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Rowling: Harry should have married Hermione

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Kristen Yes and no. I do think they're more compatible in some ways, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'd make a better couple.
Originally I thought they would end up together, but I think I like Ron and Hermione together a little better.

I got the impression that Ron and Hermione were more of siblings to Harry, so if you look at it like that, it's kind of messed up to think of Harry and Hermione together. Plus, I think they lack that slight conflict that she and Ron have. I hate to say that they'd be boring together...but I think they might be. And not just as the reader, but I think it would be easy for them to fall into that comfortable zone and not really have a romantic relationship very long, if at all. But they're both really loyal, so they'd feel they had to stay together, just because.
On the other hand, Ron and Hermione disagree about a lot and give each other something to get worked up about.

Plus, I liked that by Harry marrying Ginny, that he got to be part of a big family the way he craved for so long.

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Chelsea I read this news last night, and I'm still having trouble believing it. The hardest part to wrap my head around is that JKR doesn't think Ron and Hermione would have been happy together. The reason it's so hard for me to understand is because "knowing" that Hermione loved Ron and that he was the right one for her was a big part of my impression of Ron's character. What I mean is, there are things I "knew" about him simply because I knew Hermione so well, and trusted her judgement. There are characteristics of his that I only knew of because he was right for Hermione, not because he explicitly demonstrated them in the books. So now I feel like I don't know Ron the way I thought I did, and like he isn't as wonderful as I was lead to believe.

Ron's character aside, I can accept that maybe Ron and Hermione weren't right for each other. I have a harder time accepting a) that Harry and Hermione WERE right for each other and b) that Harry and Ginny were not. Ginny always seemed to have traits that attracted Harry which Hermione lacked. A certain irreverence she shared with her older brothers, a relaxed attitude about following the rules, athleticism. . . and that fiery look which was the last thing Harry thought about before he died. Harry and Hermione make a great team, but with Ginny, there's romantic passion that the other two lack.

From a more academic perspective, I thought it made the books more special that the hero didn't end up with the "girl next door" figure. It was nice to see the hero's best friend get the girl, and nice to have most of the books free from romantic tension between two main characters.

I'd like to hear more about JKR's thoughts on this subject. Specifically, how has her perspective changed over time? Or maybe I don't want to hear any more. Maybe I want to stay happily ensconced in what I think I know!

(2005 interview with JRK about the same subject: http://www.mugglenet.com/jkrinterview.... Sigh.)

Anna I agree with a lot of what you said, Chelsea.

I kind of wish I wouldn't have read the article, because I think the books ended perfectly the way they were and I was happy with how everything ended up. I liked that Harry and Hermione didn't end up together, because it showed that boys and girls can be friends without it ever having to be more.

And Ron and Hermione's relationship made so much sense to me because their differences complimented each other so well. Where Ron's weaknesses fell, Hermione's strengths came into play and the other way around.

Mostly I'm just happy that a ridiculous romantic triangle was never introduced into the final books where Hermione would have to choose between the boys, and they would forever hold a grudge against each other (does every book include a romantic triangle now? enough already!).

For me, the books were never really about the romantic relationships anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter. The friendships were always the most important part, and everything else was secondary.

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Holly I know that she said Ron & Hermione wouldn't be good together - but did she really say that Hermione & Harry should be together? I really liked Hermione and Harry's relationship as it was because it showed that boys and girls can be friends and romance doesn't always have to be involved.

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Robyn202 Well, I'm very happy. No, not that Ron and Hermione might have problems, I LOVE them. They're my favorite couple of all time right now, my OTP. Let me explain-starting from the link Chelsea had, I decided to go on the Leaky Cauldron just because I wanted to, and I found this.


As you can see, I think we're okay. Romione is safe, thank God. But I find the line at the end- 'It resulted in shipping wars intense enough to give some of us flashbacks to 2005.' Love that. Okay, I was just a kid in 2005, but still. I love it. Maybe I should get a Tumblr account to participate... :)

I'm just glad I got into Harry Potter not too far after it was still huge. Well it still is huge, technically... But whatever, I'm getting off topic.

Ron and Hermione are safe, J.K Rowling was only talking hypothetically. Yes, some aspects of Hermione are suited better with Harry, but Ginny is his match.

I think the reason we're a little unsure about Romione and the controversy is because Harry and Hermione shared personality aspects, and seemed to have a higher level of maturity. But read the interview in Chelsea's link, then read this one, and you'll feel better. It makes so much sense.

Getting back to pairings, Harry likes Ginny because of Ginny. She has a fiery aspect that Hermione doesn't have, and throughout the series he's thought of Hermione as a sister, never as a lover. Plus, Ron shows jealousy in The Goblet of Fire, and Hermione shows jealousy in The Half-Blood Prince. They balance each other out, and Harry and Hermione is so predictable. I don't think Rowling would have them anyway, Harry/Hermione shippers are still delusional. :) JK. Honestly, she was simply talking Post-war hypothetically, nothing to worry about. Thank Goodness.

PS: Darn those stupid interview quotes. They made it sound like Rowling actually changed her mind, and I thought so too. Well, she didn't, the full interview reveals it. :)

Chelsea Robyn, thank you so much for the link to the full interview! I feel much better! Headlines stating that JRK said "Hermione Should Have Wed Harry" are obviously worthless.

Robyn202 No problem! I thought it would help, and I know exactly how you were feeling. :) But I agree, those headlines are worthless.

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