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message 1: by Clive (new)

Clive Warner | 19 comments Mod
Strangely, I find my SF-satire on American life doing well in the UK, but the USA is like a black hole. No reviews!

I wonder why. Are Americans so hypersensitive that they can't tolerate a little satire?

I sent it to Dave 'n Busters - actually I had to because I didn't want to risk being sued by them, since two of the scenes take place in that location. They liked it.

So, I am at a complete loss.
Or is it simply that hardly anyone in the US reads SF? I must say that I have the impression that the UK is a much more "SF" market than the 'states.
Oh well.

message 2: by Ginnetta (new)

Ginnetta Have you tried Bust Down the Door and Eat all the Chickens ezine? They seem to gravitate towards satire work. I have not read your stuff but check them out. Also have you looked on Duotrop?

message 3: by Clive (new)

Clive Warner | 19 comments Mod
Things seem to be moving along now, I was going to say I just managed to get a reviewer interested in the US, but then I realised the reviewer is in Canada! Bahaha. But I am still learning ... I think I am getting the hang of it.

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