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Using The Law of Attraction

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Peter Rogers (peterrogers) | 2 comments Using The Law of Attraction

Pg. 19: Everything that is, was once just an idea in the great mind of conception.

Pg. 20: We are powerfully creative Beings through our will and our word.

Pg. 59: Thought is energy and energy is power—and since ‘energy flows where attention goes’ then thought is also powerful. Simply put; ‘whatever you focus on expands.’

Physical science has resolved matter into molecules, molecules into atoms, and atoms into energy. And so, attraction or magnetism is force acting mutually between these particles of matter which draws them together and since laws are rules of action enforced by a controlling authority (in this case the Universe), we know that the “Law of Attraction” is the magnetic, creative principle in which we can create with. As thinking Beings, we are constantly generating thoughts that eventually come into realization by way of attraction. Every creation takes place twice, first in the mind and secondly in the manifested realm of existence.

Ultimate Truth: Book I, Dr. Peter C. Rogers, D.D., Ph.D.

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Jj Ritonya (JJRitonya) | 16 comments Amen, brother.

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