the thrill. Dauntless is perfect.

Dauntless!!:) I love to be on the edge and do crazy stuff!!!


dauntless seems fun

candor or amity or dauntless. so divergent.

I took the faction quiz (its in the divergent book) and my results show erudite. Its not that bad, but I'll choose amity for safety purposes :)

usted hablan ingles?

Katie King Si! Pero yo hablo un poco español!
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kayla tulop Tambien!
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I want to say I could be in Abnegation but I don't think I would be able to be as selfless as everyone else but I could see myself being an Erudite (not on Jeanine's side), Amity, or Candor. I will just be Divergent:)

Erudite or Amity.

amity because they lead happy lives. definitely not dauntless. I could never make it through the initiation. I couldn't be in candor. an I couldn't just eat plain chicken. not erudite because I stupid.

Jennigma (last edited Feb 05, 2014 10:40AM ) Feb 05, 2014 10:40AM   0 votes
I would probably be in Candor. I like honesty and I wish it was more socially acceptable to be so bluntly honest about everything (everything!).

amity :)

Captain L. J. Turner (last edited Feb 03, 2014 03:43PM ) Feb 02, 2014 01:12PM   0 votes
I am an Amity so I would choose Amity. Besides I would not survive to first second of being in Dauntless

I would like to say I would pick dauntless but it seems still a little scary to me,
I also wouldn't be in candor for obvious reasons ,
I wouldn't like to be in abnegation because I don't think i would be able to be selfless.
So I would probably end up in amity which is fine with me.....

Amity ther are so you know "always" happy jaja just i like the idea of living organic and outdoor ;)

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