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Day (yes2danny) | 7233 comments Mod

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Day (yes2danny) | 7233 comments Mod

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Day (yes2danny) | 7233 comments Mod
Danny answered the door."hello"He said friendly

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Thisbe stood there her tail wagging. "Danny?" She raised an eyebrow.

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Day (yes2danny) | 7233 comments Mod
"yes ma'am" hee says bowing.

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"We met.. At the mall..."

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Day (yes2danny) | 7233 comments Mod
"Ugh did we, i don't really remember alot sorry" he admitted.

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Thisbe chuckled and held out her hand. "Thisbe.."

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Thisbe grinned. "Hello! Thisbe here. Lucinda's friends sister.." She nodded

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"Nice to meet you!" She grinned. Her tail swinging side to side

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Thisbe giggled and blushed. "Thanks!" She walked in with her bags and closed the door

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"Oh yes! She sings a lot. Has the guitar?

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"Yeah. I think.."

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Thisbe smiled and walked in more. "So?"

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Thisbe smiled and bent down. Her tail wagging. "Hello! I'm Thisbe"

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She grinned. "Fox shifter.." She nodded and dropped her bags. She closed her eyes and her body slowly started to change. Her legs and arms shrinking and growing dark red fur as did her face and torso. When she opened them she was a small fox

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She curled up in hi Cynthia's pet and she purred

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Thisbe nodded. She curled up in Cynthia's lap

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Thisbe leaned her head down in her lap and smiled lightly

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Thisbe curled up her tail wagging crazily. no this just feels real nice....

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Thisbe purred back and grinned

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Thisbe closed her eyes. Slowly sleeping as well

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Thisbe took even breaths.

((Time skip? Or do you have sir thing else in mind?))

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Thisbe slowly awoke. Her tail egging.

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Thisbe shifted and slowly edged away from the kid. She then changed. She blushed and grabbed her clothes.

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Thisbe pulled on her clothes and smiled. "No problem!"

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"That a good thing right?" She smiled brightly.

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She grinned and pulled up her long dark red hair. "Great!"

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Thisbe nodded. "Do I have a room! Or is it the couch?"

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"Oh.. Lucinda.." She sighed.

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Thisbe peeked her ears. "Lucinda's sleeping.."

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Thisbe giggled "hey. Me too!"

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She laughed snorting as she did

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Thisbe laughed and wiped her tears. Finally calming down.

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"I like you too!"

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"Oh no worries!" She smiled. "I bet they are all adorable!"

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"Oh! She has a kid!?"

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((Gtg. Be back in an hour))

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"Oh! Wings. Just like her mom!"

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Day (yes2danny) | 7233 comments Mod
Danny carried Eva down as he was holding her in the air laughing.

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Thisbe laughed and nodded

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Thisbe glanced at Danny. "Eva?" She guessed

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Thisbe nodded. "Hello..."
Eva kicked excitedly

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Thisbe chuckled.

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Day (yes2danny) | 7233 comments Mod
Danny kept throwing Eva softly in the air.

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Eva kicked giggling.

Thisbe smiled. "She likes it.."

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Day (yes2danny) | 7233 comments Mod
"Fly away you ugly baby"Danny said laughing.

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Thisbe made a face. Her tail whipping around. "She isn't ugly..."

Eva just giggled.

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Day (yes2danny) | 7233 comments Mod
"Yea she is"Danny said throwing her up gently

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Thisbe glared at him. Her tail whipping around more.

Eva clapped.

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