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Daryl | 10 comments Mod
Ok everyone, what did people think?

Those who attended the first meeting will know my view was essentially 'well written but puerile'. I don't think anyone present really liked this book that much. We could all generally appreciate the work but that was about it.

Does anyone want to continue the discussion? Feel free to comment if you were unable to attend (I know there were a few last minute cancellations). One of the purposes of this online version of the book club is to open it up to people who can't necessarily attend the physical meetings.

So everyone, please feel free to chime in

Brett Damon (litesneeze) | 4 comments On Goodreads, of 28,928 reviews it received an average of 3.72 stars out of 5. Very close to a 4 star out of 5 rating, so it seems to be loved by many.

I think it suffers from the passage of time; we are no longer shocked by what he has written, especially in the age where we have internet porn at our fingertips and the dangers of STIs are advertised quite publicly. In this day and age, it's easy to immerse oneself in the depraved underbelly of society. Back in the 1930s I should imagine that it would have been far less accessible, and Miller unrepentantly wrote all about it.

The depicted depravity of Paris is shocking, yes. What it shocking for the sake of being shocking? Or was it something that needed to be shared with the world because it's there and it needed to be told? I don't think Henry Miller intended to shock his audience, I think it just happens. This is his world, his life, and it's told with complete honesty, warts and all.

I think I loved this book. It didn't really tell a story, but it was a lovely assemblage of words that provided an insight into a life, lived in the romantic setting of Paris, and he does not attempt to beautify it or romanticize it. I liked it for what it was and I think other people hate it for what it is.

Angela | 3 comments As I said, I was a bit bored by it - it was very well written , but that's it. I appreciate the honesty in it, he was writing about his existence and reality and damn the consequences. However, the fact remains that it was a very boring and self-absorbed existence. I did like the Russian princess with the clap (Princess Claponov) and as Daryl said, how many books are there where you can say that?

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