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message 1: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments You walk in and see a cute cafe on the side of the road. There were tables indoors and out so you could sit wherever you wanted. Many people were seated everywhere. You sit down, and the waiter comes by your table. He asks you what you would like to drink. You reply tea, and wait.

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Rayve | 1092 comments Araxie burst through the doors. "We're here!"

message 3: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Araxie looks back. "What's wrong? Did you see someone you dislike vastly?" She asked curiously.

message 4: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "While we're here, you wanna get something?" She asked, trying to divert her attention from the crowd forming.

message 5: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Araxie found them a table and sat down. She offered Alice a chair too.

message 6: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Araxie looked around the room. "Nope, I don't know anyone in this room with the exception of you and me. Why?"

message 7: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "They're staring?" She looked around. People were.

"Well it's not everyday that one gets to see pretty girls out here by themselves... There's also the fact that I'm blue. I'm a nymph, after all, and my appearance doesn't really change with size. :p"

message 8: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "Heh, good idea." Araxie stood up. "Hello everyone! If you're wondering why I'm blue or so insanely beautiful, feel free to ask~" She winked, and sat back down. "How was that?"

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Rayve | 1092 comments "Alice...?" Araxie said cautiously. She did see the person walking towards her, but she also saw the knife. "Put it down. It means us no harm. Though I do appreciate your willingness to protect me~" The stranger had reached their table. "Greetings, ladies."

(Shall this person be a boy or a girl?)

message 10: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "What business do you have with us, sir?" Araxie asked, her face no longer full of smiles.

"I believe this is yours." He said presenting a dagger with Alice's initials on it. Looking closer, the man looked suspicious. He wore a top hat and a long cape trailing behind him. Oddly enough, the strange combination looked handsome in a way.
"Who might you be, fair maiden?" He asked Alice.

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Rayve | 1092 comments "What a beautiful name." He said sincerely. "May I sit with you?"

Araxie glanced between them. "I have to go to the bathroom... be right back!" She said. She quickly left and shrunk down to size. She flew unnoticeably under the table. She wanted to protect her in case the guy was actually evil.


message 12: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Ermery... because Ermerler? Heh hehhh we should make them know each other... Maybe Ermery is his brother or something))

"Why did such an innocent girl need a dagger?" He asked.

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Rayve | 1092 comments Emery grinned. "I thought you would be offended if I called you that. Either way, why did you have a weapon?"

message 14: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Emery put his hands up. "You're right, it isn't. I just don't think a lady such as yourself should have to worry so much about all the cruelties in the world."

message 15: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Araxie sensed danger, so she reappeared. "Okay, I think it's time for you to leave." She pushed Emery out of the seat. "Guess what?? One of my friends is coming to visit you!" (Through time and space, somehow she's in two places... BEHOLD NARISSA!)

message 16: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Emery turned around and held a knife to her throat. "Yes, Alice?"

Araxie tried casting spells, but they didn't seem to work. "Narissa! This is Alice."

Telepathically, she asked, Was it a good idea for you two to meet? She's my friend, but... she seems suspicious.

message 17: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Seriously. What perfect timing too.))

message 18: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((So what exactly is happening right now? Emery is threatening Alice for no apparent reason, Narissa was introducing herself while she was being threatened?))

message 19: by Rayve (last edited Feb 06, 2014 07:07PM) (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Yep, I would think so. Looks like we've got ourselves a villain!))

Araxie sighed. "Nope, go right ahead. Tell me if it says this is going to end well." She said. What was the point of keeping her from her cookies?

message 20: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "ERGH" Emery grunted as he backed down.

Araxie winked back. "You're right!" She said flying above Emery and transforming. "TAKE THAT YOU BIG MEANIE!"

message 21: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Gahahahaaaa Oh Rissa... I think my message was semi delayed too.))

message 22: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "Yes, Alice?" Emery said angrily.

message 23: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((... You bring up a good point. Wells... maybe... it's like a weirdly modern cafe styled in the dark ages? Kinda like a pub but cuter and fluffier. I was also wondering if there's a moat around the castle, how the heck is there so much land also right outside the castle? Wouldn't it interfere with the moat? O.o))

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Rayve | 1092 comments "What's this? You don't remember me?" Emery sounded somewhat disappointed. "Don't tell me- Your parents had your memories erased. And still, you turned out so violently... Maybe you could ask that girl who came out of nowhere." He shrugged. He knew a lot more than he was willing to admit.

message 25: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Hmm... Use your imagination. In mine he looks kinda like

Not hot at all. Buttt he could also be dark and mysteriously awesome? I think I just ruined your envisionent of Emery. SORRYY >_< ))

message 26: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "I'm Emery. Have you forgotten already? We've met before, you know. Last time we met, you left this-" He pointed to the dagger. "In my chest along with a gaping scar. I've recovered and grown stronger since then, but still. How've you been?" He asked casually.

message 27: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Let's go with the hot bad boy teenager... =_= I used to watch Winx Club so some of their images are stuck in my mind. :P))

"You think we should help them?" She glanced at Rissa.

message 28: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "Well I think it'd be more fun to watch them duel it out... You know what, I'm gonna get us some popcorn. You stay here and make sure things don't get out of hand. Worst comes to worst, give them fortune cookies." Araxie grinned and left.

"You've definitely gotten stronger." Emery winced. "... If you don't remember, then it'd be best if I didn't say anything."

message 29: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Glitter bombing?))

message 30: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Idk what glitter bombing is, but I'll assume it's when you fill stuff with glitter and watch them explode. >:D Narissa could put a lotta stuffs in one of the cookies and glitter bomb them that way?))

message 31: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Sounds like fun! Haaahahahaa... two people with knives and stuff just get blasted with glitter... LET'S DO IT.))

message 32: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "If you have the blank, then I won't have to tell you who I am or anything about the past, but you're not allowed to ask anyone else either." Emery didn't come looking for a fight.

((I say let Roman decide :3))

message 33: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Araxie came back. "What in the stars are you doing??? Is that pixie dust? GRAB SOMETHING QUICK, YOU'RE BOTH GOING TO FLY AWAYYYY!" Araxie screamed frantically. She's only ever heard of pixie dust before, so she wasn't really sure what happened when it was used.

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Rayve | 1092 comments "LOOK THEY'RE FLOATING AWAYYYY!" Araxie squealed, not realizing that with all this excitement, it was she that was floating away. She was doing it of her own free will, but it didn't seem to register within her mind.

Emery looked around. This would be the perfect time to escape.

message 35: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments I'll stay. Emery thought. When he opened his eyes, the same dagger that had got him 8 years ago was in front of his face and drawing closer. ((How old should they be roughly?))

message 36: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Alrighty, so assuming Emery is like 18, they met before when he was 10... I'd like to think he's older than Alice by a bit))

message 37: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories ((Sorry to interrupt. xD I just saw the Winx Club reference and I totally fangirled. That was my show!!! ))

message 38: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "WHATTTT?? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I'M FLOATING AWAY? NOT THEM?" Araxie called to Narissa.

message 39: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((O.O You watched it too??? When it was on 4kids?))

message 40: by Rayve (last edited Feb 06, 2014 08:26PM) (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "OH MY STARSSSSS" Araxie said spiralling out of control. "HOLD ON HOLD ON, I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!" She focused herself, then transported to where Narissa was. "HEAL!" She spelled her side so she would heal. Since she didn't specialize in healing, it would take much longer than normally to heal, but for now it was a temporary fix.

Emerberry froze. "Really, the dagger again???" He called from behind the tree.

(-_- yes, he's leaning on a tree. And I'm cool with Embery! )

message 41: by MysticMemories (new)

MysticMemories ((Yes!!! And then I watched a bit when it moved to Nick but I haven't finished watching them all yet :( ))

message 42: by Rayve (last edited Feb 06, 2014 08:44PM) (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "So you did remember." Emery called out.

((Indeed it should XD The voices sound really off on Nick's version :P))

"Rissa?? Rissa, did you just have a vision???" Araxie asked frantically.

message 43: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Backstory mode! She's gotta have him in a position where it's tell or die... Or through Narissa's visions? Combination, maybe. Gtg, but we shall continue tomorrow!))

message 44: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "You don't remember anything?" Emery said somewhat heart broken.

message 45: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((Nope- You remember anything! ;) ))

message 46: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Emery watched as Alice fainted. "Alice!!" He ran and caught her in his arms. He felt her forehead. She was sweating.
(( Actually, this'd be good time for her memories to be revealed...))

message 47: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments ((<3 Oh! What if they were old lovers but Orion's crew raided the town Alice and Emery were from? He found her pretty so he wiped her memories and turned her against Emery- hence the reference hes been stabbed by her before... He never gave up on her so really Orion'd be the bad guy?))

message 48: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments "Narissa! What did you see?" Araxie asked excitesly.

message 49: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Araxie grabbed the paper and stared at it. "You're showing me... A... What??"

message 50: by Rayve (new)

Rayve | 1092 comments Araxie gasped. "I know of these shadows... The picture is not of this realm. It's unworldly. Unless... No. It couldn't be. He lost too much power last time to return." She tried to convince herself. "It couldn't be...could it?"

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