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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Cool. Ideas?

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Urm.... I have no clue! You? I'm good with pretty much anything you want.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Not really. I'm up for a nonfiction one. what are your hobbies?

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Writing, art, reading photography, if that's any help.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Do you want me to come up with a plot line? Or do you want to chose a topic and make characters? Or do you want to start another way?

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments You can come up with a plot if you like and we can just go along the lines of that?:)

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Before I come up with a'll be good I promise. I just want to ask you how to deal with someone who god mods and doesn't realize it even after you tell them.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Haha, don't worry about it. Most people I RP with godmod atleast a little:P

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments well this person does it all the time and their character is always too strong. It's getting on my nerve...Anyways.

1: musician who's trying to find gigs, but no one's hiring. He ended up on the streets and in the shelter.
2: Photographer and/or writer who travels around finding things to take pictures of for magazine. Topic 'Behind the facade of the perfect society'.

Plot: Cold winter day, no one out and it's almost unbearable. Photographer is trying to get some last minute inspirations from surrounding. Happens upon the musician who is snuggled up in a ball [we can say the photo tripped over him in his rush to find warmth]. That's how they meet. Photo decides to follow the musician around to get a story.

feel free to change anything

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Hopefully I won't godmod you, ehe. If I do just let me know and I'll stop.

That sounds awsome:3

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments thanks. I don't think you will. I'm guessing you'll be the photographer. Do you want to start or me?

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Yeah, if thats good with you:) And do you mind starting? I'm sort of multi tasking while writing an essay.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[No problem. Hope that essay kicks-ass]]

Aleph was bundled up tightly in a few thin layers. It was freezing! Great day to be alone on the streets. As the temperature dropped, so did Aleph's drive to continue walking. He found a pile of trash and burrowed into it. Like usual he'd smell, but at least it would help him keep warm. Between three thin sweaters, a scarf, and a pair of fingerless gloves Aleph was freezing. The garbage helped keep him insulated, but he was still shivering uncontrollably. Blowing on his hands, he desperately tried to keep them warm. As he began to doze, Aleph remembered when he wasn't homeless...before his hands were calloused from finding odd jobs to keep food in his stomach and his dreams were within his grasp.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments ((Haha thanks, me too. I'm retaking my English language exam so I'm praying for it to turn out good.))

Cleo was wondering the almost barren streets aimlessly. Her hands were bound in tight leather gloves, coat shrouded body barely affected by the cold winds. Her fingers itched, eyes flickering around the demute streets in search of her next photo. Her eyes danced around before settling of a softly moving pile of trash. Curious, she moved closer, looking for the source of movement before her foot came into contact with some thing hard her sort. Like a torso. Why would there be a torso in the trash Before her thoughts could so much as finish she tumbled forward, a yelp escaping and hands flying forward to catch her against the rough paved street.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments That was in fact a torso Cleo tripped over. Aleph bolted up and got to his feet. He thought that a cop had found him and was going to make him move. He exhaled, relieved that it was only a woman. He smiled and offered a hand to help her up. The hand was shaking quite violently from the cold especially since his finger tips were exposed. "Sorry, miss," Aleph said. Although he was homeless he had manners. Unlike other homeless people, Aleph's hands were relatively clean. To get them clean he'd go into public restrooms and scrub them clean for the day. The rest of him wasn't so nice. His layers were full of holes and falling off of his slim shoulders. He was average size, maybe a bit shorter than average, but overall a decent height. His hair was a bit long and the scarf was wound tightly around his neck. If the lady looked down she'd find a pair of worn shoes that looked like they'd been to hell and back. He had a nice face, but was quite pale. "What's a nice lady like you doing out in this weather?" Aleph asked.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Cleo had landed on the cold floor in a crumpled heap, smacking her head backwards. Thankfully a bag of trash cushioned the impact. She winced, blinking furiously, and looked up with soft dazed confusion at the scruffy man before her. His pale face was soft, with lingering innocence hidden beneath the layers of dirt. Slowly, she reached out and took his outstretched hand. "No, it's not your fault. I'm sorry, I didn't realise you were there. She glanced down at the heap of trash bags, rubbing her head with one hand. "Are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?" she stumbled over her words, speaking to fast.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments "Couldn't be better...well I could be warmer but that's beside the point," Aleph looked at himself again before continuing, "nope just the usual dirt." He helped her up. She wasn't exactly heavy, but compared to him she was much fuller than he'd expect. His bony arms trembled slightly as he helped her up. He didn't want her to worry about it, yet he couldn't help but smile at his own feebleness. "A nice young lady like yourself should be inside with a cup of hot coco or something." She was very least he thought so. She was also nice in that she didn't slap his hand away because some people did that. He just smiled innocently as he continued, "You know you could have really hurt yourself. You need to watch where you're going."

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments At the feel of his eyes upon her Cleo blushed. "A polite young man like you should be inside with a cup of coffee or the like." She countered with a soft smile. She glanced down, biting her lip and rubbing the back of her elbow absently. "Yeah, Sorry. I'm awful when it comes to concentration. Attention span of a goldfish here. I'm always tripping over, falling up and down stairs." She chuckled softly, before stooping down to pick up her camera, holding it lovingly in both hands and examining it for scratches. Thankfully, only a few minor marks. Cleo looked up at the kind man and grinned, "Look, could I treat you to lunch? Maybe a coffee? As an apology for stabbing you with my stiletto?"

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Aleph laughed at the 'stabbing with my stiletto' comment. He put his hands up trying to be polite, "I don't want to cause you any more harm. Besides i've got somewhere I should get to." That was a lie, but he didn't want to be her charity case. It was a pride thing. He still had pride in himself eve on the streets. Pulling his hands under his arms, Aleph smiled and began to walk away. He didn't want to cause her any more trouble. She seemed busy as it was so why make her life even more troublesome?

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Cleo frowned, lookign down at the broken heel of her shoes before crouching and sliding them from her feet. She left them among the trash bags and ran after him. "Wait!" she called, catching up with him quickly and silently walking beside him for a moment. "I'm not taking pity on you, you know." She said softly, glancing at him with honesty in her eyes. "I'm just trying to apologise. I owe you that at least." Cleo turned to him , placing one hand imploringly on his arm. "Please." Without her heels, she was significantly smaller than him and had to look up, eyes wide.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments The puppy eyes...Aleph averted his eyes. He couldn't help but look and that made him fall to pieces. Just like his little cousin who would always play with him when they were young. He was a sucker for a sad face. He exhaled and asked, "How could I say no to that face?" As he did so he looked down at her bare feet. "Your shoes!" Immediately he looked back to the garbage pile. He got to the shoes, but realized that they were broken. He hung his head in shame, "This is my fault. You can't go around without shoes in this weather." Aleph dug into his pockets and found a pair of socks. They were his better ones because they had only one hold in them. Originally he used them to keep his hands warm, but for now they'd be used for their purpose. Aleph got down on one knee and took her foot to put a sock on. He proceeded as he said, "I won't take no for an answer." Looking around he realized that she also needed shoes. He didn't have a pair on him so he removed his own. "Please," Aleph said, "you don't want to get more holes in those socks." He laughed lightly as he placed the shoes on her feet. "I insist, so don't object."

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Cleo pouted, jaw set stubbornly but she sighed and relented. "Fine. But it's not your fault. You didn't ask to be stepped on." She looked down at her feet, now encased in his shoes, then down to his, tilting her head sideways and blinking sadly. "I.." she muttered, feeling guilty, but one glance at his face and she knew he wasn't going to accept a 'no'. She sighed, "Thank you." Cleo said softly, before taking his hand. "Come with me. I know the most amazing cafe. And," she glanced at his feet, " it's not far away."

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Aleph smiled and followed since he already accepted. She seemed really nice. A hot cup of tea sounded good. He hadn't had anything to eat in a few days and something warm sounded amazing to him. He trailed slightly behind her. It was awkward enough to be stepped on so he traveled silently. Besides he didn't know what to say. She seemed to be pretty well in the financial area. Her coat looked very warm and her shoes were kept nice and the fact that she could buy stilettos in the first place showed her affluence. Compared to him though anyone seemed rich.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments "Your looking at me." she said without glancing back. "I mean I don't mind or anything, I'm just curious as to what you're thinking." Cleo glanced back at him with an inquisitive smile, rounding a corner into a small side street. The floor became more cobbled, the shops lining the streets smaller, most of them closed. After a moment, she stopped outside a small, cluttered looking store. It looked like a secondhandstore, piles of books and trinkets everywhere. A grin lit up Cleo's face as she led Aleph inside.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Aleph followed like a dog. He looked around at the strange store. He'd never been to this part of town because it was virtually 'off limits' to the homeless. He didn't know what to say as he went into the shop. He was practically barefoot and his clothes were in shambles. What would the owners say? Would he be kicked out like usual? What was he doing there anyway? All of these thoughts raced through his mind and more. He felt out of place and moved from one foot to another anxiously. Although the warmth of the store was welcoming, Aleph wanted to leave.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Cleo glanced back at him and smiled warmly, placing a hand on his arm gently. "It's okay. They're nice here. I promise." she said softly. From behind a teetering stack of boxes appeared a short, plump woman. Her olive skin was wrinkled with the age of years and her brown eyes were warm and inviting. She began speaking in what appeared to be fluent italian, smiling warly.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Aleph had no idea what the lady was saying. Italian...that's all he knew. It wasn't like he's never encountered the language before. Rather he never learned it. Having Cleo assure him that it was ok to be there, Aleph smiled and calmed himself a bit. He still didn't feel in the right spot, but he'd have to get over it. Leaning over to Cleo he asked, "What now?"

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Cleo giggled. "She does this every time someone comes in. Give her a minute." she whispered. After a moment, the woman stopped babbling incoherently. She looked between the two and smiled, reaching out to pull them both into a hug before pinching Cleo's cheeks. "Ah Cleo. My darling, what ah can I getchyou both?" she asked with a thick accent. Cleo glanced at Aleph. "Tea? Coffe? Cocoa?" she asked with a smile.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Aleph smiled warmly to the woman. She seemed very nice, like a motherly figure. "Tea would be nice," Aleph said softly. He then felt a bit light headed and fell to the ground. Before he could say anything he began to blackout. Coupled with frostbite and malnutrition, Aleph's body just gave way. The extreme cold probably made everything worse. As he fell to the ground he felt everything go numb.

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments Cleo's eyes widened in horror and she sunk to her knees beside him. "Mama, I need blankets and hot water." She called and the small woman went running off. Cleo sighed, shifting so she was cradling his head in her lap, petting his matted hair sadly. The woman appeared again and Cleo took the blankets, wrapping them around his body and using a small flannels dipped in the hot water to gently bathe his forehead.

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments Aleph awoke suddenly. He felt warm and as he opened his eyes he shot up. "What," he exclaimed but immediately felt weak again. He looked back towards the two and smiled innocently, "Sorry, but what just happened?" Finding the blankets on him the the fallen rag that was on his forehead, Aleph assumed he'd collapsed, but it was better to hear that from someone. He was tired and felt weak. With a deep breath, Aleph wondered aloud, "How did I get here?"

Ellis *a girl with kaleidoscope eyes* (thisisntwonderland) | 70 comments ((Shit I'm sososososo sorry!!))

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Aimee the Unicorn (abalint) | 2294 comments [[that's ok]]

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