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Genevieve Stone | 2 comments I read a book once and I don't remember much besides that this kid goes to visit or stay with his grandma and his uncle is either an undercover cop or part of the mafia or something, and they are Italian. There is a scene in the book where the grandma is making meatballs and the kid likes them a lot and he wants another but the grandma smacks his hand away. Also the kid has a cellphone, I believe, which ends up getting him in trouble. The kid's dad doesn't like the uncle, I don't think.

I think the kid's name is Nick or Nicky, but I am not sure. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Genevieve Stone | 2 comments Please guys, I NEED help! D:

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Lobstergirl | 40644 comments Mod
Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the Family?

"While his parents are on a cruise, twelve-year-old Nicholas spends his summer in Brooklyn with his grandmother and uncle and learns, with unintended results, about his Italian-American heritage."

"It’s July, and Nicholas Borelli II’s parents are scheduled to spend two weeks on a cruise. Nicholas will spend those two weeks, as he does every summer, at Camp Wannameka. The night before he’s to leave, however, there’s a phone call: thanks to an explosion in the septic system, camp is canceled. The only place for Nicholas to go instead is to his grandmother’s house in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York. Nicholas’s father grew up in Brooklyn, but you’d hardly know it. An Italian dinner at Nicholas’s house in the suburbs is whole wheat pasta, organic tomato sauce, and, if he’s lucky, a tofu meatball. And Brooklyn? Well, Brooklyn is the place his father left and never talks about. Nicholas has never been there, and he doesn’t want to go now. But when Nicholas tastes his grandma Tutti’s meatballs for the first time, gets a nickname from his uncle Frankie, and makes a friend in the neighborhood, his feelings about Brooklyn–and family–begin to change."

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Lobstergirl | 40644 comments Mod
Genevieve, are you still looking for this? Was it the book suggested?

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Lobstergirl | 40644 comments Mod
No response. Moving to Abandoned.

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