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❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments Weyyyhey. :)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments Hey!

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❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments So do you have any questions about the plot? And would you like to do MxM or MxF?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments MxF. And not really, Switched at Birth used to be my favorite show. But would my character be switched? Or are we just focusing on the love story?

❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments Whatever you want. You could do the switching thing, that wouldn't be a problem. But it mainly focuses on Girl A and Guy B, and how he doesn't really like her in the beginning, and along with the other content of the plot.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments Alright, that works for me. I'm just trying to get a bit more drama into the mix. Maybe they'd find out AFTER they were sorta together, which would either make him want to help her more, or just drop her. That could also add a bit of self war right there.

❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments That's actually a really nice idea. Thanks for putting that out there. :)

I'm going to start making my character now. It might take a while as I'm on mobile and won't have access to a computer until later on the day.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments No prob. :3 And thank you.

Sweet, and so I'm the girl.... hm.... now to pick between my two lovelies. XD I'll put mine up soon as well.

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❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments [[ Finally. XD I thought I'd never get finished with him, haha. ]]

n a m e;;
Lennon Mason Grey.
nicknames}} none.

a g e;;

g r a d e;;
12th // Senior.

a p p e a r a n c e;;

height}} 6'5
body type}} Fit, muscular.
eye color}} blue-green.
hair color}} brown.

p e r s o n a l i t y;;
Lennon can only be described as a hard, closed off badass. Girls, sex, alcohol and parties are all that's important to him. He doesn't care about anyone, and is more of the 'one night stand' kind of guy-- he never really connects with other individuals. However, he is very popular, hangs out with the coolest kind of people, and has girls lined up at his doorstep trying to get a chance with him. He can be very stubborn sometimes; harsh and irritable. He won't hesitate to tell you how it is. He's gotten into more fights than he can count because of his temper.

h i s t o r y;;
Lennon is deaf and doesn't speak verbally, preferring to use American Sign Language to communicate with people. It has never stopped him from doing things any normal teenager would. He grew up in an all-deaf household; his parents refusing to take him to speech therapy as a child, this leaving him with a prejudice toward 'hearing' people. Around the age of 14, his mother and father had a divorce. It was a pretty ugly split, with his the both of them constantly battling over custody. During this time, his dad started picking up the bottle. In his drunken rage, he would take his anger out on Lennon. Even though they couldn't hear each other screaming things at each other in ASL, it hurt Lennon all the more. This would later result in abandonment issues, anger issues, and anxiety. But behind closed doors, he is the hype of the school, and as was said earlier, has people lined up with desire to be with him.. All being deaf, of course. He doesn't really interact or want to interact with Hearing people, as he's been mistreated by many for being the way he is. His mother and father raised him to believe that Hearing people should be with Hearing people and deaf people should be deaf people. Lennon has a seemingly good life. Perfect friends. Perfect image. Perfect social status. But behind closed doors, he's living a nightmare. He refuses to use his voice-- and this world is a terrible place to be silent.

s k i l l s / t a l e n t s;;
By feeling the vibrations of the instrument, he is able to play the drums, and is very gifted at it as well.

o t h e r;;

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments OMG HARRY STYLES! XD Finally someone that likes them! <3

❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments HARRY IS AMAZING I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS. <3333 oh and I just realized that auto-correct turned deaf into dead every time I typed it.. And now I'm laughing. XD

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments Haha, I seen that and was like, "Oh, so he's dead right? Damn, we must be in heaven then. ;)" I personally love Niall more, but that's my opinion, love Harry too! He used to be my favorite but then.... well, Niall. (Please tell me he doesn't have the giant butterfly on his chest. o.o)

❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments Oh my gosh I'm a Niall girl too! He's just such a sweetheart. XD I love all the boys but Niall has always had a special place in my heart. Harry just seemed to fit this character. :D AND NO BUT HE DOES HAVE ALL OF HIS OTHERS. I'm obsessed with the ship on his arm. XD

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments Alright! Thank God! That butterfly was a huge mistake and took away from his beauty! XD And yes.... Just Niall. <3

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments Full Name: Kayla Shyla
Nickname: Kay

Birthday: 12/10
Age: 17

Occupation: High school student rocker.
Education: High school, LAHS, Junior

Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey with a spike of blue.
Height: 5'6"
Weight:115 (Five under the low range)

Style: Rocker, totally hard core rocker girl.

Personality: On stage, she looks like a girl that would be all about the blood on her knuckles from getting into fights. The girl that looks like the total party animal, and the girl who would sleep with anyone. But on the inside and off stage, she's a girl who has high morals for herself. She's a virgin, she doesn't do any of the hard partying, in fact, she hasn't touched any alcohol or drugs once in her life, it scaring her pretty bad. She's actually quite a loving person and a good doer, much like her favorite bands who everyone thinks are totally evil. She has a certain way of seeing into people and seeing them for who they actually are, and tries to see the good in everyone. She's very helpful and volunteers to local places, enjoying doing things with her time than just playing her bass guitar.

History: When she was born, her father was never around, not even at her birth. Instead he was out getting drunk often, not taking his family life seriously. She knew it was the alcohol that did it. So, as she grew up, her father was rather abusive to both her and her mother. He once struck her with a bottle and it shattered on her back. Kayla still goes on carrying those scars on her skin. Her mother and her got away, thankfully, her mother hoping to get someone else in her life instead of just raising her daughter by herself. She of course, has to go through some therapy to get over all the abuse....

She picked up the bass guitar when they were free from him and is greatly improving all the time. She loves learning new tricks to do with it. One of her favorite things to do is plug in, sit on the amp, and feel the vibrations go up her body. That was why she always had the bass speaker by her chair, so she could put her foot on it to feel the beat.


*Bass Guitar
*Having fun
-Her father
-Alcohol and drugs

~Some art (She's pretty good at it.)
Vehicle or Transportation:
Just walking.
Other: Her father is searching for her and her mother.

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((Deeply sorry to interrupt you guys, but Katness, could you send me a friend request. My other profile got deleted))

❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments I love her. :) I'll get my post up soon

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments Alright! Sweet, thank you!

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❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments It was Saturday and Lennon was headed to school. On a Saturday. After being caught drawing graffiti on the side of the school, he had one too many referrals and was forced to do community service, even though he didn't actually commit the crime, he was just an accessory. He began wondering why he was usually the one getting blamed for the shit that his friends did.

"I honestly hate all of you." he thought to himself after parking his motorcycle, walking up toward the kids there that just offered to help out. To Lennon that was insane. He noticed that a lot of them were Hearing-- must be some school project to aid the 'disabled' or something. Whatever.

He neared the front office, taking off his leather jacket as he opened the large, heavy glass door with a single push. He was wearing the usual-- skinny jeans, converse, and a form-fitting black tee-shirt, his tattoos showing from the side of his arms and peeking above his chest where the shirt dipped slightly. Taking off his sunglasses he neared the front desk, waiting for the secretary. She arrived from behind the counter and had a less than enthusiastic look on her face.
"Mr. Grey, glad that you could join us." She signed, also speaking the words out loud.

Nodding once, he didn't look particularly interested in small talk. He just wanted to get in and get out. "So, tell me what I'm supposed to do so I can get out of here," he signed. He saw someone out of the corner of his blue-green eyes, turning toward her. She had ebony hair and wore a lot of black, having never seen her around before. Losing interest, he turned back to the secretary.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments Kayla worked on the side of the school where someone was giving it a face up, something that she didn't particularly care about. Not that she didn't like it, street art was cool if the people took the time to do it. She grabbed a sponge, starting to get off the excess layer on the outside of it, it coming off without a problem. The next was to get the stain out. Luckily, this wasn't as bad as it could be. It was still fresh.

She took a step back, pursing her lips and looking down at her boom box that was dying of sound, her always having it all the way cranked up. She sighed, grabbing the contraption and turning it off, feeling the last piece of bass vibrate through the speakers before dying to silence and stillness. She started walking to the front office to see if they'd have any batteries.

She entered the office when she spotted a guy she had seen around before, no one could miss the curly mess on his head. of course, it was a cute mess though. She leaned on the side of the counter, waiting until the two of them were done, watching their hands and finding interest. She had always been interested in the language but couldn't find the resources to ever learn it. She also didn't have time, which always sucked.

The lady came over to her once she was finished with the boy. Out of nervousness, like Kayla always had asking for things she played with the little black skull necklace around her throat. "Can I have some batteries, please?" She asked raising her boom box. "Four AA." She said.

The lady nodded, signing as she spoke, out of being used to it in the building. Kayla watched her, asking her to slow down a bit so she could catch it, leaning on the counter in interest.

Once she got them, she was out and about again, putting her box down and cranking it up again.

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❅ sɪʙᴇʀɪᴀ. ❅ | 42 comments Lennon suddenly found his eyes on this girl again. He predicted she came from the Hearing Highschool down the road-- but other than guessing where she was from, he had absolutely no recognition of her. He watched as the girl was getting confused at the secretary's signing, scoffing to himself and rolling his eyes.

When the black-haired girl left, he turned toward the woman who was giving him a look of detest. "Did you see that girl? That's the girl you'll be working with for the next month. You'll help her clean, you'll help her run errands, you'll help her water the plants, you'll help her paint over the mess you made on the wall, and everything in between. Don't blow this, Lennon. Now get to work."

He looked at her as if she had just sprouted wings and a tail. Are you out of your mind? I can't work with that girl. She's Hearing, anyway."

The woman had already started to make her way toward the desk again and began arranging the stacks of papers on the granite counter. She pretended as if she hadn't read his signing until she looked back up at him from underneath a pair of red reading glasses. "Deal with it." she signed. Lennon rolled his eyes and brushed through the door, making his way toward the graffitied wall, where his new partner was standing. He stood a few yards from her, watching as she scrubbed the wall vigorously in attempt to remove the paint.

Lennon didn't think it could get any worse than this.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments Kayla had her foot on the boom box, feeling the vibrations go through her foot and up her leg. She rocket her hips back and forth to it as she scrubbed away specific lines that she thought would make this look better on the wall. She didn't notice him staring at her. When she was finished with a few of the lines, at least making them a bit lighter. She jumped back, looking at what she had done.

She nodded a bit, flipping out her phone and taking a few pictures before going back to work.

She finally looked over after needing to dump her sponge back into the water. She noticed Lennon, waving slightly at him. She knew he was the one at the counter with her. She wove him over, wondering if that's what he was waiting for. She almost tripped over the box when she went to grab her paper, scribbling words onto it. This piece is actually quite awesome. Wish it was somewhere else so we didn't have to wash it off.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 186 comments ((...))

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