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Gregory Boulware (GregoryVBoulware) | 31 comments /*

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“You can catch the Devil but how long can you hold him…?”

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“I’ve spoken with the man who creates that God-awful noise.”

Brother Jerome’s amicable demeanor abruptly morphed into that of a mad soothsayer. His eyes flashed with fear. His voice heaved and cracked with thunder when he responded to the self-appointed inquisitor.

“What man? There is no man other than you and the Brotherhood among us here behind the walls of this Keep!”

“I’m sorry Brother, but there is a man here…why do you lie?”

Ellington’s words were sharp and crisp. The cult leader was visibly angered. He was also guilty and quite shaken at Ellington’s accusation because there was a ring of truth within it.

“Yes Brother, there is a man, I’ve spoken with him. Now will you tell me why he is locked up in a cell in the dungeon of this castle?” David was intensely insistent on an explanation.

“A man…here? I spoke of no man! There is no man imprisoned within this Holy Place!”

“You can catch the Devil but you can’t hold him long…”"



"The working citizen who made the mandatory donation!"
'The Other People's Money'

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Gregory Boulware (GregoryVBoulware) | 31 comments /*
Hello Everyone:

Thanks for allowing me to post on this platform! :-)

Hope you all enjoy the story!

Peace and Love,


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Gregory Boulware (GregoryVBoulware) | 31 comments /*
Hi Again...

Just as soon as I get this thing to work properly, The uploading of my book covers, I'll get them posted for your edification...

Meanwhile, you can view the covers on the 'Amazon Platform.'



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