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Steelheart (The Reckoners, #1)
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February 2014 > Thoughts as you read (No spoilers)

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Bec (booktineus) (booktineus) | 129 comments Mod
Any thoughts as you're reading?

Bec (booktineus) (booktineus) | 129 comments Mod
So. I'm only 5 chapters in? (something like that) and I really really like this so far! It's addictive

Bec (booktineus) (booktineus) | 129 comments Mod
David's suckiness at metaphors is hilarious. And I love how well all the characters interact with each other. All their banter and conversations and everything just flows really well.

Bec (booktineus) (booktineus) | 129 comments Mod
I love how there's moral dilemmas incorporated. Not all the characters are just "LETS GO KILL ALL THE EPICS AAAAH" They're actually thoughtful and scared and determined and so fleshed out

Laura AP (0nlybyl4ur4) | 28 comments I'm up to chalter 14, so far it's great! I really wanna know what's up with Megan, and also get more insight on the other characters. Also, I loooooooove the Epics, the idea just gripped me (maybe because I'm a huge x-men fan, so there's that).
btw does anybody else associate Steelheart with Superman????? Everytime he appears I can't get the idea out of my head

Bec (booktineus) (booktineus) | 129 comments Mod
I DID. From the prologue. And I think it's so... ironic that the biggest baddest Epic seems to be based slightly on (arguably) the most iconic superhero

Laura AP (0nlybyl4ur4) | 28 comments Yeah, I know. I think it's probably on purpose. I got the idea from the handsome face/cape AND NOW IT WON'T LEAVE

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