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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365)

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Viola steeped on, happy to be picked.

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Una grinned as she stepped on the train before the tributes. So far her first year as escort was great. "You're just going to love it at the Capitol!"

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"I hope so."

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel pursed his lips as he stepped on the train, ushered by Peacekeepers. He sure wasn't going willingly. This was not part of the plan. He looked around and started planning an escape route in his head.

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Viola stepped back letting them in.

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel looked at the other people in the room. It was a pity that they had to be here right now. Oh well. Spinning around, he looped his ankle around one of the Peacekeeper's and took a swing at the other. He started to make a run for it, but more and more Peacekeepers surrounded him. It was done. He was outnumbered, but he wouldn't give up. He couldn't. Sadly, however, it was too late.

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Viola closed the train door, and glared at the other tribute.

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel felt the Peacekeeper throw him in with his the other tribute. He ran his hands angrily through his hair and punched the door. It did nothing except hurt his hand. He turned around and faced the girl.

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Viola glared at him, quiet easily since their the same height.

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel met her gaze. "Yes? Got a problem?" he asked roughly.

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"No, you just need to stay here." She replied coldly.
She turned on her heel.

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Za-za | 70 comments "Oh, I couldn't tell from the million other Peacekeepers saying the same thing." he said sarcastically. "Thank you, Darling, for informing me."

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"Why are you resisting? What's the point? What can you possibly do?" She turned back and snapped at him.

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Za-za | 70 comments "Why aren't you?" he countered. "Why just give up? I can't afford to quit." he muttered.

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"Because everyone thinks of me as weak, so if I win no one will." She firmly said. "I want to be a fighter. What can't you afford?"

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Za-za | 70 comments "Because I can't." he said simply. There was no way he was spilling his guts out to some girl that he hadn't even properly met.

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"Ok, whatever. So I'm Viola." She put her hand out, trying to be kind.

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel looked at her outstretched hand. Manners dictated that he shake it, but he was about to be thrown into an arena with a huge secret where he'd have to kill everyone. Including her. He glanced away, pretending he didn't see her hand. "Good to know." he said, not offering his own name.

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"oh.. ok." She turned to go find her room.

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel sighed. Starting off with enemies wasn't the best plan. "Hey, wait, I'm sorry." he murmured. Apologies weren't things that he just handed out.

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"it's ok Joel."

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel was about to ask her how she knew his name before he realized what a stupid question that was. "Errr, thanks." he replied.

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" I heard your name when you were drawn." She had seen his confused look. "Ahd well have seen you at school."

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Za-za | 70 comments Oh... Joel felt kind of bad. He had never paid too much attention with school. He learned what he needed to learn and that was that. "I'm flattered." he winked.

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"Not like that, no I have a boyfriend."

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Za-za | 70 comments "Who says it has to be like that?" Joel asked. He didn't do emotional stuff with girls.

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"None that's how I saw it." She was lying about the boyfriend.

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Za-za | 70 comments "Well, tell me about this boyfriend of yours." Joel said, taking a step closer towards her.

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"Umm... Why do you want to know?" She pushed him back.

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel gently placed his hands on her shoulders and stepped around her. He started pacing. "That remains to be seen." he smirked.

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She stepped back, but found a wall behind her. "He's," She thought a moment "Kyle Wells."

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Kaylee entered the train cart with a demanding look to her walk, " Sit " she said sharply to the two. She had listened to bitter batter enough between the two and now it was time to discuss ideas "Bickering wont help any of you during these games..." She said before getting herself some whiskey before sitting down. She sipped at her drink before looking over at her tributes "What are your skills? " she asked, getting right to business.

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Viola pushed Joel away from her and sat down. "Archery"

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel looked their apparent mentor. "Lady, nothing is going to help us in these games. They decide who they want to win. You know it. I know it. We all know it. I suggest not wasting your time."

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Viola glanced at the two of them. "Well that's not true Joel, and you know it."

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" Its not true. Now sit. " Kaylee said sharply, she didnt have time for this right now. " I know for hell that they love for district 2 to win so sit your ass down before i make you " she said before turning to Viola. " How good are you at Archery?" she questioned.

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"I'm not amazing at it, but pretty good."

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"Can you get a bulls-eye?" she questioned.

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"Yes. Easy." She smiled.

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel rolled his eyes and leaned against the wall.

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"Ohh stop."

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Kaylee stood up and walked over to him. She grabbed his pressure point in his shoulder and squeezed hard "Would you like to just die now dear? God i never thought District 2 people could be so pathetic " she spat.

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"He's not pathetic," She thought. "Ok a bit, but be nice."

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Za-za | 70 comments Joel winced, but he wasn't going to be thrown around. He jabbed his elbow out against her arm knocking it away and flipped so that his forearm was against her throat.
"Let's not go there." he said in a dangerously calm voice. Joel spared her one last glare before he stepped away.

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((did you jab Kaylee or Viola?))

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Za-za | 70 comments ((Kaylee, sorry! ))

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Kaylee gave a grin " You do have a chance..Hand to hand fighting...Are you good with a weapon now?" she asked handing him a knife before she kicked him in his lower stomach and tried grabbing him again. She wanted to see his skills.

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Viola didn't know what to do so she ran over to the two of them, pusihng them apart yelled "Stop! You can fight on the arena Joel!"

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((what all happened?))

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