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message 1: by somebody, Stuck with Silver (last edited Feb 01, 2014 05:35PM) (new)

somebody | 332 comments Any questions will be asked here and answered either by a MOD or some kind and knowledgeable member of the group
~Somebody :)

message 2: by Kingstell (new)

Kingstell (kingstell21) | 11 comments Im knowledgable though. ;)

message 3: by E (new)

E How do you do the font in the outline?

message 4: by E (new)

E And can I create a character but give them to someone else to RP?

message 5: by Lucky Duckie (new)

Lucky Duckie Usually you don't give your character to someone else unless you're going on vacation. You can ask for someone to make a specific type of girl/guy though.

As for fonts, do you mean HTML Where it's bold or underlined? Above the box you type replies in there's a thing you can click that will give you a full list to use :)

message 6: by E (new)

E No I mean the actual font like the one in the title is different to the default one

message 7: by somebody, Stuck with Silver (new)

somebody | 332 comments Ah, I use a website. Though I only really know one. I think everyone else knows more though XD Or some other place.

Avril of Themyscira | 21 comments Is anyone playing the resort owner?? Because I would love to play his(or her.) son!

message 9: by somebody, Stuck with Silver (new)

somebody | 332 comments Um, so far no though one person was supposed to *cough cough* But he slacked and such. And you can go ahead and make the son though. However I have another friend making his daughter so I suppose he's have to have a least one sister. Last name is Rush.

message 10: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) OR you could do a big rich adopted family. Where they don't actually have to be related.

Avril of Themyscira | 21 comments Could I make Rush himself?? I'd love to do that, but only if I can use Ryan Gosling as him...

Avril of Themyscira | 21 comments Is anybody on this rp anymore?

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