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Does eny one now a days have the determination of Michelangelo ?
Alexandra Alexyna Alexandra Feb 01, 2014 12:00PM
Does enyone , in eny domain , hase the determination of Michelangelo to be good in what they do ?

Not even close. The projects these artists took on were lifetime endeavors often reflecting passion and commitment. They were not a "project" like today where the timeframes are "now, now, now" and then on to the next as quickly as possible. Get it done, move on. (Probably because no iphones, ipads, smart phones....Yes, I am a luddite!)

I visited a church in Spain years ago where the seating for church officials built in a u-shape and facing outward toward the congregation, was hand-carved. Beautiful work. It was a huge piece of work. (I am not Catholic so excuse the use of all the wrong terms.) Took the artist what amounted to his whole life to complete.

I was blown away by this example of individual commitment and passion. Many would say it could just be done on a machine today. Those are the ones that think the Sistene (sp?) Chapel could be paint-by-numbers!!! Those who would paint over it in a color that better matched the walls!!!

To many today History is just a class they have to get through, or something boring they don't want to discuss at social gatherings. They don't get it.

For those who define determination as ambition and the pursuit of wealth and things, real commitment is a foreign concept. If it takes too long, and does not result in more things, money and contacts, well ....not worth it.

Brizo (last edited May 28, 2014 11:36AM ) May 28, 2014 10:16AM   0 votes
It's not only determination it's the way art is produced today vs in Michelangelo's time. In his day he had benefactor's that commissioned his time to produce art. Basically they were paid a salary to produce art only. Today an artist is basically on their own, they have to find a way to fund the art production and then act as there own business entity to market it paying half or more of their profits to a third party or gallery to display their art.

I don't think the way we produce art today, we can ever produce another Michelangelo.

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Kathy Brizo, I agree that there will never be another Michaelangelo, or another Velasquez, Goya, Da Vinci...and all the list too long to name. I am somewhat ...more
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As Brizo pointed out, nowadays it can be difficult for artists to find patrons that will pay them to produce work that takes years to complete. When they do find patrons, they often do produce large scale work of comparable quality.

I'm reading a great book called The Geography of Genius that has a chapter on Renaissance Florence, the whole book is fascinating as to attitudes that contribute to the flourishing of a golden age such as the one Michelangelo was a part of.

Today's Michelangelo doesn't exist in a sphere of art.

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