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message 1: by Hollan (new)

Hollan Lane (hollanlane) | 2 comments I'm looking for reviews for my YA fantasy novel, Neblim. I'll give free copies to whoever will review it on Goodreads and Amazon.

Here's the link on Amazon:

Please let me know if you want a PDF, epub or mobi file, and give me an email address where I can send the file.

Thanks so much!!!

message 2: by Maryam (new)

Maryam Dinzly (maryamdinzly) hey,i could do a review if you want to :)
usually i would do a review on my blog,but if you want,i could do it on Goodreads and Amazon as well :)

message 3: by Hollan (new)

Hollan Lane (hollanlane) | 2 comments Great! Thanks so much! Which format would you like and where shall I send it?

Thanks again!


message 4: by Maryam (new)

Maryam Dinzly (maryamdinzly) pdf and to :)

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