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message 1: by Karrie N (new)

Karrie N (carolina_wren) | 79 comments Mod
Why do you think women have always been ingnored/ tossed aside? Why we still aren't paid as much as men? Is it because men think they rule the world, or, are we just not "good enough"??"?

This is random, but Oh welL...

message 2: by Sofia, Right Brain =D (new)

Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
I have no idea. I mean the woman have the babies, they should have been like worshipped. All the men do is do boring stuff that requires muscles, but women could do that if they wanted to. Not like the would, though. I'm not really sure. I have a few ideas, but I still need to "form" explanations for them. =D

message 3: by Karrie N (new)

Karrie N (carolina_wren) | 79 comments Mod
Thanks for posting on ym topic.... SOME PEOPLE (cough cough) are IGNORING it... =)

Abby (I♥Fang) (ifang) | 14 comments I think that it started back with the first Neanderthals. The women had the babies, and when they were pregnant, they couldn't do the heavy labor that was required. And then they had to take care of the child, so they had to stay home more. Those household responsibilities that they had done while pregnant, I guess just became "their" half of the work. As humanity progressed, that slowly became ALL the women were allowed to do. You think about it and say, "Oh, the men were still idiots back in those days!" Well, it's true, (no offense to any boys in this group,) but part of the blame for this unfair treatment lasting through the ages has to be shared with ... the women! (Didn't see that one coming, did you?) Yes, the women played a part in this unequal balance lasting as long as it did. See, they could have protested early on. They could have said, right from the start, "I don't like being treated like a froufrou pet!" But they didn't. They most likely, well, LIKED being treated like a beloved pet! They may have been unhappy sometimes, but for the most part they probably adored the attention that came with being the lady of the household. And if they did feel mistreated, well, they sure didn't say anything about it, did they? The few who did are now so famous that you would recognize their names if someone said them to you. My personal favorite is Queen Elizabeth I. You probably recognize that name. But do you know why she is so famous? Well, for one, she was one of the greatest leaders that England ever knew, becoming queen at age 25! She reigned for a long 44 years before her death at the ripe old age of 70 (at a time when most people only lived into their 50s.) And the kicker? She did it all WITHOUT A HUSBAND.

Well, that certainly proves what a woman can do, if she puts her mind to it. Yet how many did? Very, very few. The true protests for women's rights didn't truly begin until the 1800s. The first landmark in women's rights was in 1848, when women finally got the right to vote. From then, things went uphill, but some men still thought (and still think,) that women were inferior. Why? Who knows, since women have obviously proved themselves beyond measure. And yet we still have separate records for men and women. Why must there be "tallest man" and "tallest woman?" Why can't we just have "tallest person?"
And why do we have separate teams for males and females?

So many obstacles that women have overcome, and yet so many still to come on the long road to equality.

My hope is that someday, this will all be a thing of the past, only. =)

Abby (I♥Fang) (ifang) | 14 comments whoa. i just looked back at that, and it is REALLY long! (And it kinda sounds like an article from Muse magazine. Well, what can I say? When I get going, I get going!)

Abby (I♥Fang) (ifang) | 14 comments By the way, I would just like to mention that almost all of the long "article" above is my opinion, except for a few of the facts about the women's rights movement and Elizabeth I.

When I say that men are stupid, I do not mean to offend anyone. I don't mean that all men are flat-out stupid. I just mean that most average male specimens are decidedly dense in several of the aforementioned areas. (cough cough)

You're welcome, Karrie.

message 7: by Sofia, Right Brain =D (new)

Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
The thing about the Neanderthals is a really good theory. It makes a whole lot of sense

Abby (I♥Fang) (ifang) | 14 comments why thank you

message 9: by Sofia, Right Brain =D (new)

Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
Your welcome =D

message 10: by ❦✮ Sophie ✮❦, The rest of the body (new)

❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 74 comments Mod
Yeah, it does...

message 11: by Karrie N (new)

Karrie N (carolina_wren) | 79 comments Mod
Yeah- I just got back on. It DOES sorta sound like it should be in MUSE....

message 12: by Sofia, Right Brain =D (new)

Sofia (sofiakennedy) | 299 comments Mod
blah blah blah

message 13: by ❦✮ Sophie ✮❦, The rest of the body (new)

❦✮ Sophie ✮❦ (sophie_the_great) | 74 comments Mod

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