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Here you can talk about other books from Sandrine Gasq Dion. Like for example:

Men in Manhattan Series

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I love this series looking forward to "A Fighting man"

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From Sandrine Gasq Dions Facebook-page. Sneak Peak - Gabriel's Fall--December 15th.

“It looks good, my friend. Trust me on this.” I winked at him.
“Well, if I can’t trust my gay best friend, who can I trust?” Ty drawled.
“Lawson’s gay?”
I narrowed my eyes at Ty and smiled, looking over my shoulder at one of our other team members. Only a certain few knew my sexual preferences. They guarded my secret with their lives. I had to give my guys credit — I was teamed up with some of the best men I knew. Besides, Ty had threatened to kill them while they slept if they messed with me.
“That hasn’t changed since the first day, Montana.” I grinned.
“I still don’t get why I’m not your type.” Montana batted his eyelashes at me.
“You’re too skinny.” I turned and gave him a slow once over. “And you’ve got cankles.”
Montana’s eyes went wide.
“Excuse me?”
“Yep.” Ty nodded in agreement. “I see it. The boots can’t hide those thick, chubby stubs.”
“Fuck you both!”
I looked over at Ty.
“He’s not my type, either.”
“Oh for fucks sake, Lawson. What is your type?” Montana grumbled.
I knew what my type was. Curly blond hair, delicious golden eyes, Cupid’s bow lips and a button nose.

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I am actually excited about this one. I haven't given it muck thought, but now that it is almost out I kind of am excited.

what about all of U?

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