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which FEMALE character from any of DG books (main or small part) would you choose as your favourite and why?

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message 1: by Ange (new)

Ange Williams | 3 comments Andromache - troy seriese
Chara Ring - Ravenheart/stormrider
Renya - The king beyond the gate
are just 3 women i think are different characters who are all strong, proud and kick ass women in there own right. All survivors of different circumstances. and tough while still being a lady. lol

message 2: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 17 comments I am currently just trying to do something else than writing my exam essay xD Anyhow; off the top of my head I'll have to say Maev Ring (that's her name, no?) from Ravenheart in Rigante series.

message 3: by Nigel (new)

Nigel | 2 comments Loved all the lady's you mentioned but has to be a place for Virae from legend . He does a very good job with them all.

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