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Sunny D (partygirl123) | 25 comments Mod
you can make any places you want to roleplay~ and just ask crazy or me if you want a special character to be made.

Places such as, paris, rome, italy, who cares? anything! just add a topic of a place.

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Charlie looked aroud in New York.Today was one of the worst days to be out and doing stuff because it was busier than ever.

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Lizzy Jake drummed his fingers against the table impaitnetly while staring at the blue prints for his invention. What had gone wrong this time?! he had perfected the machine hundreeds of times and still it blew up in his face when ever he tried it out. how was he going to presant this idea to the Board of Inventions by next week? He propped his elbow on the messy table and sat his chin in his palm in frustration.

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♫Krista♫ (kristabobista) ((ima still a little confused, so tell me if i do something wrong))

Katie was busy running around the restaruant taking orders. It was one of those busy days that would drive a person insane.

Jackson Dane -son of Ares moorhous (Waca-Wacahaha) | 2 comments John looked to his students, smiling as they looked up at him funny, and he smiled and said, "Today we learn about Gravity, and all of its friends" then jumped, pulling the rope close to his hip, slowing him to the ground

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Sunny D (partygirl123) | 25 comments Mod
Jake jumped into his car as fast as he could. All he needed was some rope and he could not even find a thread in his house. He started the car and hit the reverse, and then forward. He hit down the gas and headed towards cornax, A hard ware store.

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((hello? anyone wanna rp?))

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