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message 1: by Olin (new)

Olin | 13 comments so, who likes Star wars???

message 2: by Daniel (new)

Daniel (blackwalkerproductions) | 2 comments Haven't read any of the books in ages.. I really need to again.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I should start on those. I never really tried them out.

message 4: by Olin (last edited Nov 25, 2008 12:38AM) (new)

Olin | 13 comments read "timothy Zahn's" books first.
he contenuies the story about 5 years after the return of the jedi. his portrail of the characters is spot on, and you feel like you are watching another movie, but you arnt.

Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy I - Heir to the Empire: Zahn, Timothy is the first of them...

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message 6: by liz (last edited Dec 05, 2008 08:44AM) (new)

liz (lizevans) I LOVE STAR WARS! I used to be a little obsessed. :)
My Jedi Name is: Peael McLay. I have since decided that I would make a better Sith than a Jedi but I haven't sought out a Sith name yet.
My family tells me that I am such a nerd and sometimes I feel like it too. I haven't read the books because I didn't want to perpetuate the image, however I have been a member of several Star Wars/Jedi Communities online and have written some of my own Star Wars Fan Fiction.
There is one of my stories posted on my profile here on goodreads. It is an Alternate Universe story and has some references to the Jedi Apprentice series that I have read and that I do love. I have been madly in LOVE with Obi-Wan Kenobi since 1997 :)
I have tried to write several stories regarding Peael McLay as a Jedi and her reluctant apprentice, but those haven't gotten to far along. :)

My husband owns several of the Timothy Zahn Star Wars books and I have been told to read those first. One of my nephews has also recently become enthralled with the Star Wars books and he is not really a fan of reading, but he has read A LOT of the Star Wars books.

message 7: by Olin (new)

Olin | 13 comments they ARE addictive.

message 8: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan guys, which book should i start with to read about jacen solo/darth caedus? reply as soon as you can please

message 9: by Olin (last edited Jan 05, 2009 08:38PM) (new)

Olin | 13 comments i havent read them myself yet so i couldn't say

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I haven't even started on the first ones.

message 11: by Olin (new)

Olin | 13 comments well get to it!

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan ok... this will be an interesting search...

message 13: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (wifflelegend) mike:

Do you want to start from when he was born or from when he started going down the path to the dark side? He is born during the Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn (starting with Heir to the Empire), but I'm assuming you want to start reading a little later than that.

While the actual Darth Caedus storyline starts in the novel Betrayal, I would recommend some background reading first. The first book I would say is a must read is Traitor by Matthew Stover. It's part of the very long New Jedi Order Series, but it's all about Jacen and I think it should make sense without reading the other books. Then I would definitely read the Dark Nest Trilogy by Troy Denning. Then you can start at the beginning of the Legacy of the Force series with Betrayal, by Aaron Allston.

I hope that helps!

message 14: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan it certainly does, thank you!

message 15: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan do you mean i should read the entire New Jedi Order series, or start with Traitor?

message 16: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (wifflelegend) Well...I'm kind of weird about that kind of thing. If it were me, I would have to read the entire series, because I don't like reading things out of order. However, there is 19 books in the series and it is a daunting task. So, if you don't care about that sort of thing, I think that Traitor should probably make sense without reading the other books (although I can't be completely sure) because it's sort of a stand-alone novel within the larger New Jedi Order series. Without giving too much away, what happens is they basically don't talk about Jacen for a few novels and then devote an entire novel to him and no one else. The only thing you would have to figure out is the background information about why Jacen is where he is in the novel. If it gets too confusing you could always look the info up on Traitor is important because it's referred to a lot in the Legacy of the Force series.

So, sorry that was so long, but the short answer is this: If you want the full experience, I would recommend reading the entire New Jedi Order series. If you just care about Jacen's storyline, I would probably just read Traitor only and then skip to the Dark Nest Trilogy. However, I can't guarantee it will make perfect sense without reading the rest of the novels.

message 17: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan ok, thanks Ryan

message 18: by Olin (new)

Olin | 13 comments yeah, thanks ryan!

message 19: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan ok, i found 'traitor', what book comes next ((the book is amazing! jacen was awesome when he broke out of the slave area covered in amphistaffs!))

message 20: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (wifflelegend) The Joiner King, by Troy Denning.

message 21: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan Ryan wrote: "Well...I'm kind of weird about that kind of thing. If it were me, I would have to read the entire series, because I don't like reading things out of order. However, there is 19 books in the serie..."

yaayyy, Ganner Rhysode was so awesome!!!!

message 22: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan ryan, would i be able to start Legacy of the Force, without reading the dark nest trilogy?

message 23: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (wifflelegend) Mike,

Yeah, I'm sure you could. Sometimes they refer to things that happened in the Dark Nest Trilogy but it's nothing major.

message 24: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan great, thanks. i'm reading betrayal now, (after i bought it and the joiner king :P) and jacen is kicking butt as a jedi knight. i wish i hadn't stumbled across those spoilers for invincible...

message 25: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan i just finished tempest. jacen and lumiya are fascinating.

message 26: by Ryan (new)

Ryan (wifflelegend) After you are done with the series you should read Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor.

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