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message 1: by Bexxy (new)

Bexxy (Desperately Seeking HEA's Blog) (desperatelyseekingheas) Hey Everyone!

Sometime last year i posted up about Penpals in a couple of groups i was part of. None of my friends really read books back then and i wanted to chat books with lots of different people who liked similar books. I started chatting with a couple of girls who i really got on with and still chat with one of them to this day so i thought i would post up again!

Sometimes its nice to chat one on one with people so if your keen to chat books or life in general, add me! If you see someone else on this thread who looks like your type of penpal then add them and start chatting!

I've seen a few girls post on here that they don't have many friends so heres the first step! Post that your keen to chat and make some new friends :)

Hope to hear from some of you!

Bexxy :)

message 2: by Joi (last edited Feb 02, 2014 02:11PM) (new)

Joi | 215 comments I'm interested in making new friends.

message 3: by Bexxy (new)

Bexxy (Desperately Seeking HEA's Blog) (desperatelyseekingheas) Glad someone's interested! Lol I got your message Joi :) You should have one from me soon! :)

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura (blueeyebooks) | 75 comments I'd love to have more friends!

message 5: by Cheyenne, The Musical One (new)

Cheyenne | 1425 comments Mod
Same here :)

message 6: by Bexxy (new)

Bexxy (Desperately Seeking HEA's Blog) (desperatelyseekingheas) I've added you Laura :)

message 7: by Bexxy (new)

Bexxy (Desperately Seeking HEA's Blog) (desperatelyseekingheas) And you to Once Upon A Time! Lol
Sorry can't see your full name on my phone! Lol

message 8: by Joi (new)

Joi | 215 comments Layla, I sent you a request.!

message 9: by Joi (new)

Joi | 215 comments No problem.!

message 10: by Rachel , The Attentive One (new)

Rachel  (APCB Reviews) (gr8rach) | 8842 comments Mod
In French class we got penpals from Belgium :) So we alternate between speaking in French and English!

message 11: by Emma (new)

Emma | 23 comments It would be good to chat to people who like the same books I do.

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