The Education of Caroline (The Education of..., #2) The Education of Caroline question

for those who want more
Sönïa Dhillion Sönïa Feb 01, 2014 12:02PM
I read the series again I can't get enough or bored of it lol you would agree if you love the series as I do anyway in end I thought there has to be more so I went on the author site well there is Sebastian extra plus an short Christmas epilogue for after the education of Caroline. So I am adding the link enjoy .

Your welcome i just thought i loved it so much then why not share for others abit of kindness puts a smile on others face :D

BonnieSkywalker (last edited Feb 01, 2014 04:37PM ) Feb 01, 2014 04:36PM   0 votes
I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS BOOK! Sebastian is the hottest guy everrrrr.

Amalyn (last edited Mar 14, 2014 01:46PM ) Mar 14, 2014 01:46PM   0 votes
Well this just made my Friday afternoon at work that much more bearable!! Sigh, that was the sweetest scene ever! Thanks for posting :)

I loved this Series so much. Thankyou for posting this link.

This was a GREAT book!

Your welcome am dam sure u will love it I wasn't satisfied after reading if but I was a wee bit content would want more lol

Michelle °O° I saw on one of the comments that the author promises to due a POV for their time spent in Italy. Hopefully she does it soon LOL
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