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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365)

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CJ | 993 comments Cedric stepped onto the train, marveling at the amount of amazing things crammed in such a small space...

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Fallstreak followed him on, smiling broadly.

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CJ | 993 comments ((He's a loner... Aw... People really should be allowed to make Bloodbath tributes...))

message 5: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Yeah... I'll reopen the thread with the clear notice that they will die.))

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CJ | 993 comments ((Good idea. Make it in bold))

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CJ | 993 comments Cedric sat down, wondering where his district partner was...

((If Maya just posted, disregard this completely. XD))

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Jemma walked on to the train with litte hope of survival.

(( i posted)

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CJ | 993 comments Aha! Cedric waved only a little half-heartedly.

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Fall streak sat down at one of the tables.

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She waved back.

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CJ | 993 comments "Jemma, right?" he asked quietly, extending a hand, only to remember that they'd already shaken hands onstage.

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"Yeah,your cedric right?".She shook his hand

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CJ | 993 comments "Yes," he replied.

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"How old are you?" she asks

((be right back)

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CJ | 993 comments "Sixteen," he answered.

((...I think. I don't remember.))

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"oh i'im 14" She says

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CJ | 993 comments "Cool," he smiled.

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she smiled back

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CJ | 993 comments ((Heh, heh... Now what?))

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((no idea)

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CJ | 993 comments ((Me neither! I have to go, soon, though.))

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CJ | 993 comments ((Okay... I'm surprised I'm still awake...))

Cedric patted the seat beside him, so she didn't have to stand around while they talked.

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Jemma sat down

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CJ | 993 comments "Do you have any siblings back... home?" Cedric faltered, not ready to refer to District Six as anything but home, but wondering whether he ought to, now.

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"older brother" she said

((gtg bye"

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CJ | 993 comments ((Okay!))

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Amy strutted through the entranceway from the plane. Sometimes her job really meant being punctual- a weakness of hers.

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CJ | 993 comments Cedric watched her.

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