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Derek scratched at the scar on his neck, it had been itching terribly that day. Usually his scar only itches when an angel is nearby ((hint hint)), but he hadn't seen one at all that day.

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Belle folded her wings so she looked human and walked to derek "hi, umm are you okay there?"
((is it derek or drake?))

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((I meant to put Derek on the charries page, sorry))

Derek scratched the scar like a puppy dog, his eyes closed, but he heard a voice and looked at her, stopping scratching. "Yeah... my neck just itches, that's all..."

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" umm okay, i don't mean to be nosy but does that happen for a reason or"Belle said suspiciously knowing only demons would do this

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Derek stopped scratching, and eyed the girl curiously, "Uh.... I have excema." ((excema is like a skin rash that you get.. mainly on your neck, inner thighs, behind your knees and behind your elbows)) He was careful not to show his teeth when speaking.

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"okay then, did you see a doctor?" Belle said walking closer to Derek until they were face to face and Belle could feel Derek breathing on her

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((i think it'll be funny if they don't realize what each other are until they fall in love or something like that....))

Derek felt a chill down his spine from the close contact, he kept his mouth closed, usually he scares people off when they see his fangs.

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Allisa (allisawhite) alise walked through the forest practicing her powers.

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"well"Belle said moving her face closer

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"okay then be that way, i could've helped you as i am a medical genius, i could've healed you, oh well"Belle lied and walked away feeling upset

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Derek scratched his scar, "Wait!" He ran up to her, grabbing her wrist.

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"yes"Belle smiled and panicked on the inside

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Derek without thinking leaned in and kissed her, then leaned back blushing. "Sorry.... I didn't..."

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"it's okay"belle blushed

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belle kissed him back "i liked it"

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It was strange, Derek had never felt this way before towards anything or anyone. Derek felt embarased to kiss her though because he didn't want her to notice his fangs.

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belle smiled at derek "whats wrong?"

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Allisa (allisawhite) alise looked at the couple. "an angle and a vampire. how interesting."

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Derek looked at Alise, then jumped away from Belle; "Angel?!!"

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"vampire or demon?"belle asked shocked

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"Demon... but you're an angel?!!"

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"umm yes...,look i'm sorry i really like you and all but if THEY get to know..."

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Derek nodded, then bit his lip; he almost didn't want to care what they thought. "I..."

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"my name is belle and i love you"she said before kissing his lips then running away as fast as she could knowing demons could run faster

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Derek was momentarily stunned, then he chased after her, playfully tackling her to the ground. "You do?"

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"yes"belle said smiling

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((we need action, maybe we could have the higher powers out to get us now because they saw that I tackled you and they think that I was attacking you?))

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in the heavens belle's friend was at the mirror that looked into earth and saw belle being tackled by derek and told the arch angel of her sights
5 minutes later belle and derek were sitting under a tree when the archangel Michael appears frowning

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((are we both playing Michael? are you playing him?... it doesn't matter to me I'm just wondering))

Derek jumped to his feet when he saw Michael, he tried his hardest to smile; fear was appearing as goosebumps on the back of his neck.

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Lauren (RenesmeeCullenGirlGmailcom) | 6 comments Brenna:
Walks by them totally focused on moving the waterin her glass.Stops and peeks around

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((we can both play him =]))

belle moved closer to derek and held his hand in fear

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Michael snarled, "Dare you attack an angel you demon!" He smacked Derek, then grabbed Belle, "Are you okay?"

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"does it look like i'm am?"belle said angrily "derek was not attacking me"

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Michael shoved her to the ground, "Then what was he doing?" Asking, knowing the answer. Derek stood, and crouched, ready to attack if necesary.

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"none of your business!"belle snapped

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"Do you know the punishment for mingling with that low-life?"

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"low-life?i know the punishment for mingling with LOW LIFES,he is not a low life"belle countered

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Michael shot a glance at Derek, who was ready for attack; "Oh please... don't make me laugh." He put out a hand, sending a coursing jolt of holy light through Derek's body. Derek falls to the ground screeching, his body was starting to burn from the inside out.

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"NOOOO!"belle cried out then rushed to derek's side "derek are you okay?derek?" she then shot Michael a dirty look

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Derek arched and squirmed, Belle's reaction shocked him; he grabbed her by the hair. "I'll excuse this, but you do anything again and it's straight to the underworld with you." He began to drag her back and sprouted his wings to fly off.

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belle cried to herself

((what who grabbed her by the hair?michael?))

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Derek looked at them, biting back the pain best he could.

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Belle looked at Derek at flinched "i'm sorry this is all because of me"

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Michael started to flap his wings, Derek jumped up and grabbed his feet.

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"what derek no! you'll hurt yourself"belle screamed

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Michael kicked at Derek, "Pl...please...... let... her...go....." Derek was feeling burned and weak, and was starting to loose conciousness. He needed to be healed ((wink-wink nod-nod)), Michael stopped flying, and hovered. "Do you love this demon?"

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"yes i do"belle said and tried her best to send healing waves through the air to him seeing him weaken

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"Then you may stay with him my child, but don't let anyone else know this... I will be watching you." Michael dropped Belle and flew to the sky, disapearing in a white light.

Derek hit the ground hard on his head, and shut his eyes, his ears were ringing too much to hear anything that was going on.

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"thankyou"belle said through her thoughts then walked over to Derek and sat by his head "can you hear me"

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Derek dug his nails into his palms.

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