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Is Lost symbol Worth reading?
Miranda Miranda (last edited Feb 02, 2014 10:43PM ) Feb 02, 2014 02:06AM
I've read All the other Robert langdon novels but i feel like they all follow the same formula and was wondering If lost symbol is good enough to read or if its exactly like the other three ; thanks for all the opinions seeing as i could guess every "plot twist" in inferno i think i might skip The lost symbol

Da vinci code and Angels and demons are better than this one in my opinion. But that doesnt make it bad, its just that one must slightly lower the expectations in case if he/she is reading this immediately next to any of the two prequels. I enjoyed the book but not as much as Da vinci code. thats the only point i wish to convey.

I recommend you take a pass on this book.

In my mind it was the best of all the Dan Brown novels...

If you've found the formula to his books by now trust me you'll find this one to be a drag too. +1

No it's not worth reading.

nopes....i found the ending part boring....not like the other dan brown buks....but its worth a read...

It's my least favourite of his books.

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I bought it and started reading it when it first came out and for some reason I never finished it which is so unlike me. I guess it wasn't as interesting as the previous books! I want to try reading it again.


I thought it was good, although as Miranda said, if you found out the formula he uses, its not quite as good. I also found this one to be quite preachy and I don't remember the other ones being that way.
However, its easy to read and entertaining. I'd say give it a read.

Okay, I knew before I started the book it's somehow on a lower level than the others, because I didn't hear anything of it at all, but what I can say now is that this is already my favourite book out of the series (I haven't read Inferno yet). What is more, I've never finished a book so fast and I'm shocked you say it's boring. And as I see the comments here, people don't like it or it's their favourite, no middle state .. interesting! :)

For me the thing about Dan Brown's books is the "formula" that you all are referring to; is his niche. The Lost Symbol is an awesome book. It gives you history and "secrets," but the message in the book; the discussions carried on by the characters are thought-provoking beyond the pages of his books. I love how something that many people tend to overlook is the "ultimate secret". I definitely encourage you to read this book!

Honestly i didn't like it

You're right about his books being all the same. With that in mind, I liked it better than his latest one. That may due to the order I read them in, though.

I didn't like the ending. It was so anticlimactic.

I am reading Inferno now and so far liking it.

But if you have been following Robert Langdon and have the time, why not.

It was OK, and you could read it if you like the characters and don't mind the same formula. Personally, I found Inferno to be better with not quite the same formula.

If you've found the formula to his books by now trust me you'll find this one to be a drag too.

Sorry, late to the party on this one, but, I'd say read something else, something fresher. I have the book and I have started it 4 times and just can't seem to get very far into it.

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