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message 1: by Savvy (new)

Savvy  (savvysuzdolcefarniente) | 102 comments This link came to me from Book Browse and brings up the question of how much info a reviewer should reveal in his/her reviews. Some reviewers practically reveal the whole plot and this just doesn't seem fair to me.

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mkowalewski) | 46 comments That's a great post. Thanks for the info!!!

message 3: by Graceann (new)

Graceann (silentsgirl) | 26 comments I review every book that I finish, but I take great pride in the fact that my reviews *never* contain spoilers. Why would I ruin the reading experience for anyone else? It's just not good reader etiquette.

message 4: by Graceann (new)

Graceann (silentsgirl) | 26 comments Spoilers are bad form and the issue of this post, but Alice Hoffman's first responses, which I've read, didn't mention the spoilers; they only mentioned that this critic was a "moron" and gave out her personal information so that she could be harassed. Spoilers should never be included in a review, but I'd have more respect for Hoffman if she'd started with her discomfort over that factor and remained silent on all others.

message 5: by Karen (new)

Karen | 31 comments The good reviews are nice but not reliable. The worst book ever written will have good reviews. If I am looking at reviews I pay more attention to the negative reviews. I have not enjoyed Hoffman's last two books. I think she has gotten too famous for editors to contain. Karen

message 6: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa | 330 comments I get her point-and it's valid-and I realize how personal it must be to have something creative critiqued (a reason why formal education is so important to the creative process where peer critiquing is a matter of course), however Hoffman's behavior is worse and turns me off of the book quite frankly.

I do agree that reviews from the public do have a significant effect on my reading/purchasing decisions. I like the "spoilers" checkbox that Goodreads has also.

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