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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365)

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Rosie sat down in one of the big chairs, smiling.

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CJ | 993 comments Verinia squealed with excitement as the tributes got into the train. "Congratulations!!!! This is the train!"

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Logan raised an eyebrow at their escort as he also got on the train, throwing a glance at his sister to ask if she was always like this.

Kallie just nodded on reply.

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" Its very lovely Verinia!" Rosie agreed.

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CJ | 993 comments Verinia gasped and put a hand to her heart dramatically. No tribute had EVER remembered her NAME before!!!

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"Aww cute...Verinia how about tonight you do my hair? I just simple love what you do with your hair, Its beautiful!" Rosie says sweetly.

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CJ | 993 comments ((Oh, goodness, you'll kill her before too long just with all this enthusiasm! XD))

"Why thank you! I'd love to!!!" Verinia tossed a loose curl aside from her wig.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((no idea what to have Kallie or Logan do...))

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CJ | 993 comments ((Have the mentor come in and take charge of the conversation!))

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Kallie rolled her eyes. "Enough talk about hair. there a lot more important things to talk about. Like the Games?"

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"Oh right! Would you like the here the plan i have?"

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Kallie just gave a nod for her to continue. She's hear the girl out at least.

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"Join the career pack at first and Logan an I will be together...Even though its happen so many times being in a relationship helps sponsors! We stay until most of the tributes are dead then we kill the career pack...plan and simple " she explained.

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CJ | 993 comments Nicole*Joker`s Lil Minx!* wrote: ""Join the career pack at first and Logan an I will be together...Even though its happen so many times being in a relationship helps sponsors! We stay until most of the tributes are dead then we kil..."

((Very well thought out... No holes anywhere... XD))

Verinia, sad that the conversation had shifted to a topic she couldn't understand, busied herself with rearranging fruit in a bowl.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) She shook her head. "the games are hardly ever 'plain and simple' I'll admit the plain may be a good one but you never know what will happen in the arena. What if one of the other Careers has the same idea? Tries to kill you all off early on?" that's what she'd done after all. Had joined the Careers and killed them all the first night. Had offered to take first watch and killed them all in their sleep....

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" That's where we work together. We keep watches so nobody can kill us and we only kill each other once we take out the rest of the pack...I understand if you don't want to though Logan and you want to be your sister's puppy and be under her command the whole time "

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Kaylee was about to say something when Logan cut her off. "It is a good idea Kay...."

Kaylee shook her head, turning her attention to Rosie now. " You do anything to my brother and I'll make sure you get no more sponsors.Are we clear?"

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Rosie giggled " I wont hurt a hair on him..Not until the end of course then we will find out who will win " she said before standing up. She leaned down and placed her lips on Logan`s ear " When we arrive at the capitol we will act all in love okay?" she asked before kissing his cheek and standing up. " We can talk more when we get to the district hotel okay? Now if you will excuse me i have to get my hair done by this fabulous capitol lady!" She says, smiling at Verinia.

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(xD You spelt your characters name wrong i believe)

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((Gah I did? stupid auto correct! and gtg in a minute lunch break at work))

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(Haha its fine and okay :3 enjoy lunch!)

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((its almost over now. I had an hour))

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(Oh okay ^~^)

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CJ | 993 comments Verinia jumped up and down in pure delight.

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"Come on " she said with a smile before walking out of this train cart and went into the one with the rooms.

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CJ | 993 comments ((Do we really need to rp Verinia doing Rosie's hair? We can just pretend the scene happened and assume that Rosie has become Verinia's favorite tribute ever...))

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( Yuppers :3 We can just skip )

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CJ | 993 comments ((Cool. XD))

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CJ | 993 comments Verinia, delighted at Rosie's now bright orange hair, sat at the dining table.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Kallie raised an eyebrow at the orange hair. "Well. It will be memorable at least." She shook her head. Over the past couple years she'd gotten a bit more used to the escort, even if she still found her annoying most times.

Logan was also looking at the orange hair, hoping that whatever stylist he got at the Capitol they didn't do something like that to him...

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CJ | 993 comments ((XD! Sorry! I had to go unexpectedly.))

Verinia was completely oblivious, as per usual.

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Rosie forced a smile though under the table she was gripped her leg tightly. She was glad he switched the dyes so at least this would come out but she still had to manage to sneak away to wash it out.

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CJ | 993 comments Verinia beamed at her.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) "We should be arriving in the Capitol soon." Kallie said as she looked out the window. "Make a good first impression." She said, glancing in her brother's direction. He had to win this. She'd never forgive herself if he lost...

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