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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Tada

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lol thanks:) so shall we make one boy one girl each?

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Yeah we can start off with that and if either one of us wants to make more we can go ahead :) you can use whatever format you want, just as long as their in high school

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coolio, i'll get on it:)

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Yay so here's my first character :))

Full name: Katherine Caroline Pierce

Nickname(s): Kate, occasionally. Her friends call her Kat or K, but most know her Lady Katherine, either mockingly or respectively.

Age: 17

Grade: 12, Senior

Appearance: Her style is a mix of things, mainly along the lines of this, this, this, this, and this.

Height: 5'2"

Weight/Body type: 105 lbs. Curvy; she knows she has a killer body

Eye color: Chocolate brown

Hair color: Matches her eyes; she usually keeps it in long curls

Personality: Katherine is a lot of things, but to summarize pretty well, she's a bitch. She's snarky, rude, mean and selfish. Everything has to be done her way or nothing will get done. And for her entire life, no one has shown her any other options. She's ridiculously smart, cunning and devious; she will stop at nothing to seek revenge. If anyone needs a job done, they'll go to her. She's got more connections than anyone. She's ruthless, never afraid to say what's on her mind. She is the Queen B of Queen Bs, and she wouldn't have it any other way. However, her closest friends, which are only about two or three, know that she's a dark-hearted, insecure girl who just wants to be loved by someone who won't leave again.

Birth marks/Tattoos/Piercings/etc.: Pierced ears, and that's it.

History: Katherine knows she got her attitude from her mother, Rachelle, but she always wonders if she would have turned out a little nicer had her dad stuck around. When she was ten, he divorced her crazy mother and in the lawsuit, Rachelle got full custody. She's practically mortal enemies with her mother; they've never gotten along. But when her dad's around, it's as if Lady Katherine really becomes that: a well behaved, well mannered, genuinely sweet lady. She's grown up in her penthouse in Manhattan, and never dreams to leave it. The city is her wonderland, and she has everything and everyone under her thumb in New York.

Family: She's an only child (from such a spoiled girl, can you expect any less?), with her mother who still lives with her, and her father, Daniel, who lives in Paris with is new wife, Heidi.

Other: She's good at everything she does practically, and though some claims it's not fair, she embraces it. Secrets are her favorite. Whatever dirt Gossip Girl thinks she has on Katherine, Katherine's got more secrets locked in a vault at the bottom of the sea.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Aaand my next one

Full name: Jameson Clark McDonnell

Nickname(s): J, James or Jamie

Age: 17

Grade: 12, Senior


Height: 6'0"

Weight/Body type: 175/ Bulky yet still muscular

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Brown

Personality: Jamie is the kid of the group. Ever since he was little he's been doing the exact opposite of whatever anyone tells him to do. He's only out to have fun; he hates school just for the reason that it's so serious. He has a crazy sense of humor and easy going attitude; he's really okay with doing whatever as long as you take the time to talk him into it (which really won't take long).

Birth marks/Tattoos/Piercings/etc.: None

History: He's lived in the same house in the Upper East Side his entire life. Nothing's changed since the birth of his little sister, and as boring as it might sound, he's content that his parents, out of all the kids he knows, are actually still in love and not just in it for the sake of the company or money.

Family: Mother, Anna Marie, father, Jackson, and little sister, Claire.


P.S. You don't have to use this outline if you don't want to. You can use whatever one you want. I mean, I copied and pasted these characters from previous RPs, so if you just wanna do that too, go for it :) whatever makes you happy

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{First Name}: June
{Middle Name}: Alison
{Last Name}: Matthews
{Gender}: Female
{Birthday}: October 17
{Age}: 16

{Appearance}: description
{Height}: 5'8
{Weight}: 108
{Style}: June isn’t the type to draw too much attention to herself with what she wears. Generally she’d wear something along the line of this..Even the simplest of attires look great on her.


{Body Marking}: Ear piercings and a tattoo of a dove, hidden just under her ear.

* fun
* outgoing
* rule breaker
* clever and witty
June appears to be the fun loving, yolo type of girl. And it’s true she is pretty lush like that. But that’s only one side of her, the side that most people see everyday. Inside though, she hides many secrets, secrets that make her cry herself to sleep every night. None of her friends have seen it yet, but deep within herself you’ll find a shy, unsure girl. One that is loving, and caring and extremely considerate of others. June tends to not show that part of her, as she would seem vulnerable than. And being the girl everyone picks on was definitely not part of her plan.

{History}: June has a past that haunts her deeply, a past that she can only wish to dis-remember. June was born into a large family. Growing up she had to make herself get noticed with 3 older brothers and a younger sister. It was tough, she was often neglected and ignored. Her achievements however amazing, were put aside. Her problems were only to be dealt with by herself. It was hard on her and then becoming a teenager she was put under a lot of stress. She took refuge by seeing her uncle, the one person that actually seemed to give her any acknowledgment. Usually after school, she'd head over to his place and do her homework there and eat and sleep. She practically lived there and her uncle didn't mind, in fact he liked it. They both gave each other company and reassured each other that yes in fact they were needed in this world. All was going well, until one day, the one day that changed her life forever. She came to his place as usual, but she saw something that made her heart crawl into her stomach. Standing in the kitchen was her uncle leaning against the counter washing something, and in his hand was a blood stained knife. She left that place unnoticed by him and rushed home. Throwing open the door she pushed down the disturbing thought that her uncle might be a murderer. Walking into the living room, the sight that awaited her was far more horrific. Sprawled on the couches were her families body soaked with blood. And to make matters worse she saw a familiar hoodie laying on the floor beside them. The sweater she saw her uncle wear every single day. She had run away from that city, and made a life for herself, she came to (high school’s name) and decided to start afresh, a life completely different from the one she used to live in.

((sorry it’s taking so long....and i was wondering if there highschool could maybe be like a private boarding school?))

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) No no no it's okay :) and yeah, that was the plan. I was just planning on a private school but we can make it a boarding school too. Is it alright with you if we make them all friends?

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((okay cool:)( and sure we could make them all friends:)

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umm, i'm making my guy right that okay??

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Yeah go for it :)

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{First Name}: Charles
{Middle Name}: Jackson
{Last Name}: Warner
{Gender}: Male
{Birthday}: July 14
{Age}: 17


{Height}: 5’11
{Weight}: 145
{Style}: Charles doesn’t tend to pay much attention to what he wears. generally his attire includes anything that’s simple and comfortable. Somehow without trying really hard, he manages to just pull of whatever he chooses to wear, and ends up looking like a sexy super model. He prefers, a t-shirt or hoodie and shorts and jeans.
{Body Marking}: Doesn’t have any.

{Personality}: Charles is nothing ‘in’ the ordinary. He’s a wild boy, who craves adventure and hates nothing more than feeling bored. He is carefree, happy go lucky and fun loving. He’s the type of guy that’ll attend the biggest craziest party, and have half the girls their drooling for him. He’s popular without even trying, but sometimes his luck ends up going to his head and he can appear overconfident sometimes. Inside though, beneath the mask he wears, he’s a confused, polite sweetheart that’s just trying to find out where he stands in life.

((is it okay if it's not as long as the other one? we can start the rp, and later on when i'm not so busy i can add on to his profile?))

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) ((so sorry i didn't see your reply! and yeah, don't worry about the detail. i kind of go crazy with detail when i'm bored out of my mind, and other times it's like i can't figure out what to write, so don't worry about it :) i'm going to start it on the first day back to school from summer))

Katherine sat at a stone table, three of her "minions" sitting along with her. Jasmine was complaining about her summer in Miami with her grandparents, Nicole was bragging about her time in Rio, and Tiffany didn't have any exciting stories from her "adventurous" summer in Nebraska with her dad. Kat didn't have the energy to join in the conversation; her eyes were locked on the stairs up to the school, watching and waiting for June to appear.

James was walking to school, as per tradition with his little sister. Claire was in her own uniform, a different set of plaid than the one on James's tie, skipping along the sidewalk with a brand new Batman backpack on her back. She always looked up to her older brother, and because he loved Batman, so did she. She talked on and on about how excited she was to see all her friends, and James listened intently and excitedly until he dropped her off at her own school and walked to his own.

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June slid her set of books under her arm and used the spare hand to straighten out her light brown hair. A playful grin spread across her face, her enticing blue eyes sparkling, as she took the steps two at a time before reaching the entrance of the boarding school. She had started here as a freshman in grade 9, and a bunch of people took her in. They showed her the wild side, and encouraged her to express her sense of adventure, the side of her that was concealed for god knows how long. June had fallen in love with this place, (high school name) Boarding school had become heaven on earth for her. A rush of excitement flooded through her body,, her fingertips tingling the minute her black polished shoes had touched the familiar floors of the building. Her heart raced, when she saw Katherine sitting at a table with a bunch of her followers. Smiling she waved and rushed over,
“ hey, i missed you!” June squealed throwing her arms around her when they met.

Charles moved of the brick wall he was leaning on, when the bell rang, signaling the kids to file in. It was a fairly warm autumn day, with the sun casting shadows on the clean pathways that winded around the school. He had his bag slung over his shoulder and both his hands stuffed deep in his pant pockets. Looking ahead, he had a composure that was neither shy nor over confident, Charles was somewhere in the middle which made him welcoming and a peoples person without even trying. A small smirk, perked up the corners of his lip as he walked, while nodded and sometimes waved to people he was familiar with. Inside he felt butterflies brewing in the pit of his stomach, not out of nervousness but out of anticipation. How were the teachers? Were his friends still attending? Would he still be popular?....thoughts clouded his brain, and he lost focus on where he was going. It was only when his shoulder bumped hard against someone elses did he refocus. “ sorry.” he said automatically, bending down to help pick up their stuff.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) ((We can just call it St. Jude's Private Boarding School if you'd like :) And I was thinking the dorms could be somewhere off campus, set up kind of like an apartment? It's up to you though))

Kat fled her spot from the table and sprinted towards June to meet her halfway for a hug. "My God, I thought I'd never see you again," she squealed before pulling away. "I haven't seen you all summer; where've you been?" She held her hands on her shoulders before she paused and added, "You got taller. And tanner." She linked her arm through her best friend's and began walking towards the classrooms once the bell rang.

James appeared beside them then, pushing between them and wrapping his arms around each of the girls. "Katherine, June," he acknowledged, a smile on his face. "How are my favorite girls today?" As much as he hated school, he loved being surrounded by friends, either distant or close ones. He was already dreading the boredom he was sure was going to kick in as soon as he sat down in class, but he was at least enjoying himself for now, until class started. "Where's Charles?"

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) ((??))

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((sounds cool, and the apartment things works just fine:)(( I'm really sorry, for the late reply...I've been really busy...:()

June laughed, and took a step back grinning at her friend.
" Sorry, I went on a cruise to the Bahama's, and I wasn't getting any reception." She explained to her. Sure she had fun during her vacation, who wouldn't at a beach with crystal blue water and cute boys all half dressed. But it still wasn't the same without having her friends close by her. Raising an eyebrow she giggled and shrugged lightly, re-setting her book bag on her shoulder and walking down the hallways to her locker. " you definitely changed too, been working out in the gym?" she asked, before being pulled away from Kat by James. June smiled softly at his comment and told him about her vacation. " how was your summer?" she asked lightly. James had been one of the first friends she'd made here.

Charles straightened up, running his hands down the front of his shirt. He continued walking, reaching around and bringing out his keys for his locker. Stopping by it, he exchanged his books for his first class. Sighing softly, he looked up to see June, James and Kat striding down towards him. Grinning he raised his hand waving at him, making his way closer to them. " Hey, long time no see." He said excitement evident in his voice.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) ((Nah it's cool I totally understand!!))

Kat smiled at June, her white teeth perfect against her crimson red lips. "I lost another ten pounds over break," she informed her. "I'm down to one-oh-five." She was proud of her body, as she was with the rest of her life. She was an expert when it came to showing off. She glanced over at James before her eyes landed on Charles as he came up to their small group of three. She hadn't seen any of them since the beginning of summer; the lifestyle of the rich always involved a lot of vacations.

James smiled lightly at June as he answered, "Relatively uneventful. Spent it in Honolulu as usual." He gave a shrug; it was his family's favorite destination of any break. "How was your cruise? Hope you didn't have too much fun without us." He gave her a wink before smiling at Charles as he walked towards them. "And how did the infamous Charles Warner spend his summer?"

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June nodded surprised that Kat decreased in weight yet again. This was where the two girls separated when it came to analyzing their personalities. Kat had an amazing sense of fashion and no one could deny that, she loved showing of the curves she had been blessed with. June on the other hand, went on the more simpler side. She didn't really draw too much attention to herself, and she didn't have Kat's curvaceous figure exactly to show off. She had gentle dips and rises in her body that were mostly covered up with the clothes she wore. " Nice work." June said, smiling softly. She giggled softly at James' next comment. " It was good, but nah didn't go too wild." she said, flashing a bright smile at Charles.

Charles ran a hand through his hair, acknowledging them all. " Hey there, my two lovely ladies." he said evenly, nodding promptly at both kat and June. Moving his gaze to James, a smirk spread across his lips as he recounted the fun memories of the summer. " ah,the usual." he said, getting in line with their stride and heading to class. " Went, to Florida...hung out at the beach." he shrugged. Nothing too great, but it was still nice getting out of routine.

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Rosaleen Gallagher (rlgallagher) Kat gave Charles a quick smile as she stayed quiet, listening to her friends talk, which was rather rare considering how self-centered she was around every other human on the planet. Still, the only three people she cared almost as much about herself were these three.

James shook his head at June. "I expected something at least a little more exciting," he teased with a grin as they walked. "You'll have to tell me all the stories during lunch." He looked over, listening to Charles's story before nodding. "You too. You're summer doesn't sound half as eventful as I thought it would." He let out a sigh, his hands in his pockets as he walked. "I have lame friends."

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