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Rose (rubyradke)

message 2: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) Umehito comes into the pool holding Yui's hand, he looks at the beautiful water

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She pushes him in and laughs.

message 4: by Rose (last edited Feb 02, 2014 04:56AM) (new)

Rose (rubyradke) he laughs and pulls her into the pool with him and keeps laughing

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She laughs along with him, pulling him underwater.

message 6: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) He swims away, then comes back pulling her under with him

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She goes underwater and waves, grinning.

message 8: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) He turns invisible then pops behind her, and didn't make a noise

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She looks ahead and doesn't find him.

message 10: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) he taps on her shoulder and smiles

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She jumps and resurfaces, looking for him.

message 12: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) he stays under the water looking up at her

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

She floats on her back, giving up on looking for him, he might as well be drowned by now.

message 14: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) this is hopeless, can't a demon have a laugh once in a while? he thinks to himself as he becomes visible and resurfaces

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She smiles," welcome back from the dead"

message 16: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) "I wasn't dead" he floats on his back almost looking like he's dead

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She jumps on top of him and laughs.

message 18: by Rose (last edited May 31, 2014 02:44AM) (new)

Rose (rubyradke) He stays floating in place like a fish "what's so funny?" he smiles slightly.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

" nothing" she shakes her head and sits at the edge of the pool.

message 20: by Rose (last edited May 31, 2014 02:44AM) (new)

Rose (rubyradke) He swims out of the pool and sits next to her

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She rests her head against his shoulder and splashs water with her feet.

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Rose (rubyradke) He kisses her forehead

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(( this is getting boring. The romance, I mean))

message 24: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) ((I know))

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(( what should they do then?))

message 26: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) "oh great, the demons are going to be at the academy any minute, we'd better go" he senses them

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" alright" she says excitedly and gets up and dries herself off.

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Rose (rubyradke) He uses his magic to dry himself off as he gets out of the pool, holding Yui's

(( club's meeting room?))

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

(( sure))

message 30: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) ((You post first))

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

(( sure))

message 32: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) Kirimi walked into the pool looking around

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Kirimi!" Alex called.

message 34: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) She turns around

((wait are we continuing the thing from the Request an RP partner?))

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments ((Yerp.))

message 36: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) ((KK))

She looks at Alex "hey, where did you run off to?"

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "I pranked my twin sister." He said chuckling.

message 38: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) "why?" she says looking around the pool, there was no one there

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "No earlier. It was pretty fun. So what's wrong?" He asked still chuckling.

message 40: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) She shakes her head smiling "nothing, who's your twin sister anyways?" Kirimi asks

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Alexis. She should still be at the school pool or in her dorm. I really worry about her." Alex said smiling.

message 42: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) she smiles "that's so sweet" she says, remembering what her brother said to Yui, while she was passed out...

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "What's wrong?" Alex asked Kirimi.

message 44: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) She smiles "nothing" she shakes her head and looks down "You said you were an angel right?"

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Yeah why?" Alex asked.

message 46: by Rose (new)

Rose (rubyradke) "nothing just making sure" she looks at him and smiles

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments "Don't lie to an angel." Alex said only half jokingly.

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Rose (rubyradke) Kirimi looks away "you are starting to scare me..." she says

•CookieMonster• | 4226 comments How? you shouldn't lie to an angel. JUst tell them the truth. You wanna know something?" Alex said in all one sentence.

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Rose (rubyradke) "know what?" she says

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