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๖ۣۜƧilverlight So...
which genes do you prefer?
Also, are you more comfortable as playing a male or female?

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is this me?

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Yeppers.

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Oh alright cool:)

I like action, supernatural, realistic, drama and romance:) anything really;)

I'm more comfortable playing girls, just cause I am one but can also play guys if needed:)

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๖ۣۜƧilverlight Action:

1. This idea is probely over-used, but we could center our plot in the time of the apocalype, where either A.) Our characters are two of a remaning handfull of humans in a world over-ruled by zombies. or B.) After a giant metor has struck the Earth, the majority of the human and animal population has been wiped out. Those remaining have formed into gangs on either side of ___ city and are constently at war. With this plot, we can have our characters be opasite members of the clans, of the same gang, or outsiders. This can easily be formed into a Forbidden romance or just a survivail roleplay.

2. A roleplay in which takes place in olden' times where pirates roamed the sea! To start it off, then perhaps we can begin on a whaling ship. On this ship, there is a certaint crewmate that dosen't quite belong. A girl secretly disguised as a boy salior has signed up as part of the crew, perhaps because her family is in desperate need of the money. Anyways, the captain's right hand man catches on to the girl, and though no one will believe him he is determined to prove it. And so, when the smaller boats are released at the spotting of a whale he confronts her, and after an arguement/struggle, he pushes her off the boat. The girl, still dressed as a man, is saved by a young pirate boy and wakes up to find she is on a pirate ship that is on it's way to an island of treasure. During the journey, she is meant to be trained by her savior who has no idea of her true gender. Along the way they can possibly run into another ship and such to keep the action alive.

3. There are two siblings whom belong to a wealthy family. With their mother deceased, and their father constantly traveling, they are left in the care of their harsh nanny. One night, the younger of the two is outside and spots a shooting star. Unexpectingly the shooting star lands close by, and he/she descides to go and find it. The older, more responible sibling, soon realizes his absents and not being able to find him/her, goes out in search of her/him. Mean while, the younger comes across where the comet fell, only it isn't what he/she expected. Rather then a large rock, she/he discovers what looks like a furball. But the younger soon discovers this is actaully some sort of alien. He/she attempts to hide this from it's sibling. But later on the older finds out anyways. Shortly after discovering the creature, goverment officails start poking around and asking questions. The kids find themselves forced to flee when one agent spots the critter and their nanny is taken into custody. The children are on their own, running from the goverment, and still trying to solve the mystery of this new creature. To make it a little more inturesting, perhaps there is a book or dairy from one of their grandparents that talks about this creature.


4. This one takes place not on Earth, but of a different world completely, where the elves rule. There is a lot of oppurtunities for getting creative with powers and making up animals. This world is very different, rather then have technology they have found uses of magic instead, but magical means are limited, and they are still a bit old-fashioned. Anyways, a member of the royal elf family is kidnapped by a group of bandits whom mean to hold the prince/princess for randsom. However, after several days of traveling the prisoner is able to escape from the bandits, quickly realizing that (s)he is helplessly lost in the forestry, unsure which direction to go to find the next village, which is miles away. During the royal's time wondering aimlessly through the woods, he or she stumbles across the other main character, the thief. The thief soon agrees to aid the royal in finding his/her way back to her/his kingdom for a price. But all along the journey to the next village, they are being closely followed by the bandits. When they reach the village they are welcomed and celbrated - though the townsfolk are unaware of who either of them are. They are celbrated, that is, until a murder is commited and the sacred jewels become missing in the town. Someone finalluy reconizes the thief and assumed that he/she and the royal are responible - but they have been FRAMED - and they are sentences to death and held prisoner. It's enough to get that rp rolling.

5. {Double character rp} The underground portion of Asher High has always been forbidden for the students, and even the teachers, from entering. For years, there has been rumors that the orignal school had been built under ground for reasons unknown, but after a cave-in caused the death of everyone but one girl and her boyfriend whom had been on the other side of the building. It was said that the boyfriend commited sucide soon after, and the girl was later on shipped to an insane asylum. Asher High was said to be built ontop of this school, and the entrance sealed with stone. WHERE WE COME IN: A group of teenage attending Asher High - whom referr to themselves as the popular kids - have always used a portion of the school's basement for their hide out. However they have never been able to access the rest of the basement, for it had always been under lock and key. With the exeption of one Friday afternoon, during the lunch break when the group gathered in their usaul spot. Oddly enough, the door had been left ajar. The leader the group convinces the others to join him in exploring, and they soon stumble across a short tunnel with door at the end. They figure that the door must lead to the remains of the old underground school, and automatically the leader wants to go in and explore. Some of the others may be reluclent, but are soon convinced to slip in for a few minutes. Once entering, the kids are amazed that the school seems intact, even most of the lights seem to work. But soon...they discover they are not alone. Something is watching them, stalking them, ready to kill. And the door in which they entered through....has simply vanished.


Yeah...I'm blank. Guess number six is kinda realistic.

6. In the city of ___, resides two different mafia groups, each of which have been bitter enemies for many years. One of these groups is lead by an older, rich man whom has but one child; a daughter. For many years he had managed to keep her a secret from his enemies, though his daughter is quite aware of his work and the dangers. But after sixteen long years, he recieves a letter he had been dreading, threatning the life of his child. In order to protet his daughter, he appoints a trustworthy boy - around the same age as his daughter, but still highly skilled - to guard her. The daughter catches on and becomes angry that he thinks she is unable to care for herself. However, at some point she starts to realize he isn't so bad and that she might actaully care for him. There may be attacks on her life at certaint points as well. Unfortunetly, as she starts to feel for him, her father announces that he has found a way to draw the two mafias together and end the battle. By marrying the daughter to the son of the other mafia leader.

7. Rather then the alien plot in which consist of siblings, then we could exchange it for a romance one. One where instead of a furry critter, then the alien appears human and is discovered by a human girl.

Any of these sound good?

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all of them are so darn good!!!! i've narrowed mine two down to 4 and 6, you?

๖ۣۜƧilverlight I'm good with either number. Although I haven't had the opportunity to attempt the mafia one yet.

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Well the mafia one it is?

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Sure. And you want to be the daughter, correct?

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yes please, if that's okay?

๖ۣۜƧilverlight It's fine : )
I'm gonna start working on my guy.

By the way, though the father is a minor charries, when he does show up occasionally do you want to rp him or me? Or do we have it where either one of us can rp him just whenever needed?

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yeah either one of us can, just so sometimes it doesn't feel like we're rping with ourselves:P

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Kay.

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is there a specific format you want to use to create the characters?

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Not really. Just the basics really; name, age, appearance, personality traits, that sort of thing. It's up to you if you want to add a lot or a little. I think I might just be lazy and adjust one of my older charries to suit the roleplay :3

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{First Name}: June
{Middle Name}: Alison
{Last Name}: Matthews
{Gender}: Female
{Birthday}: October 17
{Age}: 19

{Appearance}: description
{Height}: 5'8
{Weight}: 108
{Style}: June isn’t the type to draw too much attention to herself with what she wears. Generally she’d wear something along the line of this..Even the simplest of attires look great on her.




{Body Marking}: Ear piercings and a tattoo of a dove, hidden just under her ear.

* fun
* outgoing
* rule breaker
* clever and witty

๖ۣۜƧilverlight {Name}:Daniel Evans
{Birth Date}:August Fourth; Elam, Washington
{Hometown}:Riverside, California


(view spoiler)

Daniel, as he despised being referred to as Danny, is often times unpredictable and confusion. For starts, Daniel is one of those people who can remain calm in the worst of situations. Rather then trying to accomplish everything at once, he prefers to break problems up and solve them one step at a time. Because of this, people sometimes will look up to him for reassurance or advise. Though he prefers to be immature and childish, Daniel is aware of situations where he needs to stop acting in such way, and will easily glide into a serious, no nonsense attitude. However, it is not often that you see this serious side of him, and will most likely be more accustom to his playful attitude, and constantly flirting. He is easily distracted by little things, being quite observe he catches onto small details that other people will overlap. Like many people, Daniel does not do well under direct pressure, and has a hard time making snap decisions as he likes to think over things. Being a social butterfly, Daniel thrives on being surrounded by others, and strongly dislikes being left alone. He is constantly charming people, throwing around his looks and quick wits in order to gain what he wants from someone. Yet is not a guy to use someone, and can easily become one of your most trusted friends. He is only ever fierce when a threat is made against an ally of his, otherwise he seems as constant ease with his surroundings. Another thing about this boy, as that he likes to wonder off and do his own thing. He will often ignore others so that he can discover his own path, but is willing to admit when he is wrong. He is easily humored, finding people in general amusing, yet he is not much of a class clown.

~Easily Gets Lost
~Making snap decisions
~Easily irritates People
~Easily distracted
~Ignoring others, to do his own thing
~Remaining calm
~Charming People
~Admitting when wrong
~Quit witted
{Alive} Older Sister~Rebecca O'Niel
{Alive} Little Step Sister~Terry Evans
{Alive} Baby Half-Sister~Jade Evans
{Deceased} Mother~Sara Evans
{Alive} Step-Mother~Laura Evans
{Alive} Father~George Evans

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love him:)

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Thanks : ) So, where shall we begin? Perhaps we can start with her meeting her father and telling her about her new personal guard. Or maybe she runs into Daniel, and after a while realizes he's following her around?

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the runs into Daniel one? and do you mind posting first?? I have piano lessons.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Releasing a sigh, Daniel leaned further back in his chair, and cast his gaze towards the passenger seat. Upon it rested a large creme-white envelopse, the contents were spilled over the top of, enlarged images mostly of a young girl around his age. Starring at the photo on top of the thin stack, he knew that this - that she - was going to prove a difcult task, yet one that his life might well rest on. If he were to fail, and the daughter of the mafia gang was injured, who was to say that his own life wouldn't be taken? Inhaling a deep, calming breathe, he scooped up the photos and crammed them underneath the seat cushion, out of sight. Then, checking the clock, he realized that it was time to enter the building. Everything had been prepared in advance, fake records had been drawn up, he had been registed into all of her classes, and his backstory played in the back of his mind. Just find her, and watch her. Keep close, but stay far enough back she won't notice. The man's words played in his mind, Don't you loose sight of her. And if anything happens... "It won't." He muttered to himself, slipping out of his car and slamming shut the door. He adjusted the strap of his bookbag and scanned the parking lot. In the crowded road, only a few down from where he had parked, he could see the vehical June used. Nodding to himself, he turned and headed towards the entrance of the building. As he entered the building he paused in the hall, to glimpse the squedaul. She's in room 108. He thought, heading for the staircase.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((....))

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June rested her back on the cool, smoothed cement wall behind her. Inhaling quiet, deep breaths she mentally took a break from the hectic feeling of everyday life in college. It was a drastic change for her, going from a carefree, happy go lucky life in high school, to a busy, 'never resting on your feet' atmosphere in university. But in all honesty, she wasn't complaining. It was either deal with this or get married early, and live the rest of her messed up life as a house wife. There was no freaking way, she was wasting her life like that. Hey, why not get a good education. And college had its perks. You had freedom, wild, crazy fun parties and a never ending supply of cute boys. A small smile crept onto her lips as reassuring thoughts flooded her head. And all this could steer her mind away from what happens at her house. Clear her of all the stress and tension that came with being the daughter of a mafia leader. Constantly worried about another attack, worried if her fathers deal would work, worried about the safety of her loved ones. So far she had kept it secret from her friends. Although, she knew that suspicions were arising among them. There was only so much you could do to hide secrets like these. Sighing ever so slightly, she tucked some of her hair behind her ear and shouldered her book bag. Pushing of the wall, she slipped her hands into her jeans pocket while she made her way towards her next class. Room 108 here I come! June had never been punctual, so it wasn't a big surprise when she came running through the door, 5 minutes late and faced a bunch of faces that looked pale with pure horror written all over their expression. Biting her lower lip, she mumbled a quick but sincere apology rushing to her seat in the second row. Sitting down, she offered a small smile to the boy beside her before getting her books out.

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((I'm so sorry!! goodreads didn't post my comment...))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight "Real good." Daniel muttered to himself, pressing the palm of his hand against his forhead, as he stepped further into the main entry room. Round in shape, the cieling was far above his head, and hallways jotted out in every direction. His steps echoed in the empty space, as he spun around, trying to locate the correct hall he was meant to take. "Of all things.." He grumbled, realizing that all the hours and days spent in research had been useless if he couldn't even locate a simple classroom. Screw profession, I'm asking directions. He thought, stepping aside to the glass window placed at one side of the room. After knocking several times it was obviouse no one was going to answer, and he had been left to figure it out himself. Sighing with flureration, he descided to take a random hallway, relieved when he discovered he was on the right track. Quickly he found the correct door, and nudging it open, was greeted by the dark glare of an older women seated behind a large desk. Swallowing down the last of his nerves, he stepped further into the room, bumping the door closed behind himself. "Hello," He greeted, tossing a folded note onto the desk, his eyes already scanning the room. Locating her towards the back of the room, he headed in that direction, sinking into an empty seat two rows ahead of her own. "Any other inturuptions?" The teacher questioned, rising up from her chair after having stuffed the note in a drawer. She turned to the bored, tapping it with a ruler, "I thought not. Now, after completing chapter 385, we will be discussing the asignment coming up next week. In order to establish your communication and working skills, this asignment will be completed with the use of partners."

((No worries))

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The glares and mutters of disapproval quieted and vanished when the teacher tapped her wooden desk with a long meter stick. June mentally thanked the teacher for grabbing everyone's attention, she wasn't how much more of these criticizing gazes she could stand. Give me a break. she thought to herself, bringing out her books and plopping them down on her desk. There couldn't have been something that important going on when i entered . Flipping open to the pages the teacher was focusing on, she briefly skimmed the paragraphs analyzing whatever she already knew which was pretty much everything before moving her gaze up to the front of the class. It was a large room, with rows upon rows of desks, each aisle slightly elevated higher then the one before it. Walls surrounded them, huge banners of the colleges mascot draped on them. It made her feel small for sure, but not really intimidated. The teacher looked tiny from where she was seated, but June could make out her too large glasses, planted loosely on her bony face. Her lips were pinched, as if a revolting smell was wafting in the air. June was half listening to the lecture, half dulling the teachers monotone voice out. Normally she would have looked around at the faces of the kids, but with her tilted as the criminal she would rather not see their expressions. She tapped the end of her pen on the desk, eyeing the door just as it opened, bringing in a flushed student around her age. June figured that was probably how she looked like when she entered, but the teacher seemed far more ticked off now. A pang of sympathy went out to him, as he ducked his head rushing of to find an empty seat. Poor kid she thought to herself, maybe the two of them could be crimes in partner now. June was dozing slightly, but jerked to attention when the teacher announced their prject would be done in partners. Seriously? She thought to herself, biting her lower lip. When it came to school work, she preferred to do it independently. She wasn't much of a group worker, and June hated having to give up her idea's for someone else's. Everyone's bodied shot up from their seats as a buzz began humming through the air, people excitedly searching for partners. Sighing softly, she slowly rose taking a look around at everybody. Instantly he gaze landed on the boy that had walked in late. Making up her mind she moved towards his direction and stopped when she reached his desk. Forcing on a smile, she stuck her hand out to him. " Hi, my names June." She said as brightly as she could. " I was wondering, um...if you maybe wanted to be my partner for this project?" her voice came out quiet and squeaky which was sort of an odd mix for her. She wasn't sure why she was feeling all self conscious around him, sure he was cute....but she persuaded herself that that wasn't the reason.

๖ۣۜƧilverlight ((Oh, gosh. I thought I responded to this, so sorry >.<))

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(( no it's totally fine, happens to me all the time:P))

๖ۣۜƧilverlight Having no desire to be trapped in a partnership with a stranger, espically when he had no plans on remaining longer then neccisary in the school let alone wasting valauble time in a silly asignment, Daniel had not risen from his seat amongst the other students. Rather he had resorted to drawing a detailed image of a flower on the corner of the desk in which he was seated at. His eyes drew up, however, when he realized the voice speaking nearly was directed towards him. His lips parted in preperation to make an excuse to rid himself of the girl, when it triggered in his mind just whom was speaking to him, and a half-smile slid over his lips. "Hello there, June." he responded, nibbling the inside of his cheek as he considered her proposal. Of course the asignment would allow him a chance to remain closer to her, but would it be worth the risk of her discovering information about him? A moment of silence lingered before he sat up straighter, pushing his textbook over the drawing in hopes she hadn't already seen the rose he had been doodling. "Considering no one else seems to take an inturest in me, then I don't see why not." he answered, offering his hand to shake, "I'm Daniel. New kid I guess you could say."

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