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Fenestra | 461 comments Well, hello~ XD

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Fenestra | 461 comments I just came up with one!

I want to know if you have any preferences first though-- like genres you dislike or "limits," as most people have started calling them. I don't want to make you uncomfortable! Like, my characters tend to have pretty dirty mouths, so if you don't like cursing, I'll know to asterisk over explatives. Lol!

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Swearing is definitely okay, I swear like a sailor myself. I really don't have that many limits either.

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Fenestra | 461 comments Me either! ^^ Okie-doke.

So I had this idea: what if we did an rp that took place on an overseas flight. They have air marshals on all of them; the air marshal on this one starts getting threatening text messages on his cell phone (a secure government line). The text messages say that whomever is communicating with him will kill one person every twenty minutes unless he wires 100 million dollars to a provided account number. Add a bit of romance, write in some suspense-- BAM.

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Fenestra | 461 comments Why thank you! I love thriller rps. *.*

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Fenestra | 461 comments So what should we do about charries? ^^

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Well first I guess we should determine who should play who. DO you want to be the male or female?
Also would you like to be the Marshall, or his/her possible love interest?

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Fenestra | 461 comments Hm... I definitely want to play a female... And yet I struggle because I want to be the marshal as well. Unless you would like to rp the marshal?

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Fenestra | 461 comments Doubles, then? ^^

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Sure, it could be a group of four trying to stop the killings and help the Marshall. Should they all just be meeting or sort know each other, or friends?

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Fenestra | 461 comments We should have two of them know each other I think, but not be love interests. (Is the marshal included in this group of four?)

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Yeah, I think he/she should be, What about you?

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Fenestra | 461 comments I agree! He'll be one of our doubles then~ We could have the girls know each other then? They won't be love interests in this case, so..

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Fenestra | 461 comments Would would you like to include in the charrie bios? I'm willing to write them short so that we can rp sooner!

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Fenestra | 461 comments I'm sorry, I meant to say "What" at first not would. XD

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Whatever is fine. I'm not very picky when it comes to characters. Though I prefer actually pictures or descriptions to anime.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Here's mine.
Name: Crispin Russel
Nickname: Bones
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bones has brown hair and green eyes.
 photo giphy_zpsaeb87ab1.gif
(view spoiler)
Personality: Bones is kind and caring, though he is also easily angered. He never really stays mad very long, and he would never hurt anyone that he loved. Bones is loyal and honest. He does his best to keep the promises he makes and he very protect of the people he cares about. He is fun and funny. He is just a total guff ball who is barely ever serious, he is just always joking around. Though when he is being serious he doesn't take any crap from anyone, he just all business. He is also a daredevil, if you dare him to do something he will most likely do it. He usually acts on impulse and doesn't always think things through.
Other: People call him Bones, because when he was younger, he broke a lot of bones, and he still does once in a while.
Crispin always wears a silver ring on the ring finger of his right hand he never takes it off: (view spoiler)
He wears this bracelet on his right wrist: (view spoiler)

Name: Anya Chernicova
Nickname: Ann
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Anya has black hair and brown eyes..
 photo Girls___Models_Model_Hanna_Beth_042814__zps95d6e873.jpg
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Personality: Anya is a head strong and caring women. She doesn’t give up easily and she usually gets what she wants. Though she’s not spoiled. She is easily angered and not very easily settled. Anya's not one to follow the rules, she just loves breaking them. She's honest and loyal though, and she always does her best to keep a promise she makes. She makes sarcastic jokes to hide her true feelings and just loves joking around in general. She really not the serious type, but can be very serious when she needs to be. She’s not always very open with her feelings, unless she trusts you completely.
Other: She always has this necklace on. She never takes it off.
(view spoiler)
A tattoo she got for her eighteenth birthday.
(view spoiler)

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Fenestra | 461 comments Okies! I'll post mine momentarily!

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Fenestra | 461 comments Name: Asher Monroe

Nickname: Ash

Age: 27

Gender: Male

 photo Marshal3_zps3610b5ed.jpeg
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Personality: Ash isn’t quite as severe as he makes himself out to be, but he takes his occupation very seriously. A dry sense of humor helps people to warm up to the scruffy man, though many would argue with the way he looks in a three-piece-suit, the word “scruffy” isn’t applicable to him. He can be suave if he puts forth the effort, but for the most part, Asher is a stone-faced professional. Behind the mask, however, he’s just a big ‘ol teddy bear.

Name: Jordan Black

Nickname: Jordy

Age: 21

Gender: Female

 photo JordanBlack2_zps77108561.jpeg
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Personality: A lady of wit and class, Jordan has managed to do well with her internship this year. The business world loves her and soon she’ll have her degree. Then it’s three more years of graduate school. Jordy is hardworking and she certainly isn’t afraid to get dirty. However, she’s quick to retort and prone to passionate argument. If you aren’t able to argue with her, and suck up to her without sharing your perspective, she’ll lose most of her respect for you. Jordan is intelligent, if not a bit too sarcastic.

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Fenestra | 461 comments Fantastic! Shall I post first? :D

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Fenestra | 461 comments Wow. I'm so sorry! I fell asleep! >.<

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Fenestra | 461 comments The airport was bustling. It usually was, Asher thought, the sickening smell of McDonalds french fries wafting under his nose from across the terminal. His face lifted slightly as a flight attendant's voice sounded on the intercom.

"Flight 2216 to Beijing, China will now begin boarding first class and disabled. Repeat Flight 2216 now boarding first class and disabled."

That was his cue. Perhaps his job had him up and moving all the time, but he couldn't deny that his superiors set him up nicely in the roomier business class seats. With lackadaisical movements, he stood, hazy gray eyes flickering down to the cell phone he had pulled out of his pocket. Yes. This was the flight number. Stuffing the phone into his back pocket, he leaned over and grabbed his carry on: a black leather laptop case. Careful with the expensive object, he slung it over his broad shoulder and began walking toward the boarding area, getting into line.

Jordan leaned forward in the synthetic leather chair she had sat down in upon entering the terminal, grabbing her tote bag with a slim, manicured hand. Turning toward her pretty friend, she grinned. "That's us, Anya." Her large, shocking blue eyes sparkled as she pulled out her boarding pass. Her mouth twitched downward in a full-lipped pout. "I can't believe we're across the aisle. Thanks for coming with me, by the way." Her boss had requested that he meet her in Beijing for business in a week. So she decided to take a little vacation beforehand.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Bones sighed slightly when the attendant's voice sounded over the intercom, telling him that he was to go aboard his plan now. He grabbed his carrying on, his eyes stopping on his scrapped knuckles for a second before he hoisted the bag over his shoulder. He had gotten a fight the night before, though the other guy didn't actually get in any good hits, so other then the scrapped on his hand Bones came out injury free. With a angry smirk he pushed the thought of the fight out of his head, wanting to put the whole thing behind him. With that he readjusted the placement of his carry on, on his shoulder and walked through the terminal towards the entrance to the plane.

Anya smiled small and stood up, "I wouldn't miss it" she said happy to come along with her friend on this trip. She always wanted to travel and go on a cool vacation like this she just never had the initiative to do it. She bent over and grabbed her carry on, the sleeve of her jacket raising slightly to reveal the tattoos she has on her wrists. Once she had her carry on she pulled up onto her shoulder and looked back over at her beautiful friend, "Ready to go" she asked with an excited smile.

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Fenestra | 461 comments "Sure." Jordan responded brightly, wandering over to the relatively short line. Overseas flights typically weren't as crowded; the brunette was glad for that. The woman managed to place herself behind a broad-shouldered man who looked to be only a bit older than herself. She couldn't help her wandering eyes-- for aesthetic purposes only, of course. Those broad shoulders tapered down to a lithely muscled torso and a pretty damn adorable ass, if she did say so herself. And she did. She couldn't see his face, but he obviously took care of himself, which in and of its self was attractive. All she could see of his face was a masculine, square jawline, covered in light stubble. With a breathy laugh, Jordan nudged her friend, gesturing with her eyes to Mr.I-Have-a-Jawline-That-Could-Cut-Diamonds. One eyelid dropped in a playful wink; she was going on vacation, after all. Thus, ogling was harmless, in her humble opinion.

Ash was second in line. People tended to give him a wide berth, so when his heavily muscled frame stepped over to the line, most of the other passengers started to walk more slowly. His mouth set in a stern, hard line, he handed the checker his boarding pass. She scanned the slip of paper slowly with a feline smirk, intentions not quite subtle enough for his preferences. His eyes were rolling as he snatched the boarding pass back with a muttered, "Have a nice day." Walking onto the plane, things sped up. The only person in front of him had been in a wheel chair, so he calmly helped the elder gentleman board as they walked the portable bridge from the gate to the door of the plane. He couldn't imagine what the man wanted in China. It was none of his business, he decided.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Anya followed Jordan's gaze to the attractive and muscular man. She couldn't help the smile that showed up on her face as she watched him. She watched him broad the plane then stepped up to the checker and handed her, her boarding pass. She watched her scan over it and smiled kindly when she handed it back. She walked into the plane and waited patiently by the door, for her friend.

Bones stood in line behind to girls, who he really wasn't paying attention to. The only thing he really noticed about them at the moment is that they were, as far as he could tell, both very beautiful attractive women.

((Sorry that it's so short.))

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Fenestra | 461 comments ((No worries!! :D))

After he had helped the older man find his seat, Ash returned to first class, taking his seat next to the window in the last row before one wandered into the limbo that was second-class seating. 9A, his ticket had read. Stowing his laptop under his seat, the man then attempted to relax. Of course, that likely wouldn't happen, he acknowledged dryly; he had a fear of flying. Ironic.

"Boarding pass?" The checker requested dully.

Jordan handed over the ticket, a polite, close-lipped smile curling her lips. Instead of receiving her pass back promptly as expected, her worst nightmare occurred.

"Jordan Black? That's your name?"

An annoyed sigh. "Yes," the young woman gritted out, attempting to maintain her now terse smile.

"I'll need to see your passport." The checker sniffed haughtily.

"I already made it through security..."

"Passport. Now."

Muttering about cruel and unusual people who refused to do their jobs properly, Jordan pulled her small purse from her tote, unclasping it and digging through it briefly. "Ah. There." She held it out to the impolite woman.

The checker took the proffered identification, seeming almost disappointed when the name on the passport matched the boarding pass. "All right. You can board." She returned the items crossly.

"Thanks." Jordan responded (though she couldn't help the sarcastic tone that tinged the word), trying to keep her responses to a minimum, lest she say something she would regret later.

"You can't blame me. You have such a manly name." The checker stated snidely.

"Okay, thanks. I'll keep that in mind." The brunette quickly hurried onto the bridge with Anya, giving her a wide-eyed look of disbelief at the previous events.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments "What a bitch" Anya said and they walked into the first class section. "I can't believe she said that" she said and she walked down the aisle looking fro their seats. She walked by the cute guy that had been standing in front of them and gave him a kind, though brief smile. She found their seats, which were just in front of that guy. "You want the window seat of the aisle" she asked and she out her carry on in the compartment above the seats.

Bones looked up when the line seemed to slow a little. Apparently the checker lady had a problem with the girls name. He thought it was kind of rude, but returned to his thoughts anyway. He had been thinking about the fight again. It wasn't like he hadn't gotten into a lot of fights before, because he had, it's just this time it was different. When the girl, who he herd was named Jordan got her passport and boarding pass back, he watched her walk onto the plan for a moment before handing the checker chick his boarding pass.

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Fenestra | 461 comments "Thank you for flying Beijing Air, Crispin," the checker purred to Bones as she handed back his boarding pass.

"Would you rather have bathroom access or a view?" Jordan quipped jokingly. "I'd prefer the aisle, but I'm willing to give it up for you."

Ash glanced up at the girls who had walked in. One smiled prettily at him and he gave a short nod in response, the corner of his mouth quirking upward in a brief, but crooked smile. He returned his attention to his cell phone, on which he was checking the weather in China. He would be there for about three days and wasn't really sure he'd packed appropriately.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Bones smiled kindly and took his boarding pass. He walked onto the plane and went into first class. He walked down the aisle, checking the number of his seat. He found his seat and saw that it was across from the two girls that had been in front of him. He smiled small and up his carry on in the compartment above the seats. Then he sat in the seat next to the window.

"I like a view" Anya said with a smile, "So you can have the bathroom access" she said jokingly, as she sat down in the seat next to the window. She looked out the window, "I've never been flying before, is it scary" she asked.

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Fenestra | 461 comments "Oh, so kind." Jordan teased, sitting next to her friend. "It's not bad. The take off might scare you, but it's totally safe. Just don't eat the food. It's typically pretty close to toxic." She cringed slightly, adjusting her black suit jacket. "If you get desperate, you can have some of the stuff I brought in my carry on." Her eyes flickered to her left, catching sight of a newly boarded passenger. Wow. Whatta' set of eyes. And then the rest of him. Her brows rose toward her hairline before she pulled a paperback book from her bag. She held it up and compared the cover to the man across the aisle. She probably looked pretty strange. Jordan tended to be shameless.

Ash snorted his amusement at the girls in front of him, quietly noting that he might have to buy a jacket at the airport. It would be cold.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Anya nodded slightly, "Yeah okay" she said, feeling a little uneasy now that she was actually on the plane. She let out a breathy sigh and looked out the window trying to think of something else. At lest she was in first class she thought, probably be worse if she was in coach.

Bones looked over at the girl across from him and smiled small, wondering what she was doing. He was about to ask, but then he decided not to, he just smiled charmingly and looked out the window. There wasn't really anything to look at yet, but there will be when they take off. That won't be for a while though so he just settle back in his seat and tried to relax.

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Fenestra | 461 comments "Yup." Jordan said decisively.

Curious, Ash glanced over at her. "'Yup,' what?"

"I just had a thought and confirmed it, that's all." The brunette shrugged with an amicable smile.


"He does belong on the covers of romance novels." Jordan smirked, placing the book in her lap to flip through the pages.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Bones stifled a laughed when he heard what Jordan said. He shook his head slightly and leaned back in his seat. He really didn't know how to react to that, so he just stayed silent.

Anya laughed and nudged her friend slightly, "Wow" she said with a smile, "You really are shameless aren't you" she said and looked over at the guy across from them, "Though I guess I would have to agree with you" she said, then she looked behind them for a moment. She turned back to her friend "Though so does the guy behind us" she said quieter, hoping he wouldn't hear her.

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Fenestra | 461 comments Ash smirked with distinctly male satisfaction at the girl's friend. He had friends who had told him he was good-looking, but he had aged quickly, lines deep in his face due to stress and lack of sleep. It was nice to be appreciated.

Jordan let out a snicker. "There's nothing wrong with sexually objectifying people we don't know." She defended.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Anya laughed, "That's very true" she said with a smile, and sat back in her seat, her nervousness over flying completely gone. She looked back at the guy behind them one more time before turning in her seat and looking out the window.

Bones smiled small and watched about a dozen more people walk into first class. Then he just got bored and returned laying back in his seat and trying to relax, which wasn't any less boring.

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Fenestra | 461 comments Jordan's depraved mind wandered as she examined the guy across the aisle yet again. The shape of his was actually perfection: the deep cupid's bow, the fullness of his mouth in general. Oh, dear. Her eyes strayed to the rest of him, halting on his scabbed knuckles. Oh. Well, Jordan had always had strange taste in men. A tattoo artist who liked dressing like a woman and a man who was currently employed at a small town police station and really liked his handcuffs could attest to it. This one had her attention on lockdown. Unlike the others, who had been quite boring to her even despite their quirks. Hell, this one was comparatively normal, but her mind was simply running away with the possibilities of how his hands got all bloodied.

Ash glanced at Anya yet again after making sure he was getting good looks at all the people filing onto the plane. "So what are you in Beijing for?" He asked casually.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Bones looked over at Jordan and saw that she was still looking at him, he smiled and moved over to the aisle seat, "You're staring" he said simply, looking at her for a moment then looked forward again.

Anya looked back at the man behind them at the sound of his voice, seeing that he was looking at her, she decided that he was talking to her. "Vacation, You?" she said with a kind and charming smile.

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Fenestra | 461 comments "Well, I'd be doing a poor job of sexually objectifying you if I didn't stare, and you deserve my very best, so..." She trailed off in explanation, still staring quite pointedly. God gave her eyes for a reason. This one was it. Or at least part of it, after Channing Tatum, Robert Downey Jr, Jensen Ackles... Godlike, all of them.

"Ah, work." Ash responded sheepishly, taking the opportunity to give her a subtle once-over (unlike some people). She was certainly pretty; her hair suited her face well and she looked healthy. Her eyes were a shade of deep brown that resembled coffee and her features were slim and delicate. "My company flies me out a lot." He chuckled softly at his own small, private joke.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Bones chuckled "Do you do that to every guy you meet or just the special ones" he asked with a smile, as he looked over at her again.

Anya smiled "So you do you like flying then?' she asked. "I've never been flying before, is it horrifying" she asked a bit jokingly.

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Fenestra | 461 comments "I guess you could say only the special ones." Jordan leaned her cheek into her hand delicately. A small curtain of hair from her deep side part fell over her eye as she shifted, a few bobby pins from the pinned up side braid in her hair holding her hair in place so that it just swept the top of her cheek bone.

"I don't mind it. It's more like horrifyingly boring, to be honest. This is a nonstop flight overseas. You'll probably get bored." Ash said honestly. "I recommend sleeping."

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